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Step down to the new living room and its view.

Like many row houses in San Francisco, Beverly and John Wilson's contians a garage on the first floor, mainliving areas on the second, and bedrooms on the third. Each floor is about 8 feet high. The Wilsons wanted to add a new master bedroom and generously proportioned living room to the back of the house without cutting off access to the garden.

Berkeley architect Myra Brocchini devised a straightforward solution that involved pushing the house's south wall out 16 feet to create a new living area with a master bedroom directly about it, and adding a wide new garden staircase.

To add a distinctive twist, she positioned the 16- by 19-foot living room 4 feet below the level of the second floor. This gives the room a dramatic 12-foot-high ceiling and a visual link with the garden. A short hall and stairway lead from the old living room (now a study) past the dining room and down to the new entertaining space. Brocchini salvaged two pairs of multipaned doors from the house's original south wall and grouped them on the south wall of the addition.
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Date:Jun 1, 1984
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