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Station, Assay Kit Simplify Sample Prep.

SCIEX's Topaz Prep Station is automated sample preparation workstation that is ideal for labs managing high daily sample volumes. The station supports the Topaz LCMS/MS System, a Class I Medical Device designed to simplify adoption for new mass spectrometry users, while still offering the functionality needed for more advanced users. The system makes the move to mass spectrometry simple and efficient by providing clinical diagnostics laboratories a complete LCMS/MS package, with an easy-to-use, intuitive user interface that allows users to build proficiency quickly. Together with the company's Vitamin D 200A Assay Kit, the station and kit solution enable increased laboratory productivity with fully automated, walkaway sample preparation. SCIEX, 877-740-2129

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Title Annotation:Product News * Separations & Spectroscopy
Publication:Laboratory Equipment
Date:Nov 1, 2018
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