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Staying Out: Soap Watch.

NEIGHBOURS ROCCO is devastated by Sindi's affair withToadie, and begins playing the hard man with her. When his efforts go unrewarded, the gangster decides he must talk to his rival face to face. Toadie later goes missing, soSindi ropes Stuart into helping search for him.

EASTENDERS CHRISSIE finds some useful numbers in Den's diary,and follows her husband when he goes to meet his mystery woman. Alfie steps in when Wilfred refuses to take Nan a on honeymoon,but when the big day dawns,it's clear both the bride and groom have cold feet.

HOME AND AWAY TASHA tries to smother a house mate during a seizure, raising concern she may be more of a hazard to herself and others than expected. She also attacks a teacher on her first day at school, while Nick sets out to fulfil his Hollywood dreams,but is gripped by the fear that Seb is in grave danger from the vengeful Kane.

FAMILY AFFAIRS A GUILT-strickenEileen tries to make amends for framing Pete by lying in court,claiming that DI Kirkdale set him up. Mike responds to her testimony with threats, while her husband loses his temper, doing further damage to his defence.

EMMERDALE AN ex- girl friend turns up at Home Farm,casting a shadow over Zoe's cosy domestic arrangement with Scott.Eventually, the vet and the mechanic admit how they feel about each other but, after spotting the couple kissing,Chloe spreads gossip about their relationship.

CORONATION STREET MARTIN is horrified by the fact that Katy knew about Todd's affair withKarl weeks ago, whileSarah's efforts to get back to normal by returning to work end in disaster when she collapses at the cafe. The pregnant teen goes to hospital, whereGail tells Eileen that Todd will not be welcome by her bedside.

HOLLYOAKS DARREN is still finding it hard to cope with his feelings about the skimming scam,but takes revenge on Scott by leaving a surprise on his computer before the police come calling. Ellie tries to make up with an unrelenting Lisa.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:May 29, 2004
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