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Statement of the World Poetry Movement.

The World Poetry Movement was founded in the context of the World Gathering of Directors from 37 International Poetry Festivals, held in Medellin, Colombia, between April and July 8th, 2011. There they discussed the connection between poetry and peace, the reconstruction of the human spirit, the reconciliation and recovery of nature, the unity and cultural diversity of peoples, material poverty and poetic justice, and possible actions to take in favor of the globalization of poetry.

A month later, the World Poetry Movement has been joined by 77 international poetry festivals and 317 poets from 83 countries from all continents. One of the goals is to include most of the strongest international poetry festivals, poets, schools of poetry and printed and virtual publications, to increase our mutual cooperation and thus energize the individual and collective voice of poetry in our time. Recently the World Poetry Movement has been joined by the "100,000 Poets for Change" project, a bold initiative by poets Michael Rothenberg and Terri Carrion, in California, who have proposed the implementation of a worldwide poetic action, next September 24th, 2011 in 350 cities worldwide. Due to the nature of poetry, the World Poetry Movement supports and will always support the thoughts, actions and measures that can contribute to world peace, the defense of all life on earth, the sustainable development of a new world, the restoration of beauty, dignity and truth, in the process of a persistent strengthening of poetry's presence in contemporary society worldwide. Poetry is knowledge, reflection and enlightenment, liberation, contemplation and action, lightning, creative imagination and brotherhood, spiritual unity of individuals and peoples, past, present and future of humanity. World Poetic Movement calls on all its members, poets and international poetry festivals, to plan, develop and spread poetic actions and Simultaneous poetry readings, across the planet, next September 24th, 2011, to consolidate our organizational process, making a formidable display of poetic power possible in the world, in hundreds of cities and villages on Earth. We ask you to please inform us shortly on the decisions taken regarding this proposal to the following email: worldpoetrymovement at

WORLD POETRY MOVEMENT COORDINATING COMMITTEE Peter Rorvik (South Africa), Bas Kwakman (Netherlands), Jack Hirschman (United States of America), Rati Saxena (India), Alex Pausides (Cuba), Amir Or (Israel), Iryna Vikyrchak (Ukraine), Fernando Rendon (Colombia).

August 16th, 2011.

Participants in WPM: Eduard Escofet, Marti Sales, poets and representatives, Barcelona Poesia (Espana) Silvestar Vrlji?, poet and representative, Brutal International Poetry Festival (Croatia) Kwame Dawes, poet and representative of Calabash International Literary Festival (Jamaica) Oscar Saavedra poet and director), Marcela Saldano, Rene Silva, Eduardo Leyton, Juan Jose Podesta, Alejandra Contreras, Cristian Saldivia, Poli Roa (poets), Descentralizacion Poetica, Encuentro Itinerante de Poesia de Chile Norma Cardenas, director of Encuentro Iberoamericano de Poesia Carlos Pellicer Camara (Tabasco, Mexico) Adhely Rivero, poet and director, Encuentro Internacional de Poesia de la Universidad de Carabobo (Venezuela). Iliana Godoy, president, Encuentro Hispanoamericano de Poesia