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Steps you can take to ensure high-quality milk.

Cleanliness and fast cooling are the keys

To produce clean milk, follow this procedure:

Brush loose dirt and hair from the doe's side and belly, wash the udder and dry it with a clean paper towel, discard the first stream of milk from each teat (preferably into a strip cup - a tin cup with a dark-colored screen top, which will make it easy to spot any abnormalities in the milk), and milk with dry hands into a semi-covered pail that helps keep dirt, dust and hair out of the milk.

Strain the milk through a fresh, disposable filter disk, and cool it rapidly. A refrigerator isn't cold enough for perfect milk: set the milk container in ice water or the freezer (if you'll remember to take it out before it freezes). Never add fresh warm milk to already-chilled milk.

All milking equipment must be spotlessly clean. Rinse it with warm - not hot - water. Heat will "set" the milk residue. Then wash it with hot water and a dairy cleanser, not scented kitchen soap.

Use a brush, not a dishcloth. Brush bristles clean pores a cloth can't reach.

Rinse well with hot water, and a dairy detergent, and air dry upside-down in a clean place. (Tap water and dish towels are okay for dishes, but not for grade A milk.)

Dairy cleaning supplies and milk filters are available from farm supply stores.

After a while, all of this becomes routine. With just a little effort your milk will be as pure and wholesome as possible. Isn't that one of the reasons you produce your own?
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