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Women less likely to be given statins. Linda Searing Special To The Washington Post Jun 15, 2020 264
Women less likely to be given statins. The Washington Post Jun 15, 2020 255
Esperion announces commercial availability of NEXLIZET tablets. Jun 4, 2020 287
High-Serum Angiopoietin-Like Protein 3 Levels Associated with Cardiovascular Outcome in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease. Chen, Ming-Chun; Hsu, Bang-Gee; Lee, Chung-Jen; Wang, Ji-Hung Apr 30, 2020 5602
European Medicines Approves Cholesterol-Lowering Treatment Nilemdo and Its Combination with Ezetimibe Nustendi. Apr 7, 2020 387
Esperion announces European Commission approval of NILEMDO tablet. Apr 6, 2020 349
Esperion announces European Commission approval of NUSTENDI tablet. Apr 6, 2020 387
Adverse Effect of Red Yeast Rice. Gaby, Alan R. Apr 1, 2020 219
Scientists: Statins starve cancer tumours to death. MARK WAGHORN Mar 14, 2020 167
Your lifetime guide to beating high cholesterol; just goods full a and St of In part two of our exclusive guide, Pat Hagan explains how to take back control of your health and reduce your risk of high cholesterol. Pat Hagan Mar 10, 2020 1096
Your lifetime guide to beating high cholesterol; HEALTH; In part two of our exclusive guide, Pat Hagan explains how to take back control of your health and reduce your risk of high cholesterol; HIGH CHOLESTEROL PART TWO; YOUR HEALTH IN YOUR HANDS. Edited by AMY PACKER Mar 10, 2020 1569
Your lifetime guide to beating high cholesterol; HEALTH; HIGH CHOLESTEROL PART TWO; In part two of our exclusive guide, Pat Hagan explains how to take back control of your health and reduce your risk of high cholesterol. AMY PACKER Mar 10, 2020 1563
Evidence backs LDL below 70 to reduce recurrent stroke. McNamara, Damian Mar 1, 2020 1170
Antimicrobial Properties on Non-Antibiotic Drugs in the Era of Increased Bacterial Resistance. Lagadinou, Maria; Onisor, Maria Octavia; Rigas, Athanasios; Musetescu, Daniel-Vasile; Gkentzi, Despo Report Mar 1, 2020 5887
Statin Use Not Associated with Cognitive Decline. Feb 28, 2020 163
Brain-Safe Statins Statins don't increase the risk of cognitive decline, study reports. Feb 28, 2020 590
Statins may help prevent ovarian cancer. Feb 19, 2020 170
Statins may help prevent ovarian cancer. Feb 19, 2020 170
Could Statins Help Prevent Liver Cancer. Jan Cortes Jan 28, 2020 372
We can forget those claims that statins harm memory. DR MIRIAM STOPPARD Jan 28, 2020 386
Potential Links ID'd for Marijuana Use, Cardiovascular Risks; Key classes of cardiovascular medications are affected by marijuana, including statins, ?-blockers. Jan 27, 2020 251
AHA News: Statins May Do Double Duty on Heart Disease and Cancer. Jan 6, 2020 717
Coming Soon: An LDL-Lowering Drug with Few Side Effects: Bempedoic acid may be an alternative for patients who can't take statins. Jan 1, 2020 237
The Impact of Statins before High-Risk CABG on Postoperative Multiple Organ Function. Wang, Jiayang; Yuan, Wen; Zhang, Kui; Liu, Nan; Liu, Dong; Zhou, Yujie Jan 1, 2020 7700
Ask Dr Miriam. DR MIRIAM STOPPARD Dec 23, 2019 166
Cholesterol levels dropping in U.S., but many still need statin drugs. Lauran Neergaard AP Medical Writer Dec 2, 2019 444
Current Statin Use May Lower Risk for Lethal Prostate Cancer; Strong inverse association found for PTEN-null cancer but not for PTEN-intact cancers. Dec 2, 2019 261
Jab set to replace statins; Henaelwths. Dec 1, 2019 101
Novel application of approaches to predicting medication adherence using medical claims data. Zullig, Leah L.; Jazowski, Shelley A.; Wang, Tracy Y.; Hellkamp, Anne; Wojdyla, Daniel; Thomas, Lain Dec 1, 2019 5921
Risk for Skin Infections, Diabetes Increase With Statin Use; Study shows mechanism of statins can induce onset of diabetes. Nov 25, 2019 290
Statins Effects Found Not Causing Memory Loss. Darwin Malicdem Nov 20, 2019 405
Statin Use Not Linked to Rate of Cognitive Decline in Seniors; Rate of decline in memory, global cognition similar for elderly statin users, never users over six-year period. Clinical report Nov 19, 2019 222
