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Sterilization attacks the poor.

San Jose, Costa Rica--A Catholic archbishop has spoken out against the massive government-sponsored sterilization campaign currently being waged against the poor of Costa Rica.

In a letter published in a Catholic paper, Archbishop Roman Villalobos of San Jose pointed out that sterilization attacks the dignity of the poor, and observed that "The problems of the poor in the world are only going to improve when the 30 per cent of the world's population that owns 70 per cent of the earth's wealth--the sadly famous 'prosperity belt'-- gives up such flagrant and odious injustice and shares its surplus with those who are in need of so much."

The Archbishop criticized those, including journalists, who justify the sterilizations and blame the Church, thus closing their eyes to the underlying injustice. The Church has never said that couples must have as many children as possible, Arcbishop Villalobos wrote. "What she says through her qualified that spouses should decide, with full awareness of their motivation, how many children they will have. They have methods that, without violating natural law, are very effective in attaining their objective."

Costa Ricans who undergo sterilization must sign an authorization that absolves doctors and health institutions from any responsibility (Zenit Daily News).
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Date:Sep 1, 1999
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