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Anderson Jones. Aug 28, 2007 237
Robinson Redux: four years after his election as the Episcopal Church's first openly gay bishop, V. Gene Robinson talks about life now, for him and his church. Jul 17, 2007 743
Podcasts for parents. Brief article Jul 18, 2006 312
Family outing. Movie review Jul 18, 2006 343
Mea culpa over marriage: a onetime darling of LGBT voters, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee said on The 700 Club in May that the party platform opposed marriage equality. He was wrong. Interview Jun 20, 2006 378
X-Men and liars. Editorial May 23, 2006 561
Cocktails and road trips. Editorial May 9, 2006 600
Out to change the world. Editorial Apr 25, 2006 594
Affirmation and vilification. Editorial Apr 11, 2006 625
Kelli's other partner. Editorial Mar 28, 2006 580
Are two games better than one? Mar 14, 2006 575
Peter Guber. Interview Feb 28, 2006 629
The city and the mountain. Editorial Feb 28, 2006 609
It's Ang Lee vs. Gregg Araki! Feb 28, 2006 300
Peter Shalit. Interview Feb 14, 2006 591
The military's tipping point. Editorial Feb 14, 2006 571
Pictures vs. 1,000 words. Editorial Jan 31, 2006 565
The closer we get. Editorial Jan 17, 2006 572
Learning the truth at 17. Editorial Dec 20, 2005 522
Transamerica. Brief Article Dec 20, 2005 296
No sense of decency. Editorial Dec 6, 2005 559
George Takei. Interview Dec 6, 2005 306
Hustler apocalypse. Book Review Dec 6, 2005 160
"This is a children's ride!". Editorial Nov 22, 2005 537
Sweeney Todd. Theater Review Nov 22, 2005 231
Rent pays off. Sound Recording Review Nov 22, 2005 247
The promise of Rent. Nov 8, 2005 596
Patricia Clarkson. Interview Nov 8, 2005 374
Never going back. Editorial Oct 25, 2005 566
Ruin and rumination. Oct 11, 2005 565
The drifter has two mommies: the true story of a mother in search of her long-lost gay son inspired writer-director Tim Kirkman's moving new film, Loggerheads. Brief Article Oct 11, 2005 385
There and back again. Editorial Sep 27, 2005 565
First impressions. Sep 13, 2005 570
The actor and the judge. Aug 30, 2005 566
Dissed at the multiplex. Aug 30, 2005 199
The reality of gay sex. Editorial Aug 16, 2005 483
A tale of two Zachs. Brief Article Jul 19, 2005 524
"Mom, I kind of like him." Editorial Jul 5, 2005 546
Everything old is new again. Editorial Jun 21, 2005 481
Ethan Mao. Movie Review Jun 21, 2005 337
Skin tight. Movie Review May 24, 2005 417
Unforgiven. Movie Review May 24, 2005 547
Tammy Lynn Michaels Committed to love: NetworkTV's only out lesbian actor--on NBC's Committed--talks frankly about being mistaken for straight, the teacher who saved her life, and what she's learned about herself through Melissa's difficult triumph over cancer. Interview Mar 29, 2005 2893
Meet "the Lady": introducing a woman into the Queer Eye for the Straight Girl team may be more about sisterhood than lesbian inclusion. Feb 1, 2005 397
Anger and laughter. Editorial Jan 18, 2005 778
Bill & Al's excellent adventure: out Oscar winner Bill Condon (Gods and Monsters) talks about taking on Alfred Kinsey, bisexual icon of the sexual revolution, in a a new film. Interview Nov 23, 2004 1586
Grave humor: championed by John Cameron Mitchell, Jonathan Caouette's crazy, confessional film Tarnation is moving gay and straight audiences to tears and laughter. Movie Review Sep 14, 2004 910
A little more conversation. Editorial Aug 17, 2004 707
Provincetown's new pioneers: on the tip of Cape Cod, "P-town" has been for decades the place gays and lesbians went to escape convention. Now they're flocking there to get hitched. Jul 6, 2004 1552
Hit 'em with the truth. Editorial Jun 22, 2004 691
The aging of innocence: the author of Sissyphobia returns with an anecdotal and informative book on how gay men handle the travails of age whether--17 or 70. Book Review May 25, 2004 629
From Gollum to Gotham: actor Andy Serkis trades middle-earth for Midtown as Jennifer Garner's gay boss in the comedy 13 Going on 30. Interview May 11, 2004 569
Are gay priests to blame? David France, who wrote the definitive investigation of the Catholic Church's sex scandal, argues that the Vatican's homophobia drove many gay priests to abuse youths. Apr 13, 2004 2033
Marriage war correspondent. Book Review Mar 30, 2004 150
