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Steganos Safe 2007 enhances privacy protection.

Steganos has launched the latest generation of its encryption application, Steganos Safe 2007. New features include the ability to use picture sequences as passwords, support for Apple iPods to be used to store encrypted data or keys, and protection of data in Microsoft Outlook. The maximum size of each safe has been quadrupled to 256GB.

It also enables users to create any number of secure virtual drives, in which data is safely stored and encrypted. Each drive can now hold up to 256GB, providing plenty of space for film archives, photo albums, multimedia files, diaries, tax documents, emails and business reports to be protected. They can also change the size of each individual drive at any time they please. The drives can be accessed directly from within applications, through Windows Explorer and through any internet browser. Steganos Safe 2007 is compatible with previous versions of the software and can open safes created with earlier versions.

To enable the safes to be more easily identified, users can now give each safe a different colour and sort safes alphabetically, by creation date, by size or by colour code. Steganos Safe 2007 now supports Windows XP with 64 bit processors. As in previous versions, Steganos Safe 2007 includes Anti-Crash-Protection to ensure that data is protected even if the computer crashes. The software is supported with free automated updates within a generation of the software.
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Title Annotation:Security News and Products
Publication:Database and Network Journal
Date:Oct 1, 2006
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