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States memorialize their Vietnam War dead.

This is the sixth installment in the continuing series on state Vietnam War memorials. These states honor their residents killed in the war with public memorials that contain names.

If your state is among those without a distinct Vietnam memorial, erecting one would be the ideal project for your VFW Department.


Location. Albany, Empire State Plaza Description: In a courtyard near the Justice Building, are four bronze panels with the 4,123 names of those from New York who were killed in Vietnam. Located inside the building is the Memorial Gallery. The gallery serves as a resource center and an exhibit area, which hosts changing display related to all American wars and veterans issues. Division of Veterans Affairs. The New York State Office of General Services oversees the Memorial Gallery.


Location: Thomasville (11 miles northeast of Lexington) at an Interstate 85 rest stop Description: Two brick walls, dividing a ring of earth, create an entrance to the memorial. Inside the circle stands a well the 1.607 names of North, Carolinians killed in Vietnam are inscribed. The memorial located, exactly in the center of the state, is surrounded by 100 North Carolina river birch trees, which represent county. Lining the interstate are 58.000 Description: May 27, 1991 Leadership Program in Winston-Salem. The land was donated by the North Department of Transportation. Funding for the memorial came from private donation and the North Carolina General Assembly. The North Carolina Forest-Service donated the loblolly trees. The state currently maintains the memorial.


Bismarck, State Capitol grounds Description: One section of the "All Veterans Memorial lists the 199 names of residents killed in Vietnam. Above 15 bronze plaques (inset), with each war's casualties inscribed, sits a pedestal of white granite. The shape of North Dakota is raised on a bronze globe in the center of the memorial. An opening in the top of the pedestal allows sunlight to shine on the raised image on Veterans Day at 11:00 a.m. Dedication: June 10, 1989 Commissioned and Maintained by: Veterans organizations statewide, including contribution from the VFW Department of North Dakota. The state of North Dakota maintains.


The Veterans Plaza in Columbus does not separately honor the 3,095 Ohioans killed in the Vietnam War.


Construction of a Vietnam memorial/museum to the 1,111 Oklahoma war dead in Sand Springs (near Tulsa) has been postponed. Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 750 in Ponca City and the local Blue Star Mothers helped raise funds.


Location: Portland, Washington Park, Hoyt Arboretum Description: A spiraling walkway through the seven-acre park passes several alcoves. Five of the alcoves represent a different time period of the war and in the state. The names of the 791 Oregonians killed are engraved chronologically on crescent-shaped granite wags. MIAs are listed in the final alcove. The walkway ends at the "Garden of Solace." Dedicated: Nov. 11, 1987 Commissioned and Maintained by: Five veterans and parents launched the memorial effort and initiated the Vietnam Veterans Of Oregon Memorial Fund, which coordinated fundraising. Portland Bureau of Parks and Recreational maintains,


The Pennsylvania Veterans Memorial in Indiantown Gap National Cemetery at Annville (near Harrisburg) does not distinctly recognize the state's 3.150 Vietnam War dead.


Location: Exeter, Rhode Island Veterans Cemetery Description: Ten headstones engraved with the 224 names of residents killed in Vietnam. A center headstone marks dedication date of the memorial and stands in front of a flagpole Dedication: June 6, 1986 Commissioned and maintained by: State of Rhode Island


Location: Columbia. Memorial Park Description: A five pylon etched with each military service emblem stands between two granite wails, The wails are inscribed with the 980 frames of South Carolina residents killed in the war. A granite map of Vietnam shows major battles. Dedication: Nov. 9, 1986 Commissioned and Maintained by: Former Mayor T. Patton: Adams, a Vietnam vet, set aside a city block for Memorial Park. Columbia's Departments of Parks and Recreation maintains.
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