Researchers find no connection between statins and cognitive health. ANI Nov 19, 2019 497
Statins Won't Harm Aging Brains, and May Even Help. Steven Reinberg, HealthDay Reporter Nov 18, 2019 652
AHA: Predictors for Meeting LDL-C, SBP Goals ID'd in ISCHEMIA; Older age, male sex, high-intensity statin use, lower baseline LDL-C predict LDL-C goal attainment. Nov 18, 2019 307
AHA: Many With Atherosclerotic CVD Not Meeting LDL-C Goals; Of those patients receiving only a statin, 67.0 percent did not achieve recommended LDL-C goal. Nov 15, 2019 269
Study shows nudging heart patients to take statins leads to better outcomes. ANI Clinical report Nov 14, 2019 490
Cholesterol Levels Have Been Dropping Since 2013 Guidelines; Total cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL-C levels decreased; proportion of eligible adults taking statins increased. Nov 12, 2019 286
Statin use is uniformly in adults with dyslipidemia disorders. Nov 9, 2019 388
Esperion announces pooled analyses from Phase 3 program of bempedoic acid. Nov 4, 2019 532
Should You Still Take Statins After Age 75? The jury is still out on whether these cholesterol-lowering drugs benefit older seniors who don't have a history of cardiovascular disease and/or stroke. Nov 1, 2019 792
Short-term statin use linked to increased risk of SSTIs. Splete, Heidi Nov 1, 2019 569
More evidence that statins reduce HCC risk. Jaimcin, Bruce Nov 1, 2019 576
A Decision-Support Software to Improve the Standard Care in Chinese Type 2 Diabetes. Luo, Yingying; Zhu, Yongzan; Chen, Jing; Gao, Xueying; Yang, Wenjia; Zou, Xiantong; Zhou, Xianghai; Nov 1, 2019 4097
Is That Statin Doing You Any Good? Oct 17, 2019 433
Daily statins may do 'more harm than good' to those less at risk. Oct 17, 2019 464
For Kids With Genetic Condition, Statins May Be Lifesavers. Amy Norton, HealthDay Reporter Oct 16, 2019 699
Statins in Childhood Aid Familial Hypercholesteremia Outcomes; Patients show slowed progression of carotid intima-media thickness, lower risk for cardiovascular disease. Oct 16, 2019 288
Statins Tied to Osteoporosis in Dose-Dependent Manner; Low-dose statins may offer protective effect against osteoporosis. Oct 10, 2019 187
How Older Adults Could Benefit From Statin Use. Darwin Malicdem Oct 3, 2019 474
A six-monthly statin jab may replace pills. DR MIRIAM STOPPARD Oct 1, 2019 427
A six-monthly statin jab may replace pills. DR MIRIAM STOPPARD Helping to keep you fit and healthy Oct 1, 2019 436
Diagnosis and Management of Dyslipidemia. Halawani, Abdalrashid Faisal M.; Alahmari, Zubaidah Saad; Asiri, Dina Abdullah; Albraheem, Abdullah Disease/Disorder overview Oct 1, 2019 3098
SIMCODE: Early trial evidence shows statins may have role in treating MDD. Jancin, Bruce Oct 1, 2019 1098
Statins may do double duty as antidepressants. Jancin, Bruce Oct 1, 2019 885
Statins' dosage can increase or decrease osteoporosis risk. ANI Sep 30, 2019 367
AHA News: Why Aren't More Stroke Survivors Getting Statins? Sep 26, 2019 540
Statin study uses local patients. Sep 23, 2019 292
Powerful statins could be sold over the counter. Sep 5, 2019 183
Powerful statins could be sold over the counter. Sep 5, 2019 180
Poor Circulation in Legs? Statin Meds Can Keep You Living Longer. Thompson, Dennis Report Sep 4, 2019 594
TWICE A YEAR JAG REPLACES STATINS EVERY DAY; Cholesterol game-changer. Sep 3, 2019 266
TWICE A YEAR JAB 'REPLACES DAILY STATINS' Pioneering drug turns off bad cholesterol gene. Sep 3, 2019 296
Never too late to start statins for clogged leg arteries: Study. Sep 3, 2019 488
Elderly who stop statins may be increasing their CV risk. Cimino, Steve Sep 1, 2019 348
Statins linked to reduced hepatocellular carcinoma risk in viral hepatitis patients. Splete, Heidi Sep 1, 2019 552
Older patients who stop statins may be increasing their cardiovascular risk. Cimino, Steve Sep 1, 2019 346
The Evolving View of Coronary Artery Calcium: A Personalized Shared Decision-Making Tool in Primary Prevention. Dzaye, Omar; Reiter-Brennan, Cara; Osei, Albert D.; Orimoloye, Olusola A.; Uddin, S.M. Iftekhar; Mir Sep 1, 2019 2732
Exercise could help to counter statins side effect - claim. Aug 27, 2019 231
Calcium leaks linked to statin pain. Aug 27, 2019 296
