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CAT lovers fear pets which have gone missing from their neighbourhood are the victims of a thief and are warning other owners to take care.

At least four cats have disappeared from the Standard Avenue area of Tile Hill, Coventry, since the beginning of May. All have gone missing over weekends and residents say they believe a catnapper may be operating in the area.

Kathryn Yuill, of Standard Avenue, who has lost two cats, said: "About four have gone missing from our street alone and when you look in the Evening Telegraph's lost and found column there are more and more missing. Circle went missing on May 5 and Willow went missing on June 8.

"I'm really worried that they're being taken because it's not like my cats to go off anywhere and all the cats I know of that have gone missing have gone at weekends. I just want to warn other cat owners around here."

Amy Crout, who lives in Malam Close, said her cat Benny disappeared on June 2.

She added: "I had only had him for three months but he had never gone missing before. I've rung round the vets, the RSPCA and PetSearch but no one seems to have heard anything of him."

RSPCA spokeswoman Jo Cunningham said: "It is normally extremely rare for cats to go missing because of any sinister motive but in any case we would advise all owners to have their pets microchipped."


UPSET: Kathryn Yuill (left) and Amy Crout, who have both had pets disappear. Picture: MICHELLE SPERRY; GONE: Amy's cat Benny, one of the missing pets
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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Jun 18, 2002
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