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Steps for happy year.

FOR_the New Year, I have compiled an A to Z to help you on your way to a healthy and happy 2010.

Part two follows next week.

A is for Apathy

Banish it from your mind and your life. It is the biggest enemy of a happy, fulfilled, successful life. Replace it with enthusiasm, commitment and enthusiasm and everything in your life will blossom beyond belief.

B is Brain

Use your brain to its max this year. Really keep those little grey cells alive and kicking by doing regular puzzles such as crosswords or sudoku. Keeping your brain active is said to help keep you young and your memory sharp.

C is for Confidence

Having confidence can make a world of difference to everything that you do. You need the confidence to believe in yourself to help you make those dreams and goals come true this year.

Confidence comes, I believe, from preparation and knowing you have truly done your best. Give it a go.

D is for Dare

This year dare to follow your dreams, dare to be different, dare to ask your boss for a raise, dare to give that new sport a try, dare to tell that special someone that they are special. This is not a rehearsal, it's the real thing, so dare life to the max.

E is for Energy

Focus on radiating positive energy and you will see and feel the difference immediately. Like attracts like to step out every day with lots of strong positive feelings. Tell yourself you WILL do it that you CAN do it and believe it, believe it, believe it.

Negative feelings and worries will attract the same negative energies into your life so banish them and bask in positive energy this year.

F is for Fun

We grown-ups really do forget how to have fun. Yes, life is serious, but everyone needs and deserves to have fun.

Corporate team building events always include lots of fun activities as having fun can release your creative abilities as well as those all-important feel good endorphins. Schedule a simple, fun activity at least twice a week.

G is for Growth

I am not talking about your height here, but personal growth. Target your own growth areas this year and include spiritual growth, professional growth, as well as relationship and financial growth.

H is for Health

My eldest son Tariq's favourite saying is 'your health is your wealth' and there is nothing more valuable to any of us.

It is so easy to take good health for granted and most of us barely give it a second thought until we feel under the weather.

Prevention is always better, and easier than cure so take measures to keep your immune system strong. A diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, good quality protein and lots of water coupled with regular exercise and enough restful sleep.

These will all help you maintain a strong immune system. Taking a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement and weekly baths with essential oil of lemon and lavender and a teaspoonful of Manuka honey every morning are all positive measures you can take to maintain a strong healthy body.

Avoid bugs by washing your hands frequently, and keeping well wrapped up when you are outdoors in the cooler weather.

Use tea tree essential oil as a natural anti-bacterial to keep you and your family well this winter. You will find it useful as a gargle, mouthwash, inhalant, bath additive and to rapidly heal cold sores.

I is for Intuition

Too many of us have not learned to trust our intuition enough. Okay, there are times when we have to make extremely important decisions where intuition may not be the only factor we should take into account when reaching our final decision, but it certainly matters. Usually, our first instinct or 'gut reaction' turns out to be eerily accurate, so learn to listen and trust your intuition this year and you may be surprised at the results.

J is for Jokes

Having a really good belly laugh can strengthen your immune system, lift your spirits and help keep you young.

It can also be a powerful stress management tool and help to energise you mentally and physically. Listening to or telling a good joke, watching your favourite comedy programme, sharing funny stories with friends can all have a wonderful uplifting, motivating effect.

K is for Kindness

A little goes a long way. When was the last time you gave or experienced an act of random kindness?

A simple, kind action can have far-reaching consequences as it can produce a chain reaction that can affect the lives of many people.

Kindness is contagious so give generously and you are sure to receive even more generously. If we all tried to commit a simple act of random kindness next time we were driving, then just imagine how much safer and pleasanter it could become on our roads. Infect someone today, and every day, with kindness.

L is for Love

Love comes in many forms, some easier to express than others. Love for a parent, love for a child, love for sibling, love for a partner, love for a cause, love for your country, love for a sport, love for a hobby, love for your work.

These all come easily to most of us, but potentially the most important love ... love of yourself, can be the most difficult to find.

Too many of us have either forgotten or never learned, how to love ourselves, yet if we don't; love and value ourselves, then how can we expect others to do so? Self love is not arrogant or insensitive, it is invaluable for self-preservation and growth.

l By all means, love thy neighbour, love your children, your parents, your husband or wife, but most of all, learn to love yourself this year. Do everything and say everything with love and instantly your world will be a much, much, much nicer place. Honest.

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Date:Jan 6, 2010
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