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Stella Artois toasts success in New York City market.

Miller pleased with placement in "Pearl Harbor"

It was Dec. 6th, 1941, the eve of the "the day that would live in infamy." But for the makers of the new movie "Pearl Harbor," it was "Miller Time." In a bar scene, set the night prior to the attack, a group of the movie's principal characters are shown drinking bottles of Miller High Life.

Miller executives are very pleased with the product placement, given the high profile of the film. "It's very exciting," said Rich Reider, Miller's manager of entertainment marketing told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Reider works with Los Angeles agencies that seek to place Miller's products in movies and television shows. He said Miller does not usually pay a fee for the placement, and in the case of "Pearl Harbor" the filmmakers wanted access to period trademarks for authenticity. For the film, Miller 'had to reproduce High Life labels from 1941. The company also produced authentic period packages of the Hamm's brand.

Back in 1941, Miller Brewing Company was the 15th largest brewer, producing 617,000 barrels of beer (Anheuser-Busch was number one even then, brewing three million barrels in 1941). It is not clear how much beer Miller Brewing Co. was .shipping to Hawaii at that time.

There were two breweries in operation in Honolulu in 1941, the Hawaii Brewing Co. (35,000 bbls. in 1941) and the American Brewing Co. (4,000 barrels in '41). Both of these Hawaiian-based brewing companies found war beneficial to beer sales. By 1943, the little American Brewing Co. was brewing 31,000 barrels and Hawaii was up to 83,000 barrels.
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Date:Jun 18, 2001
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