Independiente en Mexico D.F. (Mexico) Jose Maria Memet, poet and director, Encuentro Internacional de Poetas ChilePoesia (Chile) Sixto Cabrera, poet and representative, Encuentro Latinoamericano de Poesia en Veracruz (Mexico) Roberto Resendiz Carmona, poet and director, Encuentro Internacional de Poesia de Zamora (Mexico) Otoniel Guevara, poet and director, Encuentro Internacional de Poetas El Turno del Ofendido (El Salvador) Guillermo Naranjo, director, Encuentro Internacional de Poesia Occidente (Costa Rica). Pedro Enriquez, poet and director, Festival de Poesia al Laurel, Granada (Spain) Gustavo Caso Rosendi, poet and coordinator, Festival de Poesia de La Plata (Argentina). Lucy Cristina Chau, poet and directora del Festival Internacional de Poesia Ars Amandi (Panama) Jelka Ciglene?ki, poet and director, Festival Days of Poetry and Wine (Slovenia) Aaron Rueda, poet and director, Festival Iberoamericano de Poesia Salvador Diaz Miron (Mexico) Fernando Valverde, director, Festival Internacional de Poesia de Granada (Spain) Rafael del Castillo y Fernando Linero, poets and representatives, Festival Internacional de Poesia de Bogota (Colombia) Benjamin Chavez, poet and director, Festival Internacional de Poesia de Bolivia. Graciela Araoz, poet and director, del Festival Internacional de Poesia de Buenos Aires (Argentina) Miguel Iriarte, poet and director, Festival Internacional de Poesia en el Caribe, PoeMaRio, en Barranquilla (Colombia) Juano Villafane, poet and director, Festival Nacional y Latinoamericano de Poesia en el Centro (Argentina) Alejandro Aguilar Arteaga, poet and coordinador, Festival Nacional al Sur esta la Poesia (Cuba) Norberto Salinas y Rodolfo Dada, poets and representatives, Festival Internacional de Poesia de Costa Rica Rigoberto Paredes, poet and director, Festival Internacional de Poesia de Honduras Alex Pausides, poet and director, Festival Internacional de Poesia de La Habana (Cuba) Giovanni Gomez, poet and director, Festival Internacional de Poesia Luna de Locos (Colombia) Jose Zuleta, poet and director, Festival Internacional de Poesia de Cali, Colombia Tati Hernandez, poet and director, Festival de Poesia en la Montana, Jarabacoa (Republica Dominicana). Fernando Rendon (director), Gabriel Jaime Franco, Jairo Guzman, Luis Eduardo Rendon (poets) and Gloria Chvatal, representatives, Festival Internacional de Poesia de Medellin (Colombia) Renato Sandoval, poet and director, Festival Internacional de Poesia de Lima (Peru) Casimiro de Britto, poet and director, Festival de Poesia en Portugal. Marvin Garcia, poet and director, Festival Internacional de Poesia de Quetzaltenango (Guatemala) Gabriel Impaglioni, poet and director, Festival Internacional de Poesia Palabra en el Mundo (Argentina/Italy) Vilma Reyes y Vicente Rodriguez Nietzche, poets and representatives, Festival Internacional de Poesia de Puerto Rico. Jose Marmol, poet and director, Festival Internacional de Poesia de Republica Dominicana Alejandro Aguilar Arteaga, poet and coordinador, Festival Nacional al Sur esta la Poesia (Cuba) Sergio Iagulli, poet and director, Festival Napolipoesia (Italy) Leonardo Onida, poet and director, Festival Ottobre in Poesia, de Sardegna (Italy). Bob Holman, poet and director, HOWL ! Festival (United States) Rira Abbasi, poet and director, International Festival of Peace Poetry (Iran) Jidi Majia, poet and director, International Poetry Festival of Qinghai (China) Lisa Makarchuk, poet