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Staying in: gadgets and gizmos.

APPLE TV - pounds 200 APPLE AIRPORT EXTREME - pounds 120

Apple have entered the market dominated by Linskys, Netgear and Belkin with a wireless video and audio streamer it's calling Apple TV. It has a 40GB hard disk for media storage, HDMI and component video, dual phono and optical audio, and it'll play videos. Complementing the Apple TV is the draft version of AirPort Extreme, which has up to five times the speed of previous AirPorts

VIEWSONIC PJ258 - pounds 600

Viewsonic's PJ258 projector uses the company's VideoDock technology to throw your iPod's video content on to the nearest vertical surface. It's a 1024x768 design and features VGA and S-video inputs for hooking up PCs, DVD players and such. Sourcing a home cinema system from an iPod does seem something of a cart-before-the-horse approach, but as they say if you can, do.

NOKIA N76 - pounds 270

Another month, another Nokia multimedia smartphone. Pretty as well as functional, with a clamshell form factor, glass external screen and flat stainless steel keypad all squeezed in Nokia also manage to fit in a 3.5mm headphone jack and external controls into its form for good measure, making this a sensible music device.


In the past adventurers who wanted sat-nav for the road, the hills and the sea needed a couple of devices. Not any more. An AD-card swap is all that's required to transform this 3D mapping, text-to-speech, TMC-ready sat-nav into a waterproof GPS with topographical maps. Marine mode kicks it into nautical miles, with a compass and waypoints.

IRECORD - pounds 160

This device has inputs for standard composite and S-video sources, and it outputs MP4 video to your iPod, PSP or USB storage device. A word of warning - it won't play on your iPod until you sync with iTunes and you can't schedule recordings... but it's still well worth buying.

For more gadgets, see Stuff magazine or visit the website above
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Date:Feb 17, 2007
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