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China to pilot property tax reforms. Xinhua News Agency Oct 24, 2021 272
China tightens tax regulation on entertainment sector. Sep 19, 2021 256
China to press ahead with smart taxation system: official. Sep 17, 2021 249
Kingdom hops on BRI digital taxation wagon. Sep 14, 2021 348
Illinois PTE tax would provide SALT cap workaround. Cesaretti, Jon; Schulman, Josh Sep 1, 2021 1199
Three years after Wayfair: Future impact and lingering issues. Dorris, Jeff; Fritts, Lee Sep 1, 2021 3200
California Approves SALT Cap Workaround: An Overview of the Key Provisions. Rosenthal, Corey L.; Schipp, Krista Aug 1, 2021 642
China raises export tariffs on steel products to push industrial upgrading. Jul 30, 2021 251
THE LATEST. Jul 16, 2021 1955
Let's Make a Federal Case Out of It: Time to Revisit the Tax Injunction Act; There's been no change in the TIA in more than 80 years-really. Friedman, Jeffrey; Lard, Todd; Brown, Justin Jul 1, 2021 2872
Tax exemption of facility on tribal land depends on whether facility is permanent improvement under federal law. Blair, Benjamin A. Jun 22, 2021 929
Tax data reflects China's recovery in first four months. Jun 1, 2021 174
Where individual, corporate, and passthrough entity taxation meet. Jacobs, Mo Bell; Wlodychak, Steve Jun 1, 2021 4492
Tax data reflects China's recovery in first four months. May 28, 2021 187
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. May 25, 2021 20936
The Exodus from New York due to COVID-19: Income Tax Residency Considerations. Rosenthal, Corey L.; Rothenberg, Lance E. Apr 1, 2021 2870
Top State Tax Policies You Can Expect to Deal With in 2021: Fiscal fallout from the pandemic takes hold. Lard, Todd; Capouet, Charles C. Mar 1, 2021 2481
Leveraging IT for State Tax Departments During the Pandemic. Mar 1, 2021 3154
COVID-19 Telecommuting: State Guidance on Business Tax Nexus Is Inconsistent and Incomplete. Britton, Nadya Mar 1, 2021 1084
The Pandemic's Effect on Sales Tax Post-Wayfair: Expect even more uncertainty going forward. Yesnowitz, Jamie Cover story Mar 1, 2021 2670
A Major Development in Corporate Income Tax: What's New Hampshire v. Massachusetts got to do with it? Hamme, Evan; Simonetti, Marc Mar 1, 2021 1793
Broad-based agreement signed by AJK Govt. , FBR to augment tax net in AJK harmonious to needs of modern age:. Feb 24, 2021 701
AICPA focuses advocacy efforts on mobile workforce legislation. McCann, Bridget; Yesnowitz, Jamie; Sherr, Eileen Reichenberg; Bell-Jacobs, Mo Jan 1, 2021 5951
Officials: China unlikely to dilute fiscal stimulus package. Nov 12, 2020 637
The Year That Left Us SALT-y: Key State and Local Tax Developments in 2020; Yeah, there's the ripple effect from Wayfair and, that's right, a pandemic. Friedman, Jeffrey; Jansen, Dennis Nov 1, 2020 3278
Diagnosing the SALT effects of COVID. McCann, Bridget; Puzella, Carolyn Oct 1, 2020 4010
The states' Multiple Taxation of Personal Income. Joondeph, Bradley W. Sep 22, 2020 15314
Avoiding the sales tax economic nexus train wreck: Find out which states are most aggressive in asserting Wayfair principles to claim more revenue. Brennan, David J., Jr.; Moffa, Joseph C. Sep 1, 2020 2336
Diagnosing the SALT effects of COVID-19. McCann, Bridget; Puzella, Carolyn Sep 1, 2020 4052
COVID-19 and the 'Great Lockdown': Telework Multistate Tax Considerations. Rosenthal, Corey L.; Rothenberg, Lance E. Column Jul 1, 2020 2559
Smoking. Van Doren, Peter Jun 22, 2020 561
PCJCCI think-tank discusses Pak economic situation. Jun 10, 2020 425
More Coronavirus Relief Resources. Anders, Susan B. Jun 1, 2020 1340
INSURANCE ADVOCATE--75 YEARS AGO. Excerpt May 13, 2020 4453
TEI Files Amicus Brief Seeking Review by the U.S. Supreