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RenovaCare launches R&D Innovation Center for organ, tissue regeneration. Jul 1, 2020 242
BeyondSpring presents data on stem cell-based application for plinabulin. Jun 30, 2020 379
COVID-19: Plasma therapy vs stem cell therapy, what's the difference? Jay Hilotin, Assistant Editor Jun 29, 2020 1311
Citius announces FDA's response for Induced Mesenchymal Stem Cells (iMSCs) to treat ARDS in COVID-19 patients. Jun 29, 2020 217
US FDA responds to Citius Pharmaceuticals' pre-investigational new drug application for induced mesenchymal stem cells for treatment of acute respiratory distress syndrome in Covid-19 patients. Jun 29, 2020 165
Citius announces FDA's response for Induced Mesenchymal Stem Cells (iMSCs) to treat ARDS in COVID-19 patients. Jun 29, 2020 213
US FDA responds to Citius Pharmaceuticals' pre-investigational new drug application for induced mesenchymal stem cells for treatment of acute respiratory distress syndrome in Covid-19 patients. Jun 29, 2020 161
ReNeuron Group agrees gene silencing collaboration with "major biotechnology company". Jun 26, 2020 237
COVID-19: UAE treats 2,000 virus patients with novel stem cell therapy. Tawfiq Nasrallah, Staff Writer Jun 26, 2020 423
Citius Receives FDA Response on Pre-Investigational New Drug Application for its Induced Mesenchymal Stem Cells (iMSCs) to Treat Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome in Patients with COVID-19. Jun 26, 2020 503
Celltex Therapeutics Receives FDA Approval for Phase II Clinical Trial Using Mesenchymal Stem Cells as a Prophylactic Against COVID-19. Jun 26, 2020 624
Life-saving bone marrow to come from Poland. JEREMY ARMSTRONG Jun 23, 2020 520
Radio presenter's bone marrow gift for Welsh patient. Jun 23, 2020 444
Fight should be easier after 25yrs. Jun 22, 2020 180
ReNeuron to focus on retinal disease and exosome-based technology programmes. Jun 18, 2020 485
I'm cancer free and hopefully I'm coming home soon! BRAVE OSCAR, 6, DELIGHTS FANS ACROSS THE WORLD WITH INCREDIBLE MESSAGE... NATHAN PYNN Jun 18, 2020 477
Meat on Demand: Israeli Company is 3D Printing Steaks. Jun 17, 2020 545
AgeX enters Manufacturing, Marketing, Distribution Agreement with Pluristyx. Jun 16, 2020 175
Human Stem Cells Modeled To Identify Degeneration In Glaucoma. Jun 15, 2020 613
Adult Stem Cells Used To Test Fish Oil As Depression Treatment. Jun 15, 2020 393
Injected Stem Cells Rebuild Sun-Damaged Skin's Normal Elastin Network. Jun 15, 2020 495
Mesoblast's Lead MSC Product Candidate Improves Outcomes In COPD Patients. Jun 15, 2020 430
Natural Killer Cells Created From Gene-Modified iPSCs Perform Strongly Against Leukemia. Jun 15, 2020 525
F1 legend Schumi to get stem cell boost; Stricken champ awaits op. ANDY LINES Jun 12, 2020 274
NEW STEM CELL OP HOPE FOR SCHUEY; Bid to fix nervous system six years after ski fall brain injury. ANDY LINES Chief Reporter Jun 12, 2020 360
Partner Therapeutics starts enrolling first patient dosed in Phase II investigator-initiated study of Leukine in T cell replete HLA-mismatched haploidentical stem cell transplant. Jun 12, 2020 192
Partner Therapeutics starts enrolling first patient dosed in Phase II investigator-initiated study of Leukine in T cell replete HLA-mismatched haploidentical stem cell transplant. Jun 12, 2020 196
HUMAN GROWN IN LAB; Scientists' world-first research identifies 'blueprint' of species. MARTIN BAGOT Science Editor Jun 11, 2020 215
HUMAN GROWN IN LAB; Brit team's world-first research identifies 'blueprint' of species. MARTIN BAGOT Science Editor Jun 11, 2020 216
HUMAN GROWN IN LAB; UK team's world-first research identifies 'blueprint' of species. MARTIN BAGOT Science Editor Jun 11, 2020 215
CellResearch offers source of cGMP umbilical cord lining stem cells for COVID-19 related trials. Jun 11, 2020 154
CellResearch offers source of cGMP umbilical cord lining stem cells for COVID-19 related trials. Jun 11, 2020 158
Michael Schumacher update as F1 icon set for new operation in coming days; It is over six years since the seven-time Formula 1 world champion suffered a tragic skiing accident and the German has not been seen publicly since, with his condition a closely guarded secret. By, Joe Golder Jun 11, 2020 330
Scientists grow first-ever human embryo in huge 'blueprint' breakthrough; A Cambridge university team believes the study can shed light on birth defects and help identify the 'blueprint of a human'. It is the first time it has ever been achieved. By, Martin Bagot Jun 11, 2020 492
Magenta Therapeutics to discontinue enrollment in Phase 2 study in IMDs. Jun 11, 2020 404
Coronavirus news bulletin: UAE's stem cell therapy proven effective; free Covid tests in Sharjah; UAE visa amnesty; Abu Dhabi extends travel ban. Ismail Sebugwaawo Jun 9, 2020 2259
Enochian Biosciences completes FDA INTERACT meeting on ENOB-HV-01. Jun 8, 2020 181
ADSCC installs cutting-edge medical equipment to help fight COVID-19. Jun 7, 2020 474
Abu Dhabi installs hitech medical equipment in Covid fight. Jun 6, 2020 409
COVID-19: Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Centre invests Dh3.6 million in cutting-edge equipment to fight coronavirus. Tawfiq Nasrallah, Staff Writer Jun 6, 2020 454
Magenta Therapeutics presents preclinical CD45-ADC data at EULAR meeting. Jun 5, 2020 431
Electronic registration system for cord blood stem cells launched. Staff Report Jun 4, 2020 345
