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Published by Orion

Last month Ian Rankin's collected the British Book Award for Crime Thriller Of The Year, for his seventeenth John Rebus novel, The Naming Of The Dead.

It's now twenty years since the maverick Edinburgh detective hit the bookshelves for the first time, and to celebrate the phenomenal success of the series, Knots and Crosses, the book that started it all has been re-released in hardback.

This brutal tale of a serial killer with a penchant for puzzles also features original notes Rankin made when he was developing his most famous character, giving Rebus fans a chance to take an inside look at the birth of a literary legend.



Published by Short Books

Dr Tom Smith swapped his busy Birmingham surgery for a practise in the Scottish village of Collintrae - covering a population of eighteen hundred people and a hundred thousand sheep - on April Fool's Day, 1965.

A week later, the local newspaper reported that there had been an unprecedented five deaths in the area. Fortunately this bizarre blip had nothing to do with the new doctor, but over the next few years Dr Smith would deal with many situations that were just as extraordinary.

His charming, poignant and very often hilarious anecdotes serve as a bittersweet reminder of a time when healing the sick had nothing to do with bureaucracy and everything to do with people.



Published by Hodder & Stoughton

Never have time to read? Like to just dip in and out of a story whenever the mood takes you? This new release from Jeffery Deaver contains 16 stories that may be short, but they never compromise on style, suspense or razor-sharp plots that lurk on the dark side of humanity.

For sheer diversity, top prize goes to The Westphalian Ring, a brilliantly inventive tale of a petty criminal with honourable motives who feels the law closing in on him after a series of burglaries in Victorian London. Oh, and remember the Bone Collector? Quadriplegic forensic detective Lincoln Ryme features in yet another of the 16 great reasons why Deaver is one of the best-selling thriller writers out there.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Apr 14, 2007
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