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Stellar story of women, men and astronomy.

HER brother, William, discovered the planet Uranus. But what did his sister Stella do? You can find out in this new show from Take The Space, which comes to the Unity Theatre tonight.

Science has historically been a man's domain; yet look closely at the archive and you'll find a silent army of intelligent, dedicated women researching and discovering.

Stella focuses on the reallife story of Caroline Herschel, who in her lifetime discovered eight comets and eleven nebulae and received the Royal Astronomical Society's Gold Medal.

She was a genius who, with her brother, William, could be said to have laid the foundations of modern astronomy.

But Caroline also passionately longed for a family and home of her own.

Playwright Siobhan Nicholas explains: "I became interested in astronomy when I stumbled across a quote from an astrophysicist called Jocelyn Bell Burnell, who said "We are all made of star stuff".

"Those beautiful simple words inspired me to find out more. Jocelyn discovered the Pulsar Star, an achievement that should have earned her the Nobel Prize. But, instead of wallowing in bitterness, she has spent her life nurturing young astrophysicists and encouraging women into science."

Stella, a story of women, .their men and astronomy is at the Unity tonight at 8pm.

Tickets are PS12/PS10 concessions.


Stella at | |the Unity Theatre

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Apr 24, 2015
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