Sign up to save a life; STEM cell donors are still urgently needed to save lives - but the numbers of people registering to see if they can help has dropped dramaticallyduring the pandemic. Registrations have fallen by 50 per cent due to Covid-19. Here, MARIA CROCE speaks to two lifesaving donors.. MARIA CROCE Jun 3, 2020 268
AgeX Therapeutics, ImStem Biotechnology sign non-binding letter of intent. Jun 2, 2020 377
AgeX Therapeutics and ImStem biotechnology Sign Non-Binding letter of intent Regarding Investigational MSC Candidate IMS001 for COVID-19 and Other Causes of ARDS. Jun 2, 2020 660
Mesoblast: Remestemcel-L improves respiratory, functional outcomes in COPD. Jun 1, 2020 156
Image Analysis Technique Sheds Light On Heart Cell Defects. Jun 1, 2020 467
Mobilized Stem Cells Shown Effective In Gene Therapy. Jun 1, 2020 556
28-Day Follow Up Of Stem Cell Treatment Of COVID-19. Jun 1, 2020 444
Stem Cell Firm Raises Cash To Ramp Up Production Of COVID-19/ARDS Treatment. Jun 1, 2020 241
Company Begins Recruitment For Phase 1 Trial OF Stem Cell Treatment For COVID-19. Jun 1, 2020 371
FDA Authorizes IND Application For Stem Cell Treatment For COVID-19. Jun 1, 2020 443
Data On Novecjte Mesenchymal Stem Cells (NC-MSCs) Presented. Jun 1, 2020 591
Effect of Denosumab on Bone Mineral Density of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation Recipients. Jeong, Chaiho; Kim, Hee-Je; Lee, Seok; Kang, Moo Il; Ha, Jeonghoon May 31, 2020 4136
Listeria Cerebritis with Tumor Necrosis Factor Inhibition. Reilly, Eileen; Hwang, Justin May 31, 2020 3212
Quadrella incana (Capparaceae) Leaf Extract Enhances Proliferation and Maintenance of Neural Stem/Progenitor Cells through Upregulating Glycolytic Flux and Redox Potential. Kang, Mingyu; Cho, Jin-Hwa; Kim, Tae-Jun; Lee, Sang Min; Kim, Hyeon Ji; Coronado, Indiana; Yi, Dong- May 31, 2020 6275
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy of an Adolescent Stem Cell Transplantation Recipient with Hemorrhagic Cystitis and BK Virus. Lopez, David; Alismail, Abdullah; Tan, Laren D. May 31, 2020 2517
Hypoxic Wharton's Jelly Stem Cell Conditioned Medium Induces Immunogenic Cell Death in Lymphoma Cells. Lin, Hao Daniel; Fong, Chui-Yee; Biswas, Arijit; Bongso, Ariff May 31, 2020 9751
Actin Alpha 2 (ACTA2) Downregulation Inhibits Neural Stem Cell Migration through Rho GTPase Activation. Zhang, Ji; Jiang, Xuheng; Zhang, Chao; Zhong, Jun; Fang, Xuanyu; Li, Huanhuan; Xie, Fangke; Huang, X May 31, 2020 5522
A Small-Sized Population of Human Umbilical Cord Blood-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Shows High Stemness Properties and Therapeutic Benefit. Kim, Miyeon; Bae, Yun Kyung; Um, Soyoun; Kwon, Ji Hye; Kim, Gee-Hye; Choi, Soo Jin; Oh, Wonil; Jin, May 31, 2020 9803
Size-Optimized Microspace Culture Facilitates Differentiation of Mouse Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells into Osteoid-Rich Bone Constructs. Limraksasin, Phoonsuk; Okawa, Hiroko; Zhang, Maolin; Kondo, Takeru; Osathanon, Thanaphum; Pavasant, May 31, 2020 8564
Prognostic Value of a Three-DNA Methylation Biomarker in Patients with Soft Tissue Sarcoma. Chen, Yuxiao; Zhu, Rui; Chen, Min; Guo, Wenna; Yang, Xin; Xu, Xin-Jian; Zhu, Liucun May 31, 2020 6890
Mouse Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cell Paracrine Alleviates Renal Fibrosis in Diabetic Nephropathy by Reducing Myofibroblast Transdifferentiation and Cell Proliferation and Upregulating MMPs in Mesangial Cells. Li, Hongde; Rong, Pengfei; Ma, Xiaoqian; Nie, Wei; Chen, Yan; Zhang, Juan; Dong, Qiong; Yang, Min; W May 31, 2020 8260
Umbilical Cord-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Ameliorate Nephrocyte Injury and Proteinuria in a Diabetic Nephropathy Rat Model. Chen, Lian; Xiang, E.; Li, Changyong; Han, Bing; Zhang, Quan; Rao, Wei; Xiao, Cuihong; Wu, Dongcheng May 31, 2020 4219
The Sufficient Immunoregulatory Effect of Autologous Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cell Transplantation on Regulatory T Cells in Patients with Refractory Rheumatoid Arthritis. Ghoryani, Mohsen; Shariati-Sarabi, Zhaleh; Tavakkol-Afshari, Jalil; Mohammadi, Mojgan May 31, 2020 4671
The Stem Cell Debate, Politics, and Ethics. May 31, 2020 916
Tiziana Life Sciences stem cell tool superior to market leader Exact Sciences' Oncotype DX in breast cancer head to head. May 30, 2020 451
Tiziana Life Sciences stem cell tool superior to market leader Exact Sciences' Oncotype DX in breast cancer head to head. May 30, 2020 449
Danielle never said 'why me?'.. She just got on with it and kept smiling; baby tragedy mum loses cancer fight Brave carer hailed as a 'likeable & loveable' person. KATHLEEN SPEIRS May 29, 2020 439
AgeX Therapeutics announces collaboration with Sernova. May 29, 2020 292
The Impact of Pre-transplant Cell-free DNA Levels on Leukemia Relapse and Transplant-related Complications in Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Recipients. Yegin, Zeynep Arzu; Can, Ferda; Gokcen, Sanem; Sadioglu, Rezzan Eren; Ozkurt, Zubeyde Nur; Ilhan, Ci May 28, 2020 4203
My 1200-mile dash to save a stranger; Stem cell donor Rob, 29, beats corona lockdown to complete mercy mission. JOHN JEFFAY May 26, 2020 368
Orkney man in a 600-mile trip to donate stem cells; Health: Journey 'into danger zone' to help patient. CHRIS MACLENNAN May 25, 2020 408
World's most generous man; UNIQUE DONOR WHO HAS SAVED COUNTLESS LIVES Caring Azeem has given a kidney, stem cells & blood.. but he's not finished yet. EXCLUSIVE by warren manger SIVE May 23, 2020 1012
