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Sterilization and decontamination.

Water for autoclave, glassware

The new Protegra CS Systems deliver ASTM Type II water for the laboratory marketplace, including an entire building or to one lab with multiple points of use. The system combines reverse osmosis and continuous electro-deionization technologies to produce consistent pure water quality from a soft water source. Four models have flow rates from 120 liters to 750 liters per hour. The Protegra CS is suited for higher flow applications, such as feeding autoclaves, glassware washers, and environmental chambers.


Siemens Water Technologies


Clean environment with antimicrobial product

UV PCR Systems grant medical labs a contamination-free work area with UV PCR models that bring together UV irradiation and antimicrobial stainless steel for a dual attack against PCR contamination. All models offer the ability to inactivate DNAand RNA between experiments with built-in shortwave ultraviolet, as well as to maintain a clean environment with antimicrobial-coated stainless steel. Choose from UV PCR and UV HEPA PCE models.




Handy canned-spray disinfectant

CITRACE Hospital Germicide is a solution for pathogenic organisms in clinical settings. The germicide kills 99.9% of bacteria on hard, non-porous surfaces in 30 seconds and disinfects in five minutes or less on high-touch surfaces such as telephones, light switches, door knobs, countertops, and stethoscopes, to eliminate antibiotic-resistant bacteria, rhinovirus, influenza, and MRSA. CITRACE eliminates odors instantly from the air or fabrics by killing germs that cause odor. The product comes in a convenient spray can.


Caltech Industries


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