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Steel Reinforcement Reinforcement Of Tankovainio, Acquisition.

National contract notice: Steel reinforcement reinforcement of tankovainio, Acquisition

Stara, The helsinki city construction services agency, Will request your contract for the tankovainio reinforced concrete reinforcement as a unit price-based total investment project, In accordance with this call for tenders and the documents attached to it. The object of the acquisition is the reinforcement of reinforced concrete to tankomenkatu and the tankomenrinta. The quantities presented in the tender dossier are estimates, And the contract does not oblige the subscriber to pay the delivery obligation. Amounts are based on the starac and urban environment business area for a collective estimate of the scope of the item. The workloads can be either smaller or larger (exemption yse 1998, 45). The contract for the execution of the contract is made in accordance with the contract template provided in appendix 3.

Major organization : MARKKINAOIKEUS

Address : Pl 1560 ,

Postinumero: 00099 ,

Helsingin Kaupunki ,

Ari Luoto

Country :Finland

Email :

Url :

Address : Markkinaoikeus

Postinumero: Radanrakentajantie 5

Maa: Suomi

Puhelin: +358 295643300

Shkpostiosoite: Markkinaoikeus@Oikeus.Fi

Faksi: +358 295643314

Internet-Osoite: Http://Www.Oikeus.Fi/Markkinaoikeus

Tender notice number : 140093(2017-022621)

Notice type : Tender Notice

Open date : 2017-11-17

Tender documents : T429109765.html

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Oct 20, 2017
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