World's most generous man; UNIQUE DONOR WHO HAS SAVED COUNTLESS LIVES Caring Azeem has given a kidney, stem cells & blood.. but he's not finished yet. EXCLUSIVE BY WARREN MANGER SIVE May 23, 2020 1019
World's most generous man; UNIQUE DONOR WHO HAS SAVED COUNTLESS LIVES; Caring Azeem has given a kidney, stem cells & blood.. but he's not finished yet. EXCLUSIVE by warren manger SIVE May 23, 2020 1026
Plans submitted for stem cell facility. May 22, 2020 300
Fate Therapeutics announces FDA clearance of IND application for FT538. May 20, 2020 452
NantKwest Receives FDA Authorization of IND Application for Mesenchymal Stem Cell Product for the Treatment of Severe COVID-19 Patients. May 19, 2020 421
Baldness cure possible as study shows stem cell solution can trigger hair regrowth; Scientists from Pusan National University Yangsan Hospital in South Korea have developed a topical solution that leads to the regrowth of hair for people with a common type of baldness. By, Chris Dyer & Shivali Best Report May 19, 2020 602
INmune Bio announces publication of review of innate immune cell potential. May 19, 2020 153
I Peace Inc commences clinical-grade induced pluripotent stem cells custom manufacturing services in Kyoto, Japan. May 18, 2020 259
I Peace Inc commences clinical-grade induced pluripotent stem cells custom manufacturing services in Kyoto, Japan. May 18, 2020 263
First "Roadmap" Of Skeletal Muscle Development May Improve Regeneration. May 18, 2020 841
Research Into Stem Cell Mutations Could Improve Regenerative Medicine. May 18, 2020 252
New Data On Treatment of Dry AMD With Geographic Atrophy. May 18, 2020 348
Bio marker May Help Identify Patients Who'll Benefit From Stem Cell Treatment. May 18, 2020 787
ReNeuron's. CTX Cell Line Snows Further Potential. May 18, 2020 336
Ethics Panel .Okays. Company's Planned Clinical Trial In COVID-19. May 18, 2020 432
'It wasn't caused by Covid-19, but it has ignited it in her system'. KATIE DICKINSON Reporter May 16, 2020 787
Oscar, 6, thanks supporters after stem cell quest. NATHAN PYNN News Reporter May 16, 2020 429
QF GU-Q researcher wins prestigious award in US. May 15, 2020 446
Georgetown student takes Islamic bioethics research at QF to Washington and wins. May 15, 2020 443
Coronavirus: Emirati dentist who received stem cell therapy doing well. Angel Tesorero, Staff Reporter May 15, 2020 245
Editas Medicine presents preclinical data on CRISPR-Cas12a. May 15, 2020 290
Histogen publishes preclinical data on HST 004 Spinal Disc program. May 14, 2020 227
Gamida Cell says Phase 3 clinical study of omidubicel met primary endpoint. Clinical report May 12, 2020 359
Adaptimmune presents advances from allogeneic platform. May 12, 2020 159
ReNeuron's Michael Hunt talks new potential for its CTX therapy in treating Huntington's disease. May 12, 2020 156
Cellect Biotechnology announces publication of ApoGraft data in medical journal. May 11, 2020 264
Crispr, Vertex announce FDA RMAT designation granted to CTX001. May 11, 2020 224
Stem cell treatment approved for critical coronavirus cases. May 10, 2020 284
DO NOT PUBLISH ----------------------->.>>>>> COVID-19 cure: 'Just a breath away'. Jay Hilotin, Assistant Editor May 10, 2020 4215
COVID-19 cure: 'Just a breath away'. Jay Hilotin, Assistant Editor May 10, 2020 4194
Leukemia Research Foundation Hosts Blood Cancer Q & A on Tuesday, May 19. Leukemia Research Foundation May 9, 2020 323
Coronavirus: Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed orders payment of costs for stem cell treatment for critical cases. Tawfiq Nasrallah, Staff Writer May 9, 2020 322
Abu Dhabi Crown Prince: Cover all costs for stem cell treatment of coronavirus patients. Arab News May 9, 2020 211
ReNeuron Group's CTX therapy shows early promise in treating Huntington's disease. May 8, 2020 396
Cell and Gene Therapies a USD 3.8bn Market Despite COVID-19 Crisis, Report Says. Report May 8, 2020 375
Coronavirus: Bangladesh hospital uses plasma therapy for treatment. May 6, 2020 560
BioCardia announces preclincal results for anti-inflammatory cell therapy. Financial report May 5, 2020 294
Combating coronavirus: UAE doubles recoveries in less than a fortnight. Staff Reporter May 4, 2020 322
German Scientists Take Major Step Toward Stem Cell-Based Diabetes Treatment. May 4, 2020 661
Diabetes Reversed In Mice With CRISPR-Edited Stem Cells. May 4, 2020 829
83 Percent Survival In COVID-19 Patients With Cell Therapy. May 4, 2020 290
FDA Approves Company's Third MSC-Based Trial Targeting COVID-19: Trial Will Also Test Patients Using Controversial Drugs Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin. May 4, 2020 494
IND Application To FDA For COVID-19 Stem Cell Therapy. May 4, 2020 163
Celularity Expands Collaboration With Partner To COVID-19/ARDS Research. May 4, 2020 317
Coronavirus: UAE's stem cell treatment fights symptoms of Covid-19, not cure it. Ashwani Kumar May 3, 2020 913
Coronavirus news bulletin from UAE: Medics ramps up stem cell trials; 561 new cases announced; UAE, India exchange aid, medics; Sharjah eases restrictions. Ismail Sebugwaawo May 3, 2020 1728
KT edit: Stem cell therapy puts UAE at the top of health innovation. May 3, 2020 489
UAE doctor clarifies stem cell treatment doesn't cure COVID-19, but fights symptoms. Arab News May 3, 2020 213
Coronavirus: UAE announces 564 new cases. Web Report May 3, 2020 570
Covid-19: UAE leaders hail ADSCC's stem cell success. May 2, 2020 260
Coronavirus: UAE announces 561 new cases. Web Report May 2, 2020 459
UAE stem cell therapy: Revolutionary treatment helps cure COVID-19 patients. Jay Hilotin, Assistant Editor May 2, 2020 1807