and coordinator, International Festival of Poetry of Resistance (Canada). Gaston Bellemare, presidente de la International Federation of Poetry Festivals y director del Festival International de la Poesie de Trois-Rivieres (Canada) Lucile Bernard, poet and director, Les Rencontres Internationales de la Poesie de Marrakech (Morocco). Marcel Kemadjou, poet and director, International Poetry Festival 3V (Cameroon). Iryna Vikyrchak, poet and executive director, International Poetry Festival Meridian Czernowitz (Ukraine) Lello Voce, poet and representative, International Poetry Festival RomaPoesia and Absolute Poetry (Italy) Metin Celal, poet and coordinator, International Istanbul Poetry Festival (Turkey) Amir Or, director, International Poetry Festival Sha'ar (Israel) Rati Saxena, poet and director, Krytia International Poetry Festival (India) Celine Hemon, representative, Les Printemps des Poetes (France) Thomas Wohlfahrt, director, Literaturwerkstatt Berlin (Germany) Sergio Iagulli e Raffaella Marzano, poets and coordinators, Festival Lo Spirito dei Luoghi (Italy) Sergio Iagulli, poet and director, Incontri Internazionali di Poesia di Sarajevo (Serbia) Jean Portante, poet and artistic director, Le Printemps des Poetes (Luxembourg) Hans van de Waarsenburg, poet and president, Maastricht International Poetry Nights (The Netherlands) Endre Ruset, poet and director de Norsk Litteraturfestival (Norway) Peter Rorvik, director, Poetry Africa (South Africa) Bas Kwakman, director, Poetry International Rotterdam (Netherlands) Regina Dyck, director, Poetry on the Road (Germany) Pavle Goranovi?, poet and representant, Ratkovic Poetry Evenings (Montenegro): Zabier Hernandez, poet and representative, Recital Internacional de Poesia desde el Sur (Colombia) Had?em Hajdarevi?, poet and representante, Sarajevo Days of Poetry (Bosnia) Hector Berenguer, poet and director, Semana de las Letras, Rosario (Argentina) Jack Hirschmann, poet and director, San Francisco International Poetry Festival (Unites States) Ewuare X. Osayande, poet and director, Spit Fire Poetry Fest (Unites States) Mendy Knott, poet and director, Spleet This Rock (United States). Boel Schenlaer, poet and director, Sodermalms Poesifestival (Sweden) Maria Elena Mesa, coordinator, Sunday Poetry, Toronto (Canada). Ataol Behramoglu, poet and advisor, Smyrna Poetry Festival (Turkey) Eleanor Livingstone, poet and director, StAnza: Scotland's International Poetry Festival (Scotland) Nikola Madzirov, poet and representative, Struga Poetry Evenings (Macedonia) Humberto Mello, poet and codirector, Teknospoieis Festival (Brasil) Ban'ya Natsuishi, poet and director, Tokyo Poetry Festival (Japan) Pepe Olona, coordinator of Arrebato libros and Poetico Festival 2011 poetas por km2 (Spain) Ide Hintze, director, poet and Poetry School of Vienna (Austria) Michael Rothenberg, Terri Carrion, poets and directors, 100 Thousand Poets for Change (United States) Ton van de Langkruis, director of Writers Unlimited, The Hague (Netherlands) Roberto Fernandez Retamar, poeta y presidente, Casa de las Americas (Cuba) Jean-Claude Awono, poet and president of Ronde des Poetes and director of Centre Culturel Francis Bebey (Camerun) Jaime Quezada Ruiz, poeta y presidente de la Fundacion Premio Nobel Gabriela Mistral (Chile) Casa della Poesia (Baronissi/Salerno, Italy) Lola Koundajkian, poet and director, Armenian Poetry Project (Armenia) Alpidio Alonso Grau, poet and