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Station alternatives? They all look the chuffin' same!

TYPICAL. You wait 50 years for a new railway station at Kenilworth and then three come along at the same time.

Or at least three artist's impressions do and look disturbingly like a "spot the dif-dif ference" puzzle.

The county council has presented them as three options but the choice seems to be down to what shape roof you prefer.

Red Button has however come up with an alternative for the proposed PS12million station, which will be built on the site of the one closed in 1965, off Priory Road.

With the aid of a Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends trackmaster adventure set, our young designer kept to the same layout brief but struggled to conform to the blandness that was obviously a key requirement of a,b and c. Visitors to Kenilworth Library have a chance to see the official options from 10am-12.30pm tomorrow and learn more about the reopening up of the passenger service to Coventry, Leamington and beyond..

Sadly our 'option D' won't be displayed but if the county council would like to borrow the set to make its own, the Fat Controller is most welcome to call us.

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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Oct 24, 2014
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