UAE leaders congratulate people for COVID-19 scientific achievement. Tawfiq Nasrallah, Staff Writer May 2, 2020 483
Dubai stem-cell centre claims developing corona treatment. May 2, 2020 277
COVID-19 UAE: Stem cell treatment is supportive, not curative. Tawfiq Nasrallah, Staff Writer May 2, 2020 637
Combating coronavirus in UAE: Leaders praise develoment of potential Covid-19 treatment. Web report (with inputs from Wam) May 2, 2020 284
How stress can give you grey hair; MINUTES ON. DR MIRIAM STOPPARD May 1, 2020 155
How stress can give you grey hair. May 1, 2020 151
Watch: Breakthrough treatment for coronavirus developed in UAE. Staff Report May 1, 2020 364
Abu Dhabi stem cell center develops 'promising' new COVID-19 treatment. Arab News May 1, 2020 296
COVID-19: Treatment by UAE stem cell centre shows promise. Times News Service May 1, 2020 397
UAE develops potential breakthrough COVID-19 treatment. MENA May 1, 2020 239
Remedio inovador desenvolvido pelo centro de celulas estaminais COVID-19 dos EAU mostra resultados iniciais promissores. May 1, 2020 407
Halozyme announces FDA approval of DARZALEX FASPRO for Janssen Biotech. May 1, 2020 162
Ethical issues of human cloning. Nasrullah; Iqbal, Rana; BiBi, Shahzadi; Muneer, Sana; BiBi, Sumaira; Anwar, Farhana May 1, 2020 2361
The Supernatant of Tonsil-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cell Has Antiallergic Effects in Allergic Rhinitis Mouse Model. Park, In-Su; Kim, Ji Hye; Bae, Jun-Sang; Kim, Dong-Kyu; Mo, Ji-Hun Apr 30, 2020 4020
Change in Viability and Function of Pancreatic Islets after Coculture with Mesenchymal Stromal Cells: A Systemic Review and Meta-Analysis. Li, Xiaohang; Lang, Hongxin; Li, Baifeng; Zhang, Chengshuo; Sun, Ning; Lin, Jianzhen; Zhang, Jialin Apr 30, 2020 8764
Effects of the Bone/Bone Marrow Microenvironments on Prostate Cancer Cells and CD59 Expression. Yan, Bo; Li, Yan; Min, Shaoju; Zhang, Peng; Xu, Bin; Wang, Zhen; Zhang, Wei; Chen, Jiasheng; Luo, Gu Apr 30, 2020 7885
Mesenchymal Stem Cell-Specific and Preosteoblast-Specific Ablation of TSC1 in Mice Lead to Severe and Slight Spinal Dysplasia, Respectively. Yang, Cheng; Liao, Jianwen; Lai, Pinglin; Huang, Hai; Fan, Shicai; Chen, Yuhui; Bai, Xiaochun Apr 30, 2020 3589
Curcumin Inhibits Proliferation and Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition in Lens Epithelial Cells through Multiple Pathways. Liu, Huijun; Mao, Yuxiang; Xia, Bing; Long, Chongde; Kuang, Xielan; Huang, Hao; Ning, Jie; Ma, Xinqi Apr 30, 2020 5411
High STRN Expression Promotes HCC Invasion and Migration but Not Cell Proliferation or Apoptosis through Facilitating Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition. Du, Qian-yu; Yao, Jing-hao; Zhou, Yong-chun; Xu, Ling-jie; Zhao, Fu-you; Yang, Yan Apr 30, 2020 5581
Tunneling Nanotubes and the Eye: Intercellular Communication and Implications for Ocular Health and Disease. Chinnery, Holly R.; Keller, Kate E. Apr 30, 2020 10337
Repairing and Analgesic Effects of Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cell Transplantation in Mice with Spinal Cord Injury. Wu, Ling-ling; Pan, Xiao-ming; Chen, Hao-hao; Fu, Xiao-yan; Jiang, Jinzhan; Ding, Ming-xing Apr 30, 2020 5968
CXXC5 Attenuates Pulmonary Fibrosis in a Bleomycin-Induced Mouse Model and MLFs by Suppression of the CD40/CD40L Pathway. Cheng, Wei; Wang, Fangfang; Feng, Airan; Li, Xiaodan; Yu, Wencheng Apr 30, 2020 4999
Integrated Analysis Identifies an Immune-Based Prognostic Signature for the Mesenchymal Identity in Gastric Cancer. Peng, Dongzhu; Gu, Bin; Ruan, Liming; Zhang, Xingguo; Shu, Peng Apr 30, 2020 4937
Effects of Mesenchymal Stem Cell Coculture on Human Lung Small Airway Epithelial Cells. Schmelzer, Eva; Miceli, Vitale; Chinnici, Cinzia Maria; Bertani, Alessandro; Gerlach, Jorg C. Apr 30, 2020 5938
Intracellular Reactive Oxygen Species Mediate the Therapeutic Effect of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells for Acute Kidney Injury. Wang, Shun; Tian, Xiaoyu; Li, Yijun; Xue, Rong; Guan, Haochen; Lu, Meng; Xu, Huijun; Ye, Zhibin; Che Apr 30, 2020 7098
Metabolomic Analysis Reveals That the Mechanism of Astaxanthin Improves the Osteogenic Differentiation Potential in Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells. Zhao, Guangfeng; Zhong, Huiming; Rao, Taiwen; Pan, Zhijun Apr 30, 2020 4752
Increased Expression of BIRC2, BIRC3, and BIRC5 from the IAP Family in Mesenchymal Stem Cells of the Umbilical Cord Wharton's Jelly (WJSC) in Younger Women Giving Birth Naturally. Gil-Kulik, Paulina; Swistowska, Malgorzata; Kondracka, Adrianna; Chomik, Piotr; Krzyzanowski, Arkadi Apr 30, 2020 7077
Antiepithelial-Mesenchymal Transition of Herbal Active Substance in Tumor Cells via Different Signaling. Cui, Xiaoji; Lin, Qinlu; Huang, Ping; Liang, Ying Apr 30, 2020 6321
Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells in Dental and Nondental Tissue Regeneration: A Review of an Unexploited Potential. Radwan, Israa Ahmed; Rady, Dina; Abbass, Marwa M.S.; Moshy, Sara El; AbuBakr, Nermeen; Dorfer, Chris Apr 30, 2020 16899
Exosomes of Antler Mesenchymal Stem Cells Improve Postoperative Cognitive Dysfunction in Cardiopulmonary Bypass Rats through Inhibiting the TLR2/TLR4 Signaling Pathway. Yang, Chun; Sun, Shengnan; Zhang, Qi; Guo, Jia; Wu, Tengfei; Liu, Ying; Yang, Min; Zhang, Yan; Peng, Apr 30, 2020 7338
Corrigendum to "The Effect of Adipose-Derived Stem Cells on Wound Healing: Comparison of Methods of Application". Kim, Hyeonwoo; Hyun, Mi Ri; Kim, Sang Wha Correction notice Apr 30, 2020 163
