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Staying safe is as much a part of well-being as make-over therapy.

Whether it's learning how to stay safe or relaxing your mind, there are lots of products and services available in the region specifically tailored toward women.

A Hands Off! Course is an approach to a protective lifestyle for females to make them feel more confident, more aware and essentially readily equipped to deal with keeping themselves safe.

Through lecture and discussion, the course tackles key issues from simply walking down the street, travelling, or alone at home, to more complex issues of personal safety in the workplace, harassment, threat and intimidation. Topics include how to defuse a potentially difficult or dangerous situation, to managing and controlling your feelings of fear, panic and anger management.

The course ultimately considers the "no choice" solution of physical confrontation through self defence, taught with realism for all to manage and use, if need be. There are no difficult moves, it is very practical, no nonsense, anyone can do this, once the mindset is taught and adopted. In short, realisation and resolution.

The whole instruction is about a shift in perspective on female self protection. Squashing the traditional concept of the weaker sex and the myths, fears and insecurities it carries.

Course director Rosanne Tombs, says: "Self defence is instinctive, it always has been. it will never change. Females, brainwashed by society for centuries have almost made themselves vulnerable. There is no need for this. The course re-educates, re-evaluates and totally refreshes with a new outlook.

"The ignorance of not being prepared is not perceivable when it is so easy to enlighten. Pick up a newspaper turn on the TV, every day without fail, it just happened to somebody. Someone's wife, mother, or child.

"I am amazed by naivety of enforced values in the whirlwind of trends that we are all made to participate through media, lifestyle, fashion and general propaganda. The feel good, look good, be good, happy, rich, successful, loved and wanted, industry runs amok. We are constantly bombarded with how to make-over our house, our wardrobe, our hair, face, and my goodness how we should feel."

A Hands Off! Course is your essential personal safety insurance. The premium is minimal and it will make you feel very good. Hands Off! courses are available for groups of women of any age. Courses for girls are extremely popular, equipping girls at a crucial time with an insight to lifelong personal safety.

Visit the website at or email:

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There is a wealth of stands offering therapies and products such as aromatherapy, reflexology, Indian head massge, reiki, NLP, psychic and crystal healing, clairvoyancy, mediums, tarot, aura photography, medical herbalist, magnetic therapy jewellery, books, very unusual gifts and much more. Tel: (01228) 547-583.
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Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Mar 17, 2007
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