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Stay connected with the League.

Twenty-first century communications tools have dramatically changed how the League connects with its members and supporters. They have allowed us to be in close contact within any given day instead of weeks. These tools also keep Leagues and members in touch with each other, sharing successes and challenges. Remember that utilizing these tools can help to build and strengthen Leagues--enhancing visibility, fundraising goals, new member recruitment and orientation for new leaders.

Below is just a sampling of the tools the League offers. Be sure to participate in as many as you can. Every level of the League benefits from mutual engagement. Share the tools with your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues.


A new design for our Web site was officially launched on August 26, 2005, and since that time we have received a great deal of positive feedback. The site features a dynamic content management system that allows for content to change easily, keeping the site fresh with new information.


The League is also taking advantage of another technology called "Lists." This technology sends an automated mailing to all subscribers quickly and easily. There are two basic types of lists--announcement and discussion--and the League uses both. You can sign up for these lists by going to

There is no cost to you to sign up and all you need is an e-mail address.

* Announcement lists are one-way lists--the recipient cannot reply. They are an inexpensive way to send e-mail messages to members and friends. The LeaguE-Voice and Grassroots Lobby Corps lists are examples of League announcement lists.

* Discussion lists are two-way lists that provide League members with an excellent way to share information or become better informed through an online discussion among list members. The League offers a wide variety of issue discussion lists including campaign finance reform, ERA, health care, civil liberties, No Child Left Behind, reproductive choice and the United Nations.


Our popular monthly electronic newsletter is designed to keep you informed about recent League news with links to additional information on our Web site. The LeaguE-Voice is published at the end of each month and sent to a subscriber list that continues to grow. We encourage you to sign up to receive this publication if you haven't already, and to tell a friend about it as well! The sign-up box can be found on every page of the Web site.


Join the League's free online activist community and receive action alerts on important issues by e-mail. Our online activists have sent nearly 100,000 e-mail messages to the 109th Congress! You too can make a difference by signing up today. Go to the LWVUS Web site at and click on "Take Action" to sign up for the Grassroots Lobby Corps and make your voice heard! Because our strength lies in our numbers, we encourage you to ask friends, family, neighbors and coworkers to join you as online activists with the League.


The League distributes a weekly e-mail update to all state and local League presidents. This update includes the latest information on news releases, action alerts, Education Fund projects and membership resources. The update keeps League leaders current on critical happenings. League presidents are urged to share this information with their membership as appropriate. Quite a few Leagues incorporate information from these updates into their own newsletters. Please contact Lela Sallis ( if your League president is not receiving this weekly update.


Finally, in order for all League members to fully access these rich resources, their e-mail addresses need to be in the League's national database. E-mail addresses in the League database will never be shared or sold to outside groups.

By Olivia Thorne, LWVUS Board Technology Chair
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Date:Feb 1, 2006
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