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Static Neutralizer. (Supplier's Corner).

New from Ion Industrial is the Virtual AC Intelligent Static Neutralizer. The neutralizer can achieve new standards related to static control distances from the web surface and across the web width as well as optimum neutralization, based on web speed. These long-range neutralizers have been effectively tested in neutralizing static charges up to eight inches away for web span applications and up to 20 inches away on unwind and rewind installations. Using a daisy-chain configuration, customers can connect several Ion 8001 static bars to reach up to 140 inches. using a single Virtual AC 8011 solid-state power supply, and up to 360 inches. using the new 8011XL power supply. In addition, the system provides real time information about the neutralizer efficiency, the ion current flowing to the charged material and system diagnostics. Telephone: 860-292-6847; Fax: 860-292-6807.
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Title Annotation:from Ion Industrial
Publication:Nonwovens Industry
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Date:Oct 1, 2002
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