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Steels: Heat Treatment and Processing Principles.

Steels: Heat Treatment and Processing Principles by professor George Krauss is a greatly expanded version of Principles of Heat Treatment of Steel. it offers a deeper understanding of the performance of conventionally treated steels, along with the new alloys and processes that have been developed recently. The book covers a broad range of ferrous alloys-duplex stainless steels, microalloyed bar and forging steels, ultrahigh nitrogen stainless steels, low cobalt maraging steels, steels with low Mn and Si resistant to temper embrittlement, and austempered ductile cast irons. The principles of microstructure development and the effects of microstructure on properties and performance within the context of alloying, phase equilibria and processing remain the dominant themes of the book. It contains chapters on surface modification techniques, stainless steels, tool steels and cast irons, plus revised and expanded coverage of the many aspects of alloying, processing and microstructure evolution beyond those involved in conventional treatment of carbon steels. 520 pages; ASM members $74.40, nonmembers $93; order #6936R. Contact: ASM International, Member/Customer Service Center, Materials Park, OH 44073.
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Publication:Modern Casting
Article Type:Book Review
Date:May 1, 1990
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