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Statistical Quality Control, 6th ed.

Statistical Quality Control, sixth edition. By Eugene L. Grant & Richard S. Leavenworth, Hardcover, 714 pp. (McGraw-Hill Book Company. New York & McGraw-Hill Ryerson, Toronto, 1988, $72.50).

With the ever-increasing application of statistical techniques to quality control (QC), there has been a proliferation of books and courses that trivialize the subject to make it available to the masses. This book starts at the beginning and makes a point of defining what is meant by control in the specialized language of statistical quality control (SQC). While this may seem to be nothing, it is very vital to a full understanding of SQC and frequently misused. From here they go on to cover a wide range of statistical process control (SPC) and acceptance sampling topics with considerable depth. The test is well-organized and filled with numerous charts and graphs to illustrate the various points. Of particular interest is a chapter discussing various aspects of setting specifications and tolerances.

SPC is probably the most commonly used buzzwork in industry today. It is extremely well-covered in this book. Practical limitations in many plants suggest that control charts based upon moving averages or medians may be more appropriate choices yet few authors devote more than a sentence or two to their use. Those that say more will usually refer you back to this book. The authors appear to be the only ones who cover these and several other important topics. This may be a statistics book, but it was obviously not conceived for statisticians alone. Considering the difficulty you might expect in preparing an easy-to-read book on this topic for nonstatisticians, the authors have created a rather exciting text by the addition of interesting anecdotes and commentaries related to the topics being discussed. By now, many have made their way into my repertoire of examples. This book will be valuable to those who must maintain quality in a process whether the output is in the form of a finished product or a service. It should be on the desk of every plant engineer who wants a better control over the process or product and every laboratory manager who wants to produce meaningful data rather than numbers.

Marvin Silbert, FCIC Willowdale, Ont.
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Author:Silbert, Marvin
Publication:Canadian Chemical News
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Nov 1, 1990
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