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Stella Chemifa to begin production of enriched boron.

OSAKA, Dec. 7 Kyodo Stella Chemifa Corp., an Osaka-based maker of fluorine compounds, said Tuesday it will begin commercial production of enriched boron

in a tie-up with Kobe Steel Ltd.

Enriched boron is used in control rods in nuclear reactors and for containing used nuclear fuel due to its high neutron absorbability.

Currently, a U.S. company is the only entity capable of producing enriched baron on a commercial basis, Stella said.

Under the agreement between the two companies, Stella will produce enriched boron while Kobe Steel will manufacture metal containers mixed with the element for use to hold used nuclear waste.

Stella was listed on the Second Section of the Osaka Securities Exchange in October. It will use 1 billion yen of the funds raised on the occasion of its listing to build a plant in the Osaka Prefecture city of Izumi-Otsu, which will begin mass production of enriched boron in the fall of next year.

Stella hopes to chalk up 1.5 billion yen in annual sales of enriched boron.
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Comment:Stella Chemifa to begin production of enriched boron.
Publication:Japan Weekly Monitor
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Date:Dec 13, 1999
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