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Steele, Wilbur Daniel (1886-1970).

short-story writer, novelist. Born in North Carolina, Steele was educated first at the University of Denver, studied art at home and abroad, and in 1910 began publishing stories that won popular and critical approval. Two collections of his stories are The Best Short Stories of Wilbur Daniel Steele (1946) and Full Cargo (1952), which selected from earlier gatherings: Land's End (1918); The Shame Dance (1923); Urkey Island (1926); The Man Who Saw Through Heaven (1927); Tower of Sand (1929); and others. Steele's stories are notable for their great variety of background, their constant ingenuity, and their grasp of psychopathology.

Steele's first novel was Storm (1914). Later came Isles of the Blest (1924), Taboo (1925), Meat (1928), Undertow (1930), That Girl from Memphis (1945), Diamond Wedding (1950), and Their Town (1952). He also wrote one-act plays, and with Norma Mitchell, his second wife, the full-length drama Post Road (1935). In collaboration with Anthony Brown he dramatized one of his most popular short stories, How Beautiful with Shoes (1935).

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