Calcium leaks linked to statin pain. Aug 27, 2019 296
Exercise could be key for statins patients; MEDICINE. Aug 27, 2019 228
Statins linked to cut in risk of cancer; MEDICINE. Aug 20, 2019 126
'Statins linked to cancer risk cut' MEDICINE. Aug 20, 2019 126
Lipophilic Statins May Cut Liver Cancer in Chronic Viral Hepatitis; Inverse link is dose-dependent; lowest 10-year HCC risk seen with 600 or more lipophilic statin cDDDs. Aug 20, 2019 335
Heart Experts Support Use of Prescription Fish Oil to Lower Triglyceride Levels. Aug 19, 2019 627
AHA News: Why Do Women Get Statins Less Frequently Than Men? Aug 19, 2019 688
Cholesterol medication can lead to diabetes: Study. Aug 11, 2019 452
Medicines liked the Pill, aspirin and antibiotics have hidden side-effects; Many drugs, from painkillers, statins and the Pill to HRT and antibiotics, can deplete vitamins, minerals and other good guys - here's how to protect your nutrient levels. Aug 11, 2019 1169
Discontinuing Statins Linked to Cardiac Admissions in Elderly; Admission risk for any cardiovascular event up with discontinuation among previously adherent seniors. Aug 2, 2019 224
The truth about statins... Guide to cholesterol drug. Aug 2, 2019 947
The truth about statins; Guide to cholesterol drug. Aug 2, 2019 979
The truth about statins... Guide to cholesterol drug. Aug 2, 2019 1014
Stopping statins may increase cardiovascular risk. Aug 2, 2019 241
Apolipoprotein E2 Genotype Is Associated with a 2-Fold Increase in the Incidence of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: Results from a Long-Term Observational Study. Santos-Ferreira, Catia; Baptista, Rui; Oliveira-Santos, Manuel; Costa, Regina; Moura, Jose Pereira; Aug 1, 2019 5756
Can alternate-day Statin regimen minimize its adverse effects on muscle and tendon? A systematic review. Report Jul 31, 2019 5089
Adults who stop consuming statins, more prone to cardiovascular diseases. Jul 31, 2019 453
Coming off statins puts heart at risk; OAPs told to keep taking pills. Jul 31, 2019 170
Heart attack danger of stopping statins. Jul 31, 2019 283
HEART ATTACK DANGER OF STOPPING STATINS; 46% rise in over-75s who ditch pills. Jul 31, 2019 361
Heart attack danger for pensioners who stop taking statins over age of 75; Those who come off cholesterol pills are third more likely to be admitted to hospital with heart disease over the following two-and-a-half years. Jul 31, 2019 387
Statin's Effects on Kidney Function May Reduce Cardiovascular Risk. Jul 25, 2019 172
Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease. Jul 16, 2019 953
Uncontrolled Diabetes, Hypertension Rates High in CKD Patients; Findings also revealed low use of statins among patients with chronic kidney disease. Jul 11, 2019 268
Astellas Pharma Inc. - Hypercholesterolemia Drug Repatha[R] Sc Injection Receives Supplemental Indication Approval As Monotherapy For Treating Hypercholesterolemia Patients Not Suitable For Statin Therapy -- 18/6/2019. Jul 9, 2019 534
Astellas Pharma Inc. - Hypercholesterolemia Drug Repatha[R] Sc Injection Receives Supplemental Indication Approval As Monotherapy For Treating Hypercholesterolemia Patients Not Suitable For Statin Therapy -- 18/6/2019. Jul 4, 2019 534
Statin Use Associated With Higher Incidence of Diabetes; Findings show statin use tied to higher HbA1c values, with longer statin use tied to greater risk for diabetes. Jul 2, 2019 226
Some elderly might skip statins based on risk factors. Bowser, Andrew D. Jul 1, 2019 622
Statin-Associated Necrotizing Autoimmune Myositis Complicated by an Uncommon Adverse Effect to Treatment. Fung, Brian M.; Heinze, Emil R.; Wong, Andrew L. Jul 1, 2019 2770
Use of statins decreases mortality, stroke in dementia patients. Jul 1, 2019 369
Suboptimal Response to Statins May Hike Cardiovascular Risk. Jun 29, 2019 170
Astellas Pharma Inc. - Hypercholesterolemia Drug Repatha[R] Sc Injection Receives Supplemental Indication Approval As Monotherapy For Treating Hypercholesterolemia Patients Not Suitable For Statin Therapy -- 18/6/2019. Jun 25, 2019 534
Pharmacy closures out heart patients at risk. Jun 3, 2019 525
