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Static-mixing lip for low-shear materials.

A new two-part static-mixing up developed by Westland Corp., Wichita, Kan., reportedly creates gentler or less chaotic mixing than a typical static mixer. It works like a short, fixed barrier section downstream of the barrel end cap. The cylindrical mixer has alternating helical lands that seal against the casing, and notched barrier lands that are offset from the casing. As melt enters, it is directed by the helical lands over the barrier lands and through the notches. These alternating, converging inlet channels, then diverge as they reach the outlet channels. The newly patented device (#7,032,843, issued Apr. 25, 2006) is also reportedly easier to clean than a typical static mixer. Westland will show it for the first time at NPE in Chicago this month. Tel: (316) 721-1144 * PTDirect: 243ZH

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Title Annotation:KEEPING UP WITH: Extrusion
Publication:Plastics Technology
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Date:Jun 1, 2006
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