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I had the pleasure of attending the PDAA semi-annual session in Harrisburg. Thank you to the generosity of PDAA for hosting me. This meeting was held in conjunction with BENCO Dental and was well attended. I had the opportunity to meet with a representative from each of PDAA's seven locals. These ladies are enthusiastic and have some really great ideas for me to take back to the board of trustees. Students did a wonderful job putting together gift bags for the many attendees. The fundraiser/basket raffle had many beautiful prizes. The CE course that I attended was on child abuse and I found the presenter to be a wonderful speaker. I hope to make it to the PDAA annual session in early November. The organization's enthusiasm is contagious. PDAA's own Robynn Rixse, who has since been elected to the ADAA office of vice president, has great ideas and enthusiasm. I am sure she will bring much to the ADAA board. I thank these ladies for their hospitality


New York

The New York association held its annual session April 22 in Syracuse. The committee who planned the meeting did a very nice job. With the help of Nancy Chappel from the company Johnson and Lund, who promoted this meeting in her territory, NYDAA had a good turn out, and even better, many young, enthusiastic working dental assistants as well as several students attended. The morning session was a lecture on implants, placement, and restoration methods, and afternoon was hands-on with participants using a two-step PVS impression system. New York also held a fundraiser basket raffle to offset the cost of the meeting to try and keep the cost down for assistants. Johnson and Lund also sponsored a breakfast for NYDAA. There were a lot of new, enthusiastic faces in the crowd and I hope to see them back next year. We will be meeting in the same place, central to the active locals and off the NYS Thruway, easy to find for those who would like to join from around the state.

New Jersey

New Jersey held its annual session on April 29.

I was very fortunate to be able to attend the reception held in honor of President Virginia Cairrao in Worcester, Massachusetts. Many officers, trustees, and members made the effort to travel to honor her and the wonderful job she has done in this second year of our transition. Representatives from the 2nd District were Carmella Hanley, Sue Camizzi, and myself. The reception was wonderful and a great big thank you to the 1st District for hosting and Claudia Gauthier for being the driving force. It was nice seeing familiar faces and reacquainting with old friends.

2nd District Trustee

Representing: NJ, NY, PA

Mary Beth Sojka, CDA, RDA

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Author:Sojka, Mary Beth
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Date:May 1, 2017
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