Tailored interventions by community pharmacists and general practitioners improve adherence to statins in a Spanish randomized controlled trial. Onatibia-Astibia, Ainhoa; Malet-Larrea, Amaia; Larrahaga, Belen; Gastelurrutia, Miguel Angel; Calvo, Jun 1, 2019 6976
STATIN THERAPY: May cut risk of joint replacement. Jancin, Bruce Clinical report Jun 1, 2019 914
Concussion patients on statins had lower dementia risk. Craven, Jeff Clinical report Jun 1, 2019 510
Broadening the search for protective factors. Jun 1, 2019 183
High-intensity statins may cut risk of joint replacement. Jancin, Bruce Clinical report Jun 1, 2019 934
Statins linked to 13% less dementia after concussion in aged. Craven, Jeff Clinical report Jun 1, 2019 510
Broadening the search for protective factors. Whitmer, Rachel A. Jun 1, 2019 172
Study Points to Importance of Statin Drug Adherence. May 1, 2019 203
Non-HDL-c/TC: A Novel Lipid-Related Marker in the Assessment of Severity of Coronary Artery Lesions and Cardiovascular Outcomes. Huang, Anan; Qi, Xin; Wei, Liping; Zhang, Mingyin; Zhou, Shiqi May 1, 2019 5258
Impact of Metabolic Syndrome Diagnosis and Its Treatment on Survival of Colorectal Cancer Patients. Mafiana, Rose N.; Kindi, Maimona S. Al-; Mafiana, Ngozichukwu; Lawati, Ahmed S. Al; Moundhri, Mansou May 1, 2019 5700
Poor response to statins hikes risk of cardiovascular events. Sullivan, Michele G. May 1, 2019 442
The Campaign to Save a Million Hearts Is Stressed Out. Chappell, L. Terry Report May 1, 2019 3048
Statins not helping half those on pills. Apr 16, 2019 117
Statins are safe for rheumatoid arthritis patients. Apr 16, 2019 516
Statins won't work for half of all patients; Doctors call for tailored treatments. Apr 16, 2019 220
Do Statins Have a Positive Impact on Patients with Coronary Microvascular Dysfunction on Long-Term Clinical Outcome? A Large Retrospective Cohort Study. Luo, Wen-hao; Guo, Yang; Huang, Jie-wu; Zhang, Pei-dong Report Apr 1, 2019 5108
Vitamin D Serum Levels in Patients with Statin-Induced Musculoskeletal Pain. Pennisi, Manuela; Di Bartolo, Giuseppe; Malaguarnera, Giulia; Bella, Rita; Lanza, Giuseppe; Malaguar Apr 1, 2019 3757
Physicians Fail to Offer Statins to More Than Half of Eligible Patients, Study Says. Mar 27, 2019 341
Statins May Help Protect Against Ovarian Cancer. Mar 22, 2019 207
Statins can be beneficial during heart attacks and cancer cell metastasis. Mar 19, 2019 505
Statins linked to higher diabetes risk: Study. Mar 6, 2019 231
Statin adherence lower in women, minorities. Nogrady, Bianca Mar 1, 2019 481
Statins cut events, but not in elderly with occlusive vascular disease. Craven, Jeff Mar 1, 2019 427
Statins should be considered for patients older than 75 years. Mar 1, 2019 251
Statins may not benefit elderly with occlusive disease. Craven, Jeff Mar 1, 2019 626
Consider statins for patients over age 75. Mar 1, 2019 251
Contribution of Statins towards Periodontal Treatment: A Review. Petit, Catherine; Batool, Fareeha; Bugueno, Isaac Maximiliano; Schwinte, Pascale; Benkirane-Jessel, Mar 1, 2019 19991
HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibitors Attenuate Neuronal Damage by Suppressing Oxygen Glucose Deprivation-Induced Activated Microglial Cells. Lu, Dan; Shen, Lingling; Mai, Hongcheng; Zang, Jiankun; Liu, Yanfang; Tsang, Chi-kwan; Li, Keshen; X Mar 1, 2019 9189
Statin Compliance Often Poor in Older Adults. Feb 20, 2019 139
Agent cut LDL, C-reactive protein in statin intolerant. Jancin, Bruce Feb 1, 2019 802
Novel agent cut LDL in statin-intolerant patients. Jancin, Bruce Feb 1, 2019 802
Medication adherence, costs, and ER visits of nurse practitioner and primary care physician patients: Evidence from three cohorts of Medicare beneficiaries. Muench, Ulrike; Guo, Chaoran; Thomas, Cindy; Perloff, Jennifer Feb 1, 2019 8573
Study finds statin therapy reduces cardiovascular disease risk in older people. Feb 1, 2019 462
EVERYONE OVER 75 SHOULD GET STATINS; Move could save thousands of lives. Feb 1, 2019 202
EVERYONE OVER 75 SHOULD GET STATINS; Claims it could save 8,000 lives. Feb 1, 2019 242
Statins: What's the debate all about? Many doctors think cholesterol-lowering statins are lifesavers - but not everyone agrees. LISA SALMON finds out more. Jan 30, 2019 1305
