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Stellar's International News.

The Stellar Group is increasing its international presence in engineering, construction and refrigeration in South and Central America, The Caribbean and Canada for new and renovated food processing plants and distribution centers.

LSG Sky Chefs continues to expand and update their facilities in North America and South America. Construction has begun for a new commissary in Recife, Brazil and the design of a 25,000 square foot new commissary in Salvador, Brazil is under way.

In 1999, Stellar completed construction for LSG SkyChef's facilities in Caracas, Venezuela, Rio de Janeiro, and Sao Paulo, Brazil. LSG SkyChefs is a leader in the preparation of in-flight meals to airlines throughout the world. Domestically, Stellar has worked with LSG SkyChefs in San Jose, Boston, Orlando, Raleigh, Phoenix and Los Angeles.

Hurricane Floyd destroyed much of the Bahamas and caused some damage to the Pine Barren project (Beaver Street Fisheries), a 140,000 square foot lobster and fish processing plant and food service distribution center in Nassau. The damage occurred mid-way through the construction phase, while the building is susceptible to hurricane force winds. In order to meet schedule requirements, Stellar's project response team quickly coordinated the repair and replacement of equipment and materials. Construction has resumed. The project is scheduled for completion in February 2000.

Recent contracts were signed between Stellar and ATC Logistics of Jacksonville, Florida, to build an auto process center at the Port of Altamira in Tampico, Mexico. The facility will be used to detail, store and transport approximately 100,000 vehicles per year for distribution from Mexico to South America. ATC Logistics, Inc. is a leading logistics and automobile carrier company. ATC Logistics, Inc. offers damage free automobile dealer direct service, factory to port shuttle moves, port to vehicle processing center shuttle moves, point to auction facility moves, and port processing.

Stellar has completed the design development phase for Induveca, the leading meat processing company in the Dominican Republic. Stellar is providing detailed engineering of a new central ammonia refrigeration system and installation. Plans are to renovate their processing facility to meet current EU & USDA regulations and increase capacity.

Stellar completed the construction phase and start-up on a 475,000 square foot pork processing plant in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada for Maple Leaf Foods.

"Our success on international projects is proceeding at a pace which exceeds our original expectations," said Kennon Holmes, Senior Vice President Internationals & Acquisitions.

Holmes added, "The first 18 months of this initiative have resulted in project assignments in 6 foreign countries for both long-time Stellar customers and new international customers. We expect current opportunities to take us into 3 new countries, including our first in Europe."

Holmes commented on the type of customers that Stellar is working for by stating, "We have been especially pleased at the number of foreign food companies that have approached us due to our expertise in food processing, food safety and refrigeration. Many of these companies have the strategic objective to export their food products into the US and engage our services to assist in this goal."

Stellar is a premier design/build firm providing design, engineering, construction and refrigeration services to industrial, commercial and institutional markets worldwide. Stellar is also recognized as the leader in the development of perishable food processing and distribution facilities.

In addition to its Jacksonville, Florida headquarters, Stellar maintains a regional office in Fresno, California and more than 20 strategic support locations throughout the United States. Stellar serves South and Central America with business units in Mexico and Brazil.

For further information contact Mark Sherwood at 800-488-2900.
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