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Steel Can Recycling president resigns.

Steel Can Recylcing president resigns

The Board of Directors of the Steel Can Recycling Institute (SCRI) announced recently that it has reluctantly accepted the resignation of its president, Kurt Smalberg. The former president has agreed to remain at his post through September 30, and will continue to serve as a member of the SCRI Board of Directors thereafter.

According to William Heenan, Jr., chairman of the board, "Kurt Smalberg has been the motivating, driving force of the organization since its inception. Today, steel can recycling is a reality, with nothing but upward growth. We attribute the tremendous success of this organization in large part to Kurt, and we're sorry to seem him leave his post. Quite frankly, the news stunned us."

"This was a difficult decision for me," Smalberg explained, "but I have absolute confidence in the structure we have built and the momentum that will carry steel can recycling to its ultimate heights. The board of directors and the staff are totally dedicated to promoting steel can recycling and raising awareness all across the United States. I am highly confident that this extraordinary growth pattern will continue."

With a 1989 steel can recycling rate of 17.9 percent, the SCRI is confident that this rate has already increased this year. Long term projections peg the 1995 steel can recycling rate as matching or exceeding the current overall steel recycling rate of 66 percent, according to Heenan.

"The sound framework of recycling infrastructure developed by Kurt Smalberg and the excellent SCRI team he put together, has laid the foundation for our future success," said SCRI board of directors vice chairman James Bruhn.
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Date:Sep 17, 1990
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