The making of a Monster: for Charlize Theron, the love scenes with Christina Ricci were the easy part. Every other aspect of playing homeless serial killer Aileen Wuornos in the film Monster was "extremely hard." Just days from a likely Oscar win, she opens up about her journey with Aileen, nearly breaking down on the set, and what her mother thought. Cover Story Mar 2, 2004 4916
No special rights. Editorial Jan 20, 2004 754
Melissa & Tammy: a love story. Cover Story Jan 20, 2004 6981
Men of the cloth: among the many Episcopalians who celebrated Robinson's consecration was the gay dad who created the vestments the bishop wears on the cover of this magazine. Dec 23, 2003 539
Vegas interruptus: Zumanity forces tourists to consider gays and lesbians as part of its cirque du sexuality. But only to a point. Dance Review Nov 11, 2003 324
Having the last laugh. (letter from the editor in chief). Aug 19, 2003 747
A boy's own story: in one year, 18-year-old Paul Chandler has endured a world of trouble for being gay--even though he's never had sex. (People). Aug 19, 2003 525
While the World Sleeps: Writing From the First Twenty Years of the Global AIDS Plague. Jul 8, 2003 252
Fresh laughs: Suzanne Westenhoefer's new CD plugs into all our favorite reasons to bitch. Jun 24, 2003 193
The president, the painter, and porn: actor-painter Jeff Griggs presented a portrait to President Bush in the White House. Then the tabloids discovered his gay-porn past. (People). Interview May 27, 2003 673
A teen Idol's dreams: Jim Verraros, the 19-year-old American Idol finalist, talks for the first time about overcoming antigay abuse in school and finding the strength to come out and take on Hollywood. (Television). Jan 21, 2003 2197
Tackling football's closet: in his first gay-press interview, former Minnesota Viking Esera Tuaolo gives an insider's view of sports homophobia from the locker room to the Super Bowl and talks for the first time about his partner and their children. (Cover Story). Nov 26, 2002 4870
Pedro Zamora June 1994: MTV's The Real World introduces Pedro Zamora, a young gay man with aids and a boyfriend. (Justifying our love). Nov 12, 2002 221
Coming out in The Advocate: a new tradition: if we call our struggle the gay rights movement, maybe it's because it all begins when someone steps forward. Oct 15, 2002 4488
Robert Gant works it out: from fat kid lawyer to hunky new star on Queer as Folk, Robert Gant has been through remarkable changes. His latest transformation? For the first time ever he's ready to talk about his life as a gay man. (Cover Story). Aug 20, 2002 4320
Disney dude: Dean DeBlois, the out codirector of Lilo & Stitch, talks about making a cartoon supporting alternative families, including extraterrestrials who do drag. (film). Brief Article Jul 9, 2002 821
Heavy petting. Movie Review Jun 25, 2002 221
The Execution of Wanda Jean. (television review: love and death). Television Program Review Mar 19, 2002 456
The knight's crusade: playing the wizard Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings may make Sir Ian McKellen the world's best-known gay man. And he's armed and ready to carry the fight for equality along with him. (Cover Story). Biography Dec 25, 2001 4256
Songs From the West Coast. (Music review: timeless capsules). Sound Recording Review Dec 4, 2001 440
Sex: Unknown. (television review) (Scary movie: in a compelling documentary, the story of one boy's involuntary sex change underscores the mysterious persistence of gender identity). Television Program Review Nov 6, 2001 555
The truth in L.I.E. Brief Article Sep 11, 2001 802
Fear and loving in the best-seller rack. Interview Aug 28, 2001 1532
John Cameron Mitchell. Aug 14, 2001 3398
The man behind the MENACE. Interview Jul 3, 2001 2179
Twin peeks. Interview Feb 13, 2001 872
Coming Out. Oct 10, 2000 226
TAMMY FAYE LOVES YOU. Interview Jul 18, 2000 1626
End of the innocence. Brief Article Jul 18, 2000 818
DVD six-pack. Jul 4, 2000 902
Pleasure island. Television Program Review Jun 20, 2000 437
NATHAN LANE. Brief Article Apr 30, 2000 110
BACK TO THE FUTURE. Brief Article Apr 30, 2000 361
Elton John's The Road to El Dorado. Brief Article Apr 25, 2000 495
Chocolate Babies. Video Recording Review Feb 15, 2000 124
Santa All year long. Brief Article Dec 7, 1999 241
Festival of FESTIVALS. Aug 31, 1999 3309
THE ELUSIVE EMBRACE. Book Review Jul 6, 1999 666
J. Edgar Hoover. Television Program Review May 11, 1999 371

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