Application of Stem Cells in the Oral and Maxillofacial Region. Ogasawara, Toru; Ko, Edward Chengchuan; Yu, Jiashing Apr 30, 2020 830
Enhanced Effect of IL-1 [beta]-Activated Adipose-Derived MSCs (ADMSCs) on Repair of Intestinal Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury via COX-2-[PGE.sub.2] Signaling. Liu, Liu; He, Yi Ren; Liu, Shao Jun; Hu, Lei; Liang, Li Chuang; Liu, Dong Liang; Liu, Lin; Zhu, Zhi Apr 30, 2020 7343
Vitamin C Treatment Rescues Prelamin A-Induced Premature Senescence of Subchondral Bone Mesenchymal Stem Cells. Qu, Yan-Nv; Zhang, Li; Wang, Ting; Zhang, He-Yang; Yang, Ze-Ji; Yuan, Fang- Fang; Wang, Yan; Li, Si- Apr 30, 2020 9620
Mesenchymal Stem Cells Enhance Pulmonary Antimicrobial Immunity and Prevent Following Bacterial Infection. Li, Wenchao; Chen, Weiwei; Huang, Saisai; Tang, Xiaojun; Yao, Genhong; Sun, Lingyun Apr 30, 2020 6061
hCTLA4-Gene-Modified Human Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells (hBMMSCs) Maintain POSTN Secretion to Enhance the Migration Capability of Allogeneic hBMMSCs through the Integrin [alpha]v[beta]3/FAK/ERK Signaling Pathway. Song, Lei; Zhang, Fei; Zhou, Rui; Xiao, Jun; He, Lei; Dai, Fei Apr 30, 2020 4959
Multimodal Therapeutic Effects of Neural Precursor Cells Derived from Human-Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells through Episomal Plasmid-Based Reprogramming in a Rodent Model of Ischemic Stroke. Oh, Seung-Hun; Jeong, Yong-Woo; Choi, Wankyu; Noh, Jeong-Eun; Lee, Suji; Kim, Hyun-Sook; Song, Jihwa Apr 30, 2020 10717
Low-Dose Decitabine Assists Human Umbilical Cord-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Protecting Cells via the Modulation of the Macrophage Phenotype in Type 2 Diabetic Mice. Xue, Jing; Cheng, Yu; Hao, Haojie; Gao, Jieqing; Yin, Yaqi; Yu, Songyan; Zou, Junyan; Liu, Jiejie; Z Apr 30, 2020 8362
Clinical Efficacy and Safety of Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. Zhou, Tianbiao; Li, Hong-Yan; Liao, Chunling; Lin, Wenshan; Lin, Shujun Apr 30, 2020 8479
RSP5 Positively Regulates the Osteogenic Differentiation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells by Activating the K63-Linked Ubiquitination of Akt. Liang, Changxiang; Liang, Guoyan; Zheng, Xiaoqing; Huang, Yongxiong; Huang, Shuaihao; Yin, Dong Apr 30, 2020 5815
Corrigendum to "Circulating Cancer Stem Cell-Derived Extracellular Vesicles as a Novel Biomarker for Clinical Outcome Evaluation". Correction notice Apr 30, 2020 321
The DNMT1/miR-34a/FOXM1 Axis Contributes to Sternness of Liver Cancer Cells. Cao, Xiaocheng; Liu, Lihua; Cao, Xiaozheng; Cui, Yinghong; Zou, Chang; Chen, A.; Qiu, Yebei; Quan, M Apr 30, 2020 7604
Successful Treatment of Plaque Psoriasis with Allogeneic Gingival Mesenchymal Stem Cells: A Case Study. Wang, Sebo Gene; Hsu, Nicholas C.; Wang, Sebo Michelle; Wang, Fu Nan Case study Apr 30, 2020 2227
Orbital Mucosa-Associated Lymphoid Tissue Lymphoma and Primary Cutaneous Classical Hodgkin Lymphoma: A Rare Case Report and Review of the Literature. Yun, Nicole; Coggan, James; Miller, Ira; Venugopal, Parameswaran Apr 30, 2020 2315
Cryptococcal Meningitis in an Immunocompetent Patient with a Ventriculo-Pleural Shunt. Fernandez, Raynieri; Henao, Jose; Creticos, Catherine Apr 30, 2020 2026
Long-Term Use of Ruxolitinib in an AML Patient with Posttransplant Steroid Refractory GVHD. Sobash, Philip T.; Guddati, Achuta K.; Kota, Vamsi Apr 30, 2020 1943
The Prospect of Identifying Resistance Mechanisms for Castrate-Resistant Prostate Cancer Using Circulating Tumor Cells: Is Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition a Key Player? Khan, Tanzila; Scott, Kieran F.; Becker, Therese M.; Lock, John; Nimir, Mohammed; Ma, Yafeng; de Sou Apr 30, 2020 13128
Preferential Expression of B7-H6 in Glioma Stem-Like Cells Enhances Tumor Cell Proliferation via the c-Myc/RNMT Axis. Chen, Hanqing; Guo, Yundi; Sun, Jing; Dong, Jun; Bao, Qinghua; Zhang, Xueguang; Fu, Fengqing Apr 30, 2020 6580
Mesoblast begins enrollment in Phase 2/3 trial of remestemcel-L. Clinical report Apr 30, 2020 186
Teacher, 30, died after stem cell therapy for her multiple sclerosis; Coroner: Organ failure and sepsis link to transplant. Jordan Coussins Staff Reporter Apr 30, 2020 383
US FDA grants Orphan Drug designation to Marker Therapeutics' MT-401 leukaemia treatment. Apr 30, 2020 312
US FDA grants Orphan Drug designation to Marker Therapeutics' MT-401 leukaemia treatment. Apr 30, 2020 308
QF's equine medical centre offers regenerative stem cell treatment. Apr 29, 2020 375
QF's Equine Veterinary Medical Center offers regenerative stem cell treatment. Apr 29, 2020 378
Citius reports pre-IND submission for stem cell therapy for ARDS in COVID-19. Clinical report Apr 27, 2020 193
Mesoblast's remestemcel-L improves survival to 83% in COVID-19 patients. Apr 24, 2020 173
Stem cell donor plea after man's cancer returns. ffion lewis Reporter Apr 23, 2020 525
Marrow Society running and cycling for Nolan appeal. Apr 22, 2020 299
Hemogenyx Approved For And Issued Hu-PHEC Patent In Europe. Apr 22, 2020 337
Avalon GloboCare seeks to tap the power of cells to fight cancer. Apr 22, 2020 1092
Sangamo, Mogrify announce collaboration and license agreement. Apr 21, 2020 245
Technique To Restore Sight In Mice Skips Stem Cell Stage. Apr 20, 2020 715
Company To Develop Clinical Study For Duchenne MD With Partner. Clinical report Apr 20, 2020 236
Review Assesses Stem Cell Therapy Potential For Preeclampsia. Apr 20, 2020 418