AHA: Statins associated with high degree of safety. Rans, Caleb Jan 1, 2019 552
Researchers investigate statin-diabetes link. Brunk, Doug Jan 1, 2019 804
Are You Taking a Statin "Just Case?" New data suggests the drugs may not benefit people who don't already have cardiovascular disease. Jan 1, 2019 907
Evidence Strongest for Statins' Power to Prevent Cardiovascular Events. Jan 1, 2019 144
When Statins Are Not the Answer: There are other medications and methods to help lower cholesterol. Jan 1, 2019 479
Beyond Heart Health The Systemic Benefits of CoQ10. Thacker, Jake Report Jan 1, 2019 3235
Statins: Risk of side effects is low, say experts. Dec 13, 2018 400
STATINS HERE TO STAY. Dec 11, 2018 121
Patients are told to 'stick with statins'. Dec 11, 2018 130
Lifesaving statins tips; HEALTH. Dec 10, 2018 163
Beefed-up statins could cut heart toll. Dec 8, 2018 129
Call to take more statins. Dec 8, 2018 159
'STATINS HELP ME STAY ALIVE'. Nov 13, 2018 531
'Statins help me stay alive'. Nov 13, 2018 543
A closer look at an ezetimibe discussion. Crump, Bill Letter to the editor Nov 1, 2018 373
ASK THE DOCTORS. Cho, Lesli; Rocco, Michael Nov 1, 2018 623
Large Trial Shows Omega-3 Product Significantly Reduced Cardiovascular Risk: Amarin's Vascepa prescription EPA product led to a reported 25% relative risk reduction of major cardiovascular events. Nov 1, 2018 2351
Link Between Statins, Non-CVD Outcomes Lacks Evidence; Review of observational studies, randomized trials shows absence of convincing evidence. Oct 31, 2018 226
How to stop pill-popping.. and feel better. Oct 30, 2018 452
Could you go pill free? Oct 30, 2018 1112
STATINS IN THE ELDERLY: No preventive benefit if diabetes is absent. Bowser, Andrew D. Oct 1, 2018 538
Patient preference can guide treatment decision. Clinical report Oct 1, 2018 258
Using Off-Label Drugs for Cancer Prevention and Adjuvant Treatment. Parker, Kathy Report Oct 1, 2018 5143
Ask Dr Miriam. Sep 28, 2018 190
Statin add-on to aid heart and diabetes. Sep 20, 2018 113
Statins Improve Long-Term Survival After AAA Repair; Findings in those taking statins before abdominal aortic aneurysm repair or initiating before discharge. Sep 20, 2018 236
Vital Signs: Prevalence of Key Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors for Million Hearts 2022--United States, 2011-2016. Wall, Hilary K.; Ritchey, Matthew D.; Gillespie, Cathleen; Omura, John D.; Jamal, Ahmed; George, Mar Sep 7, 2018 7583
'Statins are not effective in elderly'. Sep 6, 2018 129
Statins' efficacy queried. Sep 6, 2018 179
statin pills 'do not help the elderly' Experts blast controversial research. Sep 6, 2018 222
Statins are useless for thousands of over-75s; Study finds 'no benefits if healthy'. Sep 6, 2018 328
Widespread Statin Use Not Recommended in Old, Very Old; No benefit in healthy elderly patients; protective effect limited to those with type 2 DM aged 75 to 84. Sep 6, 2018 273
Before you stop taking cholesterol medication, consider this. Sep 1, 2018 638
Q / Do statins alter the risk or progression of dementia? Lang, Tess; Clifton, Joseph; Neher, Jon; Safranek, Sarah Sep 1, 2018 964
PCP Statin Prescribing Up With Automated Patient Dashboard; Modest increase in prescribing with automated dashboard using active choice framing for PCPs. Aug 7, 2018 272
Individualizing Treatment with Statin Therapy. Bays, Harold Edward; Cobble, Michael Clinical report Aug 1, 2018 5238
Benefits of Statin Therapy Far Outweigh Risk of Side Effects for Most Patients. Aug 1, 2018 211
SORT IT OUT ON STATINS. Jul 29, 2018 163
Identifying suspected familial chylomicronemia syndrom. Rengarajan, Ronak; McCullough, Peter A.; Chowdhury, Anima; Tecson, Kristen M. Report Jul 1, 2018 3310
African-Americans Less Likely to Get Recommended Statin Therapy; Socioeconomic, demographic, belief-related and clinician differences are contributing factors. Jun 14, 2018 273
Statin use increased the risk of herpes zoster. Jun 10, 2018 398
Statin Compliance. Jun 1, 2018 121
Red yeast rice. Beizer, Judith Jun 1, 2018 253
The pros and cons of statin therapy. May 16, 2018 1152
