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Stem cells jab helps 5 after stroke; MEDICINE.

FIVE stroke victims have shown signs of recovery after pioneering stem cell therapy, it was revealed yesterday.

Cells were injected into patients' brains in the hope that they would create new, healthy tissue or kick-start the body's repair processes.

Prof Keith Muir, who led the trial at Glasgow's Southern General Hospital, said the results were "not what we would have expected".

But he said it was too early to say whether the cells alone were responsible for helping the patients, who previously showed no sign improving.

One patient, Frank Marsh, 80, said he had better movement and grip in his left hand since the cell treatment.

He said: "It still feels fairly weak and it's still a wee bit difficult to co-ordinate but it's much better than it was."
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:May 28, 2013
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