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Steepware by TeaSpot revolutionizes teatime.

The TeaSpot, a company that specializes in a fusion of tea, technology and organic loose leaf tea recently launched innovative Steepware. Steepware by TeaSpot is a new category of houseware, dedicated exclusively to steeping high-quality loose leaf tea. The world's first automatic teapot will join the existing line of Steeping Cups and Steeping Mugs, turning tea novices into tea connoisseurs in no time.

The TeaSpot's Steepware turns the process of brewing any loose leaf tea into a simple experience by combining the beauty of ancient tea traditions with modern design and innovation. The Steepware line currently includes the Automatic Teapot, Steeping Mug, and Steeping Cup. The Steepware Automatic Teapot (MSRP $69.95), the world's first automatic teapot, dramatically reduces the time needed to prepare the perfect pot of tea. With its integrated timer, the Automatic Teapot ensures a pristine pot of tea by removing the tea leaves from water when they are steeped to perfection. The timer can be set for a particular tea type (green, black, herbal) or for a specific steeping time, and yields 20oz. (two to three servings) of tea. Unlike other automated systems in the marketplace that require specially packaged tea or cartridges, the Steepware Automatic Teapot works with any type of tea--loose or bagged.


The Tea Spot, 6880 Winchester Circle, Suite East Boulder, Colorado 80301, Tel: + 1 (303) 444 8324, Web: www.
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Title Annotation:Product Showcase
Publication:Tea & Coffee Trade Journal
Date:Jan 1, 2008
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