hESCs Commit To Specialization Surprisingly Early. Apr 20, 2020 474
Abnormal Number Of Stem Cells Found In Lungs Of COPD Patients: Single Cell Cloning Tells The Story Of Abnormal Cells. Apr 20, 2020 604
Early Detection Of Crohn's Disease Flare-Ups Leads To Improved Therapy Options. Apr 20, 2020 319
Stem Cell Researchers Warn Of Unfounded Stem Cell-Based COVID-19 Treatment Claims. Apr 20, 2020 198
FDA Okays First Stem Cell Clinical Trial For Protection Against COVID-19. Apr 20, 2020 470
Mesoblast To Conduct Trial Of Treatment For COVID-19-Induced ARDS. Apr 20, 2020 324
Company's Technology To Evaluate Stem Cell Therapy As Treatment For COVID-19 Pneumonia. Apr 20, 2020 448
Company May License Stem Cell Therapy for ARDS Associated With COVID-19. Apr 20, 2020 375
Your blood could be a life-saver for kids; LETTERS. Apr 19, 2020 354
Bit bio hopes to scale gene engineering platform following rebrand. Apr 16, 2020 347
8p11 associated myeloid/lymphoid neoplasms: An illustrative case report of this rare entity and review of literature. Clinical report Apr 15, 2020 1516
Hope Biosciences Receives Second FDA Clearance for a Phase II Clinical Trial for Protection Against COVID-19. Apr 15, 2020 273
Histogen publishes new preclinical data on HST 003 orthopedic program. Apr 15, 2020 351
Experimental treatment of coronavirus patients underway in Iran. Apr 13, 2020 275
OSCAR WINNER; Boy gets out of hospital at last after pioneering treatment for leukaemia. MARTIN FRICKER Apr 11, 2020 375
Donating his brain for research means my dad now speaks for the living; DM1ST SATURDAY 11.04.2020 DAILY MIRROR 61 mike walters inside football .. and outside the box WALLY MEETS talks toDAWN ASTLE DAUGHTER OF WBA LEGEND JEFF. WALLY Apr 11, 2020 695
We're terrified our brave girl could die without transplant; Parents plea for stem cell register recruits. LEAH FOX Apr 10, 2020 667
Mesoblast to study MSC product candidate in ARDS caused by COVID-19. Apr 9, 2020 250
Hope Biosciences Receives FDA Approval to Commence First Stem Cell Clinical Trial for Protection Against COVID-19. Apr 9, 2020 515
Orgenesis partners with Belgium's RevaTis to develop stem cells for therapeutic use. Apr 9, 2020 474
ReNeuron jumps as it agrees research deal with unnamed "major pharmaceutical company" to develop emerging cell technology. Apr 8, 2020 327
Brotherly love saves Ben. LEVANA HAYES Apr 7, 2020 207
Syrian dad in UAE seeks help as baby has to fly out to Delhi for bone marrow transplant. Suchitra Bajpai Chaudhary, Senior Reporter Apr 6, 2020 682
Fluidigm says CyTOF technology used to evaluate stem cell therapy. Apr 2, 2020 231
AISLE BE THERE FOR YOU; Mum given away at wedding by stem cell donor brother who saved her life. LEONA GREENAN Apr 2, 2020 395
Check if you should be isolating for 12 weeks. Dr Miriam Stoppard DAILY VIRUS UPDATE Apr 1, 2020 250
Puerarin inhibits hepatocellular carcinoma invasion and metastasis through miR-21-mediated PTEN/AKT signaling to suppress the epithelial-mesenchymal transition. Zhou, Yuan; Xue, Ruifeng; Wang, Jinglin; Ren, Haozhen Apr 1, 2020 5900
lncRNA ZEB1-AS1 inhibits high glucose-induced EMT and fibrogenesis by regulating the miR-216a-5p/ BMP7 axis in diabetic nephropathy. Meng, Qingqing; Zhai, Xiaolin; Yuan, Yi; Ji, Qing; Zhang, Pengyuan Apr 1, 2020 4132
New Stem Cell Delivery Mode. Apr 1, 2020 354
Myelodysplastic Syndrome with Transfusion Dependence Treated with Venetoclax. Jehangir, Waqas; Karabachev, Alexander; Jahangir, Taimoor; Umyarova, Elvira Mar 31, 2020 2201
Etiologies and Treatment Burden in Adult Patients with Pure Red Cell Aplasia: A Single-Center Experience and Review of Literature. Niparuck, Pimjai; Kanoksil, Wasana; Wacharapornin, Pathawut; Chantrathammachart, Pichika; Boongird, Mar 31, 2020 2961
Bladder Leiomyoma with Synchronous Solitary Fibrous Tumor of the Pleura. Mavridis, Charalampos; Georgiadis, George; Lagoudaki, Eleni D.; Skamagkas, Iordanis; Heretis, Ioanni Mar 31, 2020 2092
A Primary Adrenal Epithelioid Angiomyolipoma (PEComa) in a Patient with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex: Report of a Case and Review of the Literature. Luna, Nancy Torres; Mosquera, Jorge Esteban; Comba, Isin Yagmur; Kinaan, Mustafa; Otoya, Jorge Mar 31, 2020 2750
A Chemically Defined Serum-Free Culture System for Spontaneous Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Spheroid Formation. Zhao, Yajun; Xiao, E.; Lv, Wanqi; Dong, Xian; He, Linhai; Wang, Yixiang; Zhang, Yi Mar 31, 2020 7092
Modeling Parkinson's Disease Using Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells. Hu, Xinchao; Mao, Chengyuan; Fan, Liyuan; Luo, Haiyang; Hu, Zhengwei; Zhang, Shuo; Yang, Zhihua; Zhe Mar 31, 2020 11233
Bone Defect Repair Using a Bone Substitute Supported by Mesenchymal Stem Cells Derived from the Umbilical Cord. Kosinski, Michal; Figiel-Dabrowska, Anna; Lech, Wioletta; Wieprzowski, Lukasz; Strzalkowski, Ryszard Mar 31, 2020 7820
Oral Mesenchymal Stem/Progenitor Cells: The Immunomodulatory Masters. Zhou, Li-li; Liu, Wei; Wu, Yan-min; Sun, Wei-lian; Dorfer, C.E.; Sayed, K.M. Fawzy El Mar 31, 2020 12232
Flufenamic Acid Inhibits Adipogenic Differentiation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells by Antagonizing the PI3K/AKT Signaling Pathway. Liu, Xuenan; Li, Zheng; Liu, Hao; Zhu, Yuan; Xia, Dandan; Wang, Siyi; Gu, Ranli; Zhang, Ping; Liu, Y Mar 31, 2020 5777
Succinate Supplement Elicited "Pseudohypoxia" Condition to Promote Proliferation, Migration, and Osteogenesis of Periodontal Ligament Cells. Mao, Huimin; Yang, Andi; Zhao, Yunhe; Lei, Lang; Li, Houxuan Mar 31, 2020 6925