Statin-associated muscle symptoms? Rechallenge! Jancin, Bruce May 15, 2018 1157
Instead of going for high dose of a particular Statin, it is advisable to add another drug - Prof. Feroze Memon. Report May 15, 2018 1626
Statin patients and their hearts. May 10, 2018 459
New Path for Treating Coronary Artery Disease Discovered: Profound effect of anti-inflammatory drug creates excitement, hope. May 1, 2018 284
Q / Does niacin decrease cardiovascular morbidity and mortality in CVD patients? Lazzopina, Peter; Mounsey, Anne; Handler, Lara May 1, 2018 1418
Medications and Lifestyle Strategies to Lower Your LDL Cholesterol: Several medications, including statins, can reduce LDL, but diet and exercise can also have a major impact. May 1, 2018 1130
Women Less Likely to Fill Post-MI Statin Prescription; 56 percent of men, 47 percent of women filled high-intensity statin after myocardial infarction. Apr 16, 2018 281
Statin use is uniformly low in adults with dyslipidemia disorders. Lacy, Ian Apr 15, 2018 383
Vocal tract symptoms: Severity and frequency in patients on statins. Hamdan, Abdul-Latif; Mourad, Marc; Fakhri, Ghina; Sarieddine, Doja; Khalifee, Elie; Azar, Sami T. Report Apr 1, 2018 3127
ODYSSEY OUTCOMES: Trial redefines secondary cardiovascular prevention. Jancin, Bruce Clinical report Apr 1, 2018 992
ODYSSEY trial may redefine secondary CV prevention. Jancin, Bruce Clinical report Apr 1, 2018 858
How I dealt with.. Inheritedhighcholesterol. Apr 1, 2018 130
Elevated triglycerides: A matter of the heart and pancreas. Blom, D.J. Report Apr 1, 2018 2811
Novel approaches to lipid-lowering therapy. Brozin, D.; Raal, F.J. Report Apr 1, 2018 3244
Effects of Plasma Lipids and Statins on Cognitive Function. Li, Rui; Wang, Tian-Jun; Lyu, Pei-Yuan; Liu, Yang; Chen, Wei-Hong; Fan, Ming-Yue; Xu, Jing Report Apr 1, 2018 5382
Not many people treated for high cholesterol levels. Mar 26, 2018 408
Only Half of Adults With Familial Hypercholesterolemia on Statins; And, only 30.3 percent of patients with definite or probable FH on statins take high-intensity statin. Mar 26, 2018 276
Statins protect against Alzheimer's in most patients. Mar 25, 2018 313
Elderly at highest CV risk get short-statined. Jancin, Bruce Mar 15, 2018 594
Sanofi/Regeneron heart drug associated with 29% lower risk of death. Mar 13, 2018 317
From The Archives Of Jack Kessinger, DC, ND, DABCI: From the Editors Desk March 2010 The Original Internist. Kessinger, Jack Reprint Mar 1, 2018 662
Premature Coronary Artery Disease due to Homozygous Familial Hypercholesterolemia in a 12-Year-Old Girl. Ekici, Filiz; Ozcobanoglu, Salih; Kardelen, Firat Case study Mar 1, 2018 2333
The Effects of Simvastatin on Experimental Schizophrenia Models in Mice. Yildirim, Engin; Kaygisiz, Bilgin Report Mar 1, 2018 3299
Lack of association of statin use with Vitamin D levels in a hospital based population of type 2 diabetes mellitus patients. Feb 28, 2018 2962
No Link Found for Metformin or Statins and Ovarian Cancer; Findings based on a Finnish study involving a national cohort of women with type 2 diabetes. Feb 26, 2018 171
Statins - how to decide if they'd be right for you. Feb 19, 2018 439
TAKlNG ON A TOUGH TASK: Fight statin phobia with hard facts. Jancin, Bruce Feb 15, 2018 1495
ELDERLY AND STATINS: Are those at risk missing out? Jancin, Bruce Feb 15, 2018 680
Fight patients' statin phobia with hard facts. Jancin, Bruce Feb 15, 2018 1413
Medications for blood pressure do not affect libido -Experts. Feb 15, 2018 469
Situational Analysis of Low-density Lipoprotein Cholesterol Control and the Use of Statin Therapy in Diabetes Patients Treated in Community Hospitals in Nanjing, China. Ouyang, Xiao-Jun; Zhang, Yong-Qing; Chen, Ji-Hai; Li, Ting; Lu, Tian-Tian; Bian, Rong-Wen Report Feb 3, 2018 4435
Analysis Finds No Link Between Statins and Erectile Dysfunction. Feb 1, 2018 144
Statins May Help Prevent a Deadly Bacterial Infection. Jan 31, 2018 148
Is Your LDL Level Where It Could (or Should) Be? Jan 1, 2018 1123
Geranylgeraniol Prevents Statin-Dependent Myotoxicity in C2C12 Muscle Cells through RAP1 GTPase Prenylation and Cytoprotective Autophagy. Jaskiewicz, Anna; Pajak, Beata; Litwiniuk, Anna; Urbanska, Kaja; Orzechowski, Arkadiusz Jan 1, 2018 15191