director, poetry Magazine Amnios (Cuba) Norberto Codina, poet and director, poetry Magazine La Gaceta de Cuba Fidel Diaz C., director, poetry Magazine El Caiman Barbudo (Cuba) Edel Morales, poet and director, poetry Magazine La Letra del Escriba (Cuba) Jorge Bousono, director, Portal Digital Alas (Cuba) Roberto Manzano, Jesus David Curbelo (poets), Susana Haug, directors, Proyecto Pedagogico Laboratorio de Escrituras (Cuba) Carlos Enrique Sierra, poet and director magazine El Transeunte (Colombia) John Sosa, poet and director poetry magazine Punto Seguido (Colombia) C. P. Aboobacker, poet and director poetry magazine Thanal Online (India) Maria Teresa Cuesta, directora, Sello Editorial Coleccion Sur Editores Marlene Alfonso Ulacia, coordinator, Proyecto Comunitario CubaPoesia Nina Reis, Roberto Bianchi , poets and directors, Cultural Movement aBrace, Helena Villar Janeiro, poet and director, Rosalia de Castro Foundation (Spain) Francisco Garzaro, poet and representative, Mesa de Poesia, Guatemala Milena Ercollani, poet and president, Associazione Culturale La Sammarina (San Marino) Poets: Yevgeny Yevtushenko (Russia) Lawrence Ferlinghetti (United States) Bernard Noel (Francia) Amiri Baraka (United States) Amina Baraka (United States) Christian Karlson Stead (New Zealand) Thiago de Mello (Brazil) Pablo Armando Fernandez (Cuba) Marcelino dos Santos (Mozambique) Julien Kilanga (Congo) Alhaji Papa Susso (Gambia) Kamran Mir Hazar (Afghanistan) Jotamario Arbelaez (Colombia) Sigurdur Palsson (Iceland) Oscar Gonzalez (Colombia) Omar Castillo (Colombia) Werewere Liking (Cameroon) Quincy Troupe (United States) Rafael Patino (Colombia) Juri Talvet (Estonia) Javier Naranjo (Colombia) Tomas Arias (Spain) Juan Diego Tamayo (Colombia) Agneta Falk (Sweden) Nicolas Suescun (Colombia) Giovanna Mulas (Italy) Carlos Ciro (Colombia) Cristian Avecillas (Ecuador) Ricardo Luis Plaul (Argentina) Gaston Saint-Fleur (Haiti) Nechi Dorado (Argentina) Winston Morales Chavarro (Colombia) Jorge Campero (Bolivia) Soledad Benages Amoros (Espana) Jeronimo Castillo (Argentina) Clemente Padin (Uruguay) Carmen Campos (Venezuela) Carlos Arboleda (Uruguay) Martin Micharvegas (Argentina) Yiorgos Chouliaras (Greece) Jairo Godoy (Argentina) Doina Ioanid (Romania) Cristina Castello (Argentina-France) Maru?a Krese (Slovenia-Germany) Monica Munoz (Argentina) Adela Guerrero Collazos (Colombia) Alberto Chessa (Spain) Duni Chambial Clemente Padin (Uruguay) Ngwatilo Mawiyoo (Kenya) Gabriel Rosenstock (Ireland) Kouklsy Lamko (Tchad) Alvaro Miranda (Colombia) Luz Mary Giraldo (Colombia) Canela A. Jaramillo (United States) Maria Paula Alzugaray (Argentina) Philip Cummings (Ireland) Ligia Anadon (Argentina) Louis-Philippe D[acute accent]Alembert (Haitii Marcela Armengod (Argentina) Juan Pablo Bertazza (Argentina) Fernando Caniza (Argentina) Mario Caparra (Argentina) Carlos Cartolano (Argentina) Fernanda Colombo (Argentina) Sandra Cornejo (Argentina) Ricardo Costa (Argentina) Haide Daiban (Argentina) Maria Julia De Ruschi (Argentina) Liliana Diaz Mindurry (Argentina) Anandi Fernandez (Argentina/India) Yoli Fidanza (Argentina) Gisela Galimi (Argentina) Juana Guaraglia (Uruguay) Leticia Herrera (Mexico) Mirta Hortas (Argentina) Eduardo Hurtado (Mexico) Estela Kallay (Argentina) Teodoro Lecman (Argentina) Gustavo Garces (Colombia) Laura Lerner (Argentina) Gustavo Lespada (Argentina) Florencia Lo Celso (Argentina) Juan Lopez (Argentina) Laura Lopez (Argentina) Rosa Machado (Argentina) Jorge Ariel Madrazo (Argentina) Rene Maillier (Argentina) Wenceslao Maldonado (Argentina) Irma Marc (Argentina) Diego Mare (Argentina) Ana Maria Martinez (Argentina) Maria Rosa Mo (Argentina) Miguel Mori (Argentina) Hugo Mujica (Argentina) Frede Peralta (Argentina) Julio Pirrera Quiroga (Argentina) Cristina Pizarro (Argentina) Maria Pugliese (Argentina) Hugo Rivella (Argentina) Jorge Rivelli (Argentina) Juan Manuel Rodriguez Tobal (Argentina/Spain) Olga Romero (Argentina) Susana Rozas (Argentina) Teofila Ruiz (Argentina/Espana) Hugo Salerno (Argentina) Mario Sampaolesi (Argentina) Fernando Sanchez (Argentina) Miroslav Scheuba (Argentina) Luis Tedesco (Argentina) Gonzalo Vaca Narvaja (Argentina) Mario Valdez (Argentina) Maria Vilalta (Argentina) Paulina Vinderman (Argentina) Eduardo Wheeler (Argentina) Dileep Jhaveri (India) Hassan El Ouazzanni (Morocco) Qasim Haddad (Bahreim) Adnan Ozer (Turkey) Imtiaz Dharker (India) Achour Fenni (Algeria) Sergio Badilla (Chile) Rashid Boudjedra (Algeria) Koumealo Anate (Togo) Eduardo Espina (Uruguay) Nidaa Khoury (Palestine) Al Hunter (Nacion Anashinabee, Canada) Vince Fasciani (Switzerland) Samuel Jaramillo (Colombia) Khazal Almajidi (Iraq) Neeli Cherkovski (United States) Yvan Silen (Puerto Rico) Abdul Hadi Sadoun (Iraq) Osvaldo Sauma (Costa Rica) Frederic Pacere Titinga (Burkina Faso) Fathie Saudi (Jordania) Nujoom Alghanem (United Arab Emirates) Khalid Albudoor (United Arab Emirates) Jim Byron (United States) Trica Ioana (Romania) Philip Hammial (Australia) Raul Henao (Colombia) Eduardo Llanos (Chile) Satoko Tamura (Japan) Everett Hoagland (United States) Fawzia Alsindi (Bahreim) Janak Sapkota (Nepal) Jean-Claude Awono (Cameroon) Juana Garcia Abas (Cuba) Jose Luis Farinas (Cuba) Susy Delgado (Paraguay) Ernesto Carrion (Ecuador) Carlos Carbone (Argentina) Enrique Sacerio-Gari (Cuba) Jorge Angel Fernandez (Cuba) Paul De Brancion (Haiti) Rizio Yohanan (India) Robin S. Ngangom (India) Satchid Anandan India) Galo Vega (Ecuador) Luis Rafael (Cuba-Spain) Aju Mukhopadhyay (India) Josue Guebo (Costa de Marfil) Cristina Barcelona (Spain) Antonio Ruiz Cabrera (Spain) Gearoid Mac Lochlainn (Ireland) Tatiana Orono (Uruguay) Peter B. Whazammo (United States) Ernest Pepin (Guadalupe) Merlie M. Alunan (Philippines) Adamou Ide (Niger) Aldo Tambellini (Italia) Federico Diaz Granados (Colombia) Juan Nicolas Padron Barquin (Cuba) Jorge Landoni (Argentina) Armando Orozco (Colombia) Maria Isabel Garcia Mayorga (Colombia) Mark Lipmann (United States) Antonieta Villamil (Colombia-United States) Sukrita Paul Kumar (India) Ricardo Cuellar (Colombia) Alex Fleites (Cuba) Angela de Mela (Cuba) Shambhu Badal (India) Vishvnath Prasad Tiwari (India) K. Satchidanandan (India) Amit Kalla Rajsthan ((India) Kirpal Singh (India) Rajendra Patil (India) Monaliza Jena (India) Jaysree Nair (India) Kumar Ambuj (India) Liladhar Mandloi (India) Udai Narayan Singh (India) Shankar Singh Rajpurohit (India) Madn Saini- Rajsthani (India) CP Aboobecker (India) Diti Ronene (Israel) Menna Elfyn (United Kingdom) Joneve McCormick (Germany) Silvana Berki (Finland) Hemant Divate (India) Mamang Dai (India) Tanella Boni (Costa de Marfil) Julio Pazos Barrera (Ecuador) Annabel Villar (Uruguay-Spain) Julio Pavanetti (Uruguay-Spain) Alexander Besu Guevara (Ecuador) Aju Mukhopadhyay (India) Carlos Eduardo Jaramillo (Ecuador)
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