Interaction between Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Intervertebral Disc Microenvironment: From Cell Therapy to Tissue Engineering. Vadala, Gianluca; Ambrosio, Luca; Russo, Fabrizio; Papalia, Rocco; Denaro, Vincenzo Mar 31, 2020 13140
Recent Advance in Source, Property, Differentiation, and Applications of Infrapatellar Fat Pad Adipose-Derived Stem Cells. Zhong, Yu-chen; Wang, Shi-chun; Han, Yin-he; Wen, Yu Mar 31, 2020 10557
Antioxidant Properties of Tonsil-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells on Human Vocal Fold Fibroblast Exposed to Oxidative Stress. Shin, Sung-Chan; Kim, Hyung-Sik; Seo, Yoojin; Kim, Cho Hee; Kim, Ji Min; Kwon, Hyun-Keun; Lee, Jin-C Mar 31, 2020 5832
Hypoxia Promotes Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell (VSMC) Differentiation of Adipose-Derived Stem Cell (ADSC) by Regulating Mettl3 and Paracrine Factors. Lin, Jiaying; Zhu, Qianqian; Huang, Jialyu; Cai, Renfei; Kuang, Yanping Mar 31, 2020 5567
Mesenchymal Stem Cells from Human Exfoliated Deciduous Teeth and the Orbicularis Oris Muscle: How Do They Behave When Exposed to a Proinflammatory Stimulus? Leyendecker, Alessander Junior; Pinheiro, Carla Cristina Gomes; Tanikawa, Daniela Yukie Sakai; Ferre Mar 31, 2020 10625
Generation of Otic Lineages from Integration-Free Human-Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Reprogrammed by mRNAs. Boddy, Sarah L.; Romero-Guevara, Ricardo; Ji, Ae-Ri; Unger, Christian; Corns, Laura; Marcotti, Walte Mar 31, 2020 5517
Functional Comparison between Healthy and Multiple Myeloma Adipose Stromal Cells. Espagnolle, Nicolas; Hebraud, Benjamin; Descamps, Jean-Gerard; Gadelorge, Melanie; Joubert, Marie-Ve Report Mar 31, 2020 4536
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Stromal Cell-Derived Factor-1 Enhances the Therapeutic Effects of Human Endometrial Regenerative Cells in a Mouse Sepsis Model. Jin, Wang; Zhao, Yiming; Hu, Yonghao; Yu, Dingding; Li, Xiang; Qin, Yafei; Kong, Dejun; Wang, Hao Mar 31, 2020 7390
Hypermethylation in Calca Promoter Inhibited ASC Osteogenic Differentiation in Rats with Type 2 Diabetic Mellitus. Wang, Lei; Ding, Feng; Shi, Shaojie; Wang, Xingxing; Zhang, Sijia; Song, Yingliang Mar 31, 2020 6182
Effect of Inflammation on Gingival Mesenchymal Stem/Progenitor Cells' Proliferation and Migration through Microperforated Membranes: An In Vitro Study. Bahrawy, M. Al; Ghaffar, K.; Gamal, A.; Sayed, K. El-; Iacono, V. Mar 31, 2020 4242
Effect of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells on Xenogeneic T and B Cells Isolated from Lupus-Prone [MRL.Fas.sup.lpr] Mice. Lee, Hong Kyung; Kim, Eun Young; Kim, Hyung Sook; Park, Eun Jae; Lee, Hye Jin; Lee, Tae Yong; Kim, K Mar 31, 2020 5255
Organoids as a Powerful Model for Respiratory Diseases. Li, Yu; Wu, Qi; Sun, Xin; Shen, Jun; Chen, Huaiyong Mar 31, 2020 6016
Deciduous Dental Pulp Stem Cells for Maxillary Alveolar Reconstruction in Cleft Lip and Palate Patients. Tanikawa, Daniela Y.S.; Pinheiro, Carla C.G.; Almeida, Maria Cristina A.; Oliveira, Claudia R.G.C.M. Mar 31, 2020 5681
Transplantation of Stem Cells from Human Exfoliated Deciduous Teeth Decreases Cognitive Impairment from Chronic Cerebral Ischemia by Reducing Neuronal Apoptosis in Rats. Zhu, Shu; Min, Dongyu; Zeng, Jianhong; Ju, Yetao; Liu, Yao; Chen, Xu Mar 31, 2020 7239
Interaction between Stem Cells and the Microenvironment for Musculoskeletal Repair. Huang, Yong-Can; Li, Zhen; Li, Jun; Lyu, Feng-Juan Mar 31, 2020 1898
The Achievements and Challenges of Mesenchymal Stem Cell-Based Therapy in Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Its Associated Colorectal Cancer. Ocansey, Dickson Kofi Wiredu; Qiu, Wei; Wang, Jingyan; Yan, Yongmin; Qian, Hui; Zhang, Xu; Xu, Wenro Mar 31, 2020 13156
Aging Induced p53/p21 in Genioglossus Muscle Stem Cells and Enhanced Upper Airway Injury. Zhu, Lu-Ying; Yu, Li-Ming; Zhang, Wei-Hua; Deng, Jia-Jia; Liu, Shang-Feng; Huang, Wei; Zhang, Meng-H Mar 31, 2020 6335
Copper Does Not Induce Tenogenic Differentiation but Promotes Migration and Increases Lysyl Oxidase Activity in Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Stromal Cells. Milewska, Marta; Burdzinska, Anna; Zielniok, Katarzyna; Siennicka, Katarzyna; Struzik, Slawomir; Zie Mar 31, 2020 7942
Evaluation of galactomannan and beta-d-glucan assays for the diagnosis of invasive aspergillosis in clinically suspected cases. Sarwar, Mariam; Gardezi, Syed Adeel Hussain; Zaman, Gohar; Ikram, Aamer; Sattia, Luqman; Khadim, Muh Report Mar 31, 2020 1570
Procedural Treatments for Knee Osteoarthritis: A Review of Current Injectable Therapies. Billesberger, Lisa M.; Fisher, Kyle M.; Qadri, Yawar J.; Boortz-Marx, Richard L. Mar 31, 2020 9196
Immunotherapy: Newer Therapeutic Armamentarium against Cancer Stem Cells. Singh, Saurabh Pratap; Singh, Richa; Gupta, Om Prakash; Gupta, Shalini; Bhatt, Madan Lal Brahma Mar 31, 2020 13317
Correlation between FAK and EGF-Induced EMT in Colorectal Cancer Cells. Huang, Kun; Gao, Ningning; Bian, Donglin; Zhai, Qixi; Yang, Puxu; Li, Mingwei; Wang, Xuemei Mar 31, 2020 5815
Frequent Activation of Notch Signaling Pathway in Colorectal Cancers and Its Implication in Patient Survival Outcome. Shaik, Jilani Purusottapatnam; Alanazi, Ibrahim O.; Pathan, Akbar Ali Khan; Parine, Narasimha Reddy; Mar 31, 2020 4649
Proteomic Analysis of Exosomes from Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells: A Novel Therapeutic Strategy for Tissue Injury. Xing, Xin; Han, Shuang; Cheng, Gu; Ni, Yifeng; Li, Zhi; Li, Zubing Mar 31, 2020 4921