Efficacy of Statin Therapy Related to Baseline Renal Function in Patients with Rheumatic Heart Disease Undergoing Cardiac Surgery. Zou, Rongjun; Shi, Wanting; Tao, Jun; Lin, Xifeng; Zhang, Dingwen; Yang, Songran; Hua, Ping Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 4907
Awareness of Pleiotropic and Cardioprotective Effect of Statins in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease. Ozkan, Bugra; Orscelik, Ozcan; Uyar, Hakan; Balli, Mehmet; Gucer, Eren; Aslan, Onur; Temel, Gulhan; Jan 1, 2018 4598
Risk Factors for Failure of Direct Current Cardioversion in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Atrial Fibrillation. Soran, Handrean; Banerjee, Moulinath; Mohamad, Jamal B.; Adam, Safwaan; Ho, Jan Hoong; Ismaeel, Shak Jan 1, 2018 4820
Effect of Stains on LDL Reduction and Liver Safety: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Liang, Xiao; He, Qin; Zhao, Qinghua Jan 1, 2018 6559
Potential Effect of Statins on Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infection. Guerra-De-Blas, Paola Del Carmen; Torres-Gonzalez, Pedro; Bobadilla-Del-Valle, Miriam; Sada-Ovalle, Jan 1, 2018 11577
The Use of Dried Blood Spots for the Quantification of Antihypertensive Drugs. Chernonosov, Alexander Jan 1, 2018 10478
Beyond Statins: Emerging Evidence for HDL-Increasing Therapies and Diet in Treating Cardiovascular Disease. Farrer, Sterling Report Jan 1, 2018 8188
Supplementation with Alpha-Tocopherol and Ascorbic Acid to Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease's Statin Therapy in Men. Hadzi-Petrushev, Nikola; Dimovska, Katerina; Jankulovski, Nikola; Mitrov, Dine; Mladenov, Mitko Jan 1, 2018 4927
Immunomodulatory Effects of Drugs for Effective Cancer Immunotherapy. Matsushita, Maiko; Kawaguchi, Mai Jan 1, 2018 4368
Treatment Outcomes and Associated Factors among Hospitalized Stroke Patients at Shashemene Referral Hospital, Ethiopia. Temesgen, Tegegne Gobezie; Teshome, Berhanu; Njogu, Peter Jan 1, 2018 3088
Effects of Pravastatin on Type 1 Diabetic Rat Heart with or without Blood Glycemic Control. Min, Jeong Jin; Shin, Byung-Seop; Lee, Jong-Hwan; Jeon, Yunseok; Ryu, Dae Kyun; Kim, Sojin; Shin, Yo Report Jan 1, 2018 5477
DUSP1 Is a Potential Marker of Chronic Inflammation in Arabs with Cardiovascular Diseases. Khadir, Abdelkrim; Kavalakatt, Sina; Dehbi, Mohammed; Alarouj, Monira; Bennakhi, Abdullah; Tiss, Ali Jan 1, 2018 7625
Drugs Involved in Dyslipidemia and Obesity Treatment: Focus on Adipose Tissue. Dias, Sofia; Paredes, Silvia; Ribeiro, Laura Jan 1, 2018 15668
Improve your health in 2018 with our easy resolutions; Is there a niggling problem you haven't got round to seeing a doctor about? Make this your healthiest year yet with these expert tips. Dec 31, 2017 628
Another reason why statins are effective. Dec 18, 2017 422
Effects of Guideline and Formulary Changes on Statin Prescribing in the Veterans Affairs. Markovitz, Adam A.; Holleman, Rob G.; Hofer, Timothy P.; Kerr, Eve A.; Klamerus, Mandi L.; Sussman, Dec 1, 2017 8308
Statins Should Be Your First Line of Defense Against Heart Disease: If you are statin-intolerant, there are several ways you can prevent or minimize side effects from these powerful cholesterol busters. Dec 1, 2017 558
Don't Be Afraid of Statins: Be wary of rumors about these drugs. Dec 1, 2017 267
Pre-injury statin use found to benefit survival following TBI. Brunk, Doug Dec 1, 2017 686
Statins: Are they also memory enhancers? A study in relation to their hypocholesterolemic and antioxidant effects in Swiss albino mice. Mishra, Manas Ranjan; Nayak, Prakash Kumar; Sarangi, Rajlaxmi Report Dec 1, 2017 4030
Does statin use protect against breast cancer? Jancin, Bruce Nov 15, 2017 406
Study: Statins, Ezetimibe Can Usually Tame High Cholesterol: Research suggests that relatively few people need the new injectable PCSK9 inhibitors to get their LDL cholesterol levels down to a healthy range. Nov 1, 2017 426
Too Many Heart Attack Survivors Stop Taking Their Statins: Research suggests that more than half of first-time heart attack patients stop taking statins within two years after the event. Nov 1, 2017 514
