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States lead consumer-oriented assisted living reform. (State News).

States are leading the way in assisted living reform with more than 180 bills pending in state legislatures throughout the nation this year, according to the Mid-year Legislative Wrap-up report recently issued by The Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA).

"What appears at first glance to a casual observer to be a patchwork of state rules is actually a growing body of consistently regulated areas of operation." says ALFA's President and CEO Paul R Willging, PhD. These bills cover the areas of consumer disclosure, consumer choice, consumer safeguards, and rules revision.

While these bills demonstrate that states are willing to take steps to protect the rights of residents, this trend will have to be balanced with regulatory requirements. "All states and providers struggle to find just the right balance of the consumer's desire for enhanced choice and control in assisted living with the responsibility of state agencies to ensure regulatory compliance and protect the welfare of residents," Willging said. "A new paradigm is needed that focuses on resident outcomes and customer satisfaction while preserving customer choice.

"There is a growing and discernible movement toward greater consistency in the way assisted living is regulated at the state level," Willging said. "Fortunately, state leaders and policymakers see the wisdom and benefit in allowing assisted living to be adaptive and responsive to the needs of each state's culture and its residents."

For a detailed description of the laws passed in a particular state, visit <> and click on ALFA's Mid-Year State Legislative Wrap-Up Report under "What's New at ALFA."
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Date:Sep 1, 2002
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