Identification and Validation of an Individualized EMT-Related Prognostic Risk Score Formula in Gastric Adenocarcinoma Patients. Zhang, Deyu; Zhou, Siran; Liu, Bingrong Mar 31, 2020 4773
How to Stimulate Myocardial Regeneration in Adult Mammalian Heart: Existing Views and New Approaches. Belostotskaya, Galina; Hendrikx, Marc; Galagudza, Michael; Suchkov, Sergey Mar 31, 2020 7141
Lipopolysaccharide Inhibits Alpha Epithelial Sodium Channel Expression via MiR-124-5p in Alveolar Type 2 Epithelial Cells. Ding, Yan; Cui, Yong; Zhou, Zhiyu; Hou, Yapeng; Pang, Xining; Nie, Hongguang Mar 31, 2020 5964
Influence of Maitake (Grifola frondosa) Particle Sizes on Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells and In Vivo Evaluation of Their Therapeutic Potential. Patel, Dinesh K.; Seo, Yu-Ri; Dutta, Sayan Deb; Lee, Ok Hwan; Lim, Ki-Taek Mar 31, 2020 8014
lncRNA-TINCR Functions as a Competitive Endogenous RNA to Regulate the Migration of Mesenchymal Stem Cells by Sponging miR-761. Zheng, Jiaqian; Huang, Yanni; Li, Ying; Lai, Jieqing; Chen, Chen; Yi, Chunzhi; Pang, Fengxiang; Lan, Mar 31, 2020 5287
How Stress Causes Gray Hair. Mar 31, 2020 183
Molecular Aspects of Colorectal Adenomas: The Interplay among Microenvironment, Oxidative Stress, and Predisposition. Aceto, Gitana Maria; Catalano, Teresa; Curia, Maria Cristina Mar 31, 2020 16249
The Use of Platelet-Rich Plasma for the Treatment of Osteonecrosis of the Femoral Head: A Systematic Review. Han, Jun; Gao, Fuqiang; Li, Yajia; Ma, Jinhui; Sun, Wei; Shi, Lijun; Wu, Xinjie; Li, Tengqi Mar 31, 2020 8040
Exosomal miRNA-215-5p Derived from Adipose-Derived Stem Cells Attenuates Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition of Podocytes by Inhibiting ZEB2. Jin, Juan; Wang, Yunguang; Zhao, Li; Zou, Wenli; Tan, Mingming; He, Qiang Mar 31, 2020 6756
Friend or Foe? Essential Roles of Osteoclast in Maintaining Skeletal Health. Wang, Haixing; Yang, Guangpu; Xiao, Yinbo; Luo, Guotian; Li, Gang; Li, Ziqing Mar 31, 2020 8108
Laxative Effects of Yangyin Tongmi Capsule on a Model of Diphenoxylate-Induced Constipation in Mice. Liu, Shan; Sui, Dayun; Fu, Wenwen; Yu, Xiaofeng; Li, Yuangeng; Wu, Xueji; Hou, Yiping; Guo, Minyu; X Mar 31, 2020 5359
Primitive' Stem Cells Shown To Regenerate Blood Vessels In The Eye. Mar 23, 2020 752
How A Superbug Toxin Damages Intestinal Stem Cells. Mar 23, 2020 491
Scientis.ts Discover The Mechanisms Of Stem Cell Repair Of Heart Damage. Mar 23, 2020 450
New Technique "Prints" Cells To Create Diverse Biological Environments. Mar 23, 2020 973
Company To Evaluate Anti-Inflammatory Stem Cell Therapy Treatment Of COVID-19 Lung Disease. Mar 23, 2020 342
Stem Cell Therapy For Coronavirus Infection? Mar 23, 2020 584
Stem Cells In Outer Space! Mar 23, 2020 207
Corners. Pallocca, Giorgia; Leist, Marcel Mar 22, 2020 5520
Lattice Biologics Ltd begins recruitment of patients in Phase 1 clinical trial of AmnioBoost to treat COVID-19. Mar 18, 2020 261
Lattice Biologics Ltd begins recruitment of patients in Phase 1 clinical trial of AmnioBoost to treat COVID-19. Mar 18, 2020 265
Human Stem Cells Converted to Produce Insulin in Mice. Mar 16, 2020 580
I have some good news I beat cancer; Brave mum Sharon's remission joy after stem cell transplant success. EXCLUSIVE BY JILLY BEATTIE Mar 13, 2020 330
Family's delight after stem cell donor match found for Phoebe. DAYNA FARRINGTON Mar 13, 2020 506
AIDS 'cure'. Mar 12, 2020 351
Forty Seven, Rocket Pharmaceuticals announces research collaboration. Mar 11, 2020 264
RenovaCare announces new headquarters, laboratory facilities. Mar 11, 2020 155
Century Therapeutics Opens Seattle Innovation Hub. Mar 10, 2020 329
Cancer clear for former United player; STEM CELL TRANSPLANT WAS ONLY CURE FOR TONY. KATIE DICKINSON Reporter @KATIEJDICKINSON Mar 9, 2020 467
Mesoblast to evaluate anti-inflammatory remestemcel-L in Covid-19 lung disease. Mar 9, 2020 300
New Stem Cells Discovered That Can Generate Bone Tissue. Mar 9, 2020 343
Positive Long-Term Data In Retinal Clinical Study. Clinical report Mar 9, 2020 681
Dosing Completed In Phase 1 Stem Cell Mobilization And Collection Study. Mar 9, 2020 733
The Debate Is Over: Study Determines That Egg Stem Cells Do Not Exist. Mar 9, 2020 358
Bone Or Cartilage? Presence Of Fatty Acids Determines Skeletal Stem Cell Development. Mar 9, 2020 523
Diabetes drug could help end the pain of miscarriage. DR MIRIAM STOPPARD Medical condition overview Mar 6, 2020 429
CytoDyn treats first patient with leronlimab in Phase 2 trial for GvHD under modified protocol. Mar 5, 2020 580
Stroke Drug Boosts Stem Cell Therapy. Buschman, Heather Mar 1, 2020 949
SCI Researcher Wins Award. Mar 1, 2020 245
Fabrication and Application of a 3D-Printed Poly-[epsilon]-Caprolactone Cage Scaffold for Bone Tissue Engineering. Wang, Siyi; Li, Rong; Xu, Yongxiang; Xia, Dandan; Zhu, Yuan; Yoon, Jungmin; Gu, Ranli; Liu, Xuenan; Mar 1, 2020 5616
PRDX6 Promotes the Differentiation of Human Mesenchymal Stem (Stromal) Cells to Insulin-Producing Cells. Gabr, Mahmoud M.; Zakaria, Mahmoud M.; Refaie, Ayman F.; Khater, Sherry M.; Ashamallah, Sylvia A.; R Mar 1, 2020 5328
Autologous Micrografts from Scalp Tissue: Trichoscopic and Long-Term Clinical Evaluation in Male and Female Androgenetic Alopecia. Gentile, Pietro; Scioli, Maria Giovanna; Cervelli, Valerio; Orlandi, Augusto; Garcovich, Simone Clinical report Mar 1, 2020 6289

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