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Stellent Universal Content Management receives DoD 5015.2 certification for Stellent Records Management solution.

Stellent, Inc. (Nasdaq:STEL), a provider of content management solutions, announced recently it received U.S. DoD 5015.2 certification for its Stellent Records Management solution. This certification verifies that Stellent's product complies with the DoD 5015.2 standard, which defines the basic requirements that must be met by records management application products acquired by the Department of Defense and its components based on operational, legislative and legal needs.

"Records management is a key component of complying with many regulatory mandates, such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and JCAHO," said Richard Medina, principal analyst for Doculabs. "Enterprise content management (ECM) systems often play a critical role in helping companies streamline their records management processes. Solutions, such as Stellent's, that offer a full range of content management applications based on a single technology enable organizations to not only leverage robust records management features, but also enjoy other business benefits ECM provides, such as improving job performance through effective content search and retrieval and process management functionalities."

Stellent Records Management was certified on both the Sun Microsystems and Microsoft Windows operating platforms, and enables users to perform all records management activities via a Web browser, including submitting records into the system. Users also can submit records into the system from other common office applications, such as Microsoft Office, using Stellent's WebDAV interface. This approach simplifies the contribution and record classification processes for non-technical business users. Stellent Records Management is available as part of the Stellent Universal Content Management system.

"Records management software must be fully integrated into a comprehensive content management strategy, encompassing all unstructured data, in order to generate optimal results for companies," said Alan Pelze-Sharpe, vice president of software and services for Ovum. "The demand for ECM solutions, such as the Stellent system, that meet all of the critical, records-related requirements and offer built-in records management functionality will continue to grow, particularly as new regulations further drive companies' needs to efficiently manage records."

"DoD 5015.2 has become the de-facto standard for commercial records management, and we are pleased to have completed the rigorous DoD 5015.2 records management certification process," said Dan Ryan, executive vice president of marketing and business development for Stellent. "This certification is another step in Stellent's global compliance strategy, which also includes certification related to the United Kingdom's Public Records Office (PRO) standard and Germany's Document Management and Electronic Archiving (DOMEA) mandate."

As part of the DoD 5015.2 certification process, Stellent significantly expanded the functionality of its records management solution to meet the standard's stringent requirements. Stellent Records Management now includes the following features and functionality:

--Electronic Records Management--provides users the ability to manage records in various formats, including electronic documents in any file type, audio/video files and scanned documents.

--Email Records Management--allows users to manage emails and email attachments as records. (See separate news release detailing this functionality--"Stellent Announces Integrated Email Records Management," 2/17/04.)

--Physical Records Management--enables users to manage physical records, such as paper-based documents or records stored in other media such as CDs, DVDs, tapes and other records management systems.

--File Plan Management--provides users the ability to create and manage a sophisticated filing hierarchy to manage records.

--Disposition Processing--offers users the ability to retain and dispose of records using complex business requirements. Records can be retained and/or disposed based on calendar, fiscal or other custom periods, as well as on custom event triggers. They can also be put on hold for later release.

--Complex Security--allows for multiple layers of security, including role-based security, access control lists and custom security based on specific user attributes.

--Compound Records Management--enables records to be "linked" to facilitate compound records management.

--Sophisticated Metadata Management--provides users the ability to create and manage metadata elements to facilitate efficient records management. Metadata fields also can be used to enforce additional security rules related to accessing records.

"Stellent offers embedded records management functionality, eliminating the need to integrate a separate records management product into a core content management suite. In addition, Stellent Records Management can automate records management processes to ensure they are driven by established roles and business rules. The product's ease-of-use empowers all authorized users--regardless of technical ability--to contribute records to the system, whether implicitly or explicitly. As we did with our document management and Web content management applications, we are bringing records management to the general business user. Companies no longer are forced to rely on a few individuals to complete all records management functions," added Ryan.

Stellent Universal Content Management provides a single product architecture offering Web content management, document management, collaboration, records management and digital asset management functionalities. The system enables organizations of all sizes within a broad range of industries to implement Web-based line-of-business initiatives, such as employee portals and partner extranets, as well as enterprise-wide initiatives that standardize content management for use by multiple sites and applications throughout an organization.
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Publication:EDP Weekly's IT Monitor
Date:Feb 23, 2004
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