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Stephanie's diary... YourLifedaily In association with Coventry Fostering Service.

START the day normally but feel a bit nervous about the prospect of going through much of the day with my hearing far from perfect.

WITHIN the first 30 minutes I had completely misheard what my colleague was talking about and heard the word 'blonde' instead of 'blind'.

COULDN'T understand what a customer was talking about as he was walking away as he was speaking.

COULDN'T hear my manager call my name - already not enjoying this experience and it's not even 9am.

I'VE BECOME very conscious of my own voice as it is very loud in my own head but also muffled, I don't know whether I'm talking loudly or normally.

CAN'T hear conversations around me but strangely I seem to be able to hear male voices better than female.

FIND myself avoiding customers as I know I'll struggle to hear them - this is making me wonder if I really did have a hearing problem how hard would it be to work effectively and would I deliberately avoid 'social situations' and so miss out.

FEEL bad as I'm still avoiding customers because I'm not confident I would hear them very well and I feel they would get annoyed if I ask them to repeat themselves.

I'M misjudging who is talking and getting confused as to where sound is coming from and background noise is drowned out so the hearing loss is affecting my perception of things around me.

OUTSIDE the store noise is muffled although I know the city centre is busy and there are lots of people around, I'm aware of feeling isolated and cut off.

GOING to a buy my lunch I feel self-conscious in case I won't be able to hear questions I'm asked or whether I'm shouting at them. Luckily I'm served by a man so can hear him a little better, but I can't hear anything the woman on the stall says.

CAN'T wait to get these plugs out of my ears and return to my normal hearing. I'm feeling very withdrawn.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Feb 13, 2009
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