Statins Cut Coronary Heart Disease Death Risk in Men Without Other Risk Factors. Oct 26, 2017 189
The vital stats on statins; Your guide to controversial drugs' ups & downs. Oct 25, 2017 1019
Statin use may up risk of diabetes. Oct 24, 2017 383
5 MINUTE BRIEFING. Oct 24, 2017 344
5 MINUTE BRIEFING. Oct 24, 2017 344
'Many patients at lower stroke risk getting statins' MAJOR UK STUDY FINDS 'SIGNIFICANT OVER-TREATMENT' T. Oct 24, 2017 340
'Many patients at lower stroke risk getting statins' MAJOR UK STUDY FINDS 'SIGNIFICANT OVER-TREATMENT' T. Oct 24, 2017 299
5 MINUTE BRIEFING. Oct 24, 2017 344
Many taking statin 'at low risk already'. Oct 24, 2017 124
DO STATINS CUT COPD DEATHS? New analysis showed lower mortality risks. Karon, Amy Oct 15, 2017 627
Statin use cut death and decompensation in cirrhosis. Lacy, Ian Oct 15, 2017 508
Life after STATCOPE. Kalchiem-Dekel, Or; Reed, Robert M. Oct 15, 2017 257
Xuezhikang reduced arterial stiffness in patients with essential hypertension: a preliminary study. Zheng, J.; Xiao, T.; Ye, P.; Miao, D.; Wu, H. Report Oct 1, 2017 4866
Ask Dr. Zand. H., Mary Oct 1, 2017 560
Discontinuing statins after first ischemic stroke may raise risk of second stroke. Oct 1, 2017 226
Statin use cut risks in compensated cirrhosis. Karon, Amy Sep 15, 2017 558
You've got bad cholesterol? Get on statins; Medication linked with cutting heart disease. Sep 7, 2017 298
Statins cut death risks - 20-year study; in brief. Sep 7, 2017 141
Heart deaths cut by 28% with statins. Sep 7, 2017 118
2017 Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Symposium. Best, Ben Conference overview Sep 1, 2017 4259
Statins significantly lower rates of breast cancer, study finds. Aug 31, 2017 283
STATINS HALVE RISK OF BREAST CANCER; Heart drugs can be weapon in fighting disease. Aug 29, 2017 306
BIG C BUSTER. Aug 29, 2017 303
BIG C BUSTER. Aug 29, 2017 301
Wonder drug to save lives. Aug 28, 2017 183
New Drug Cuts Heart Attack Risk. Aug 28, 2017 138
HEART WONDER DRUG; 'Biggest breakthrough since statins' could also cut deaths from cancer. Aug 28, 2017 229
HEART WONDER DRUG; 'Biggest breakthrough since statins' could also cut deaths from cancer. Aug 28, 2017 234
HEART WONDER DRUG; 'Biggest breakthrough since statins' could also cut deaths from cancer. Aug 28, 2017 234
Women less likely to receive recommended statin doses to avoid cardiovascular events. Aug 27, 2017 357
Study reveals more good news on statins. Aug 22, 2017 417
Study reveals more good news on statins; Helping to keep you fit and healthy. Aug 22, 2017 417
Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs May Fight Infectious Disease. Aug 22, 2017 788
Doctors question study on statins. Report Aug 5, 2017 811
6m more should be on statins. Aug 1, 2017 175
Answers to questions about fiber supplements, cardiac devices, and Lyme disease. Lang, Richard S. Aug 1, 2017 589
Contents of supplements vary widely. Aug 1, 2017 196
Medication nonadherence: The role of cost, community, and individual factors. Abbass, Ibrahim; Revere, Lee; Mitchell, Jordan; Appari, Ajit Aug 1, 2017 8920
Optimal age for cardiovascular disease screening remains elusive. Brunk, Doug Aug 1, 2017 587
Statins linked to fewer deaths, slightly higher Hb[A.sub.1c]. Dotinga, Randy Aug 1, 2017 584
1 in 3 stroke survivors shuns 'life-saving' statins due to side-effect concerns. Jul 17, 2017 524
Statin muscle aches are all in the mind. Jul 7, 2017 443
Statins can reduce LDL influx by 50 percent. Guyton, John R. Jul 1, 2017 133
Docs letting high-risk diabetes slip through the lipid net. Karon, Amy Jul 1, 2017 556
Providers buck lipid recommendations in high-risk diabetes. Karon, Amy Jul 1, 2017 554
Leveraging Human Genetics to Understand the Relation of LDL Cholesterol with Type 2 Diabetes. Ingelsson, Erik; Knowles, Joshua W. Report Jul 1, 2017 2100
Switching coconut oil to olive oil can be as good as statins for your Heart. Jun 16, 2017 381
Statins can bring out hidden Parkinson's disease. Jun 15, 2017 413
No benefit to statins as primary prevention in elderly. Moon, Mary Ann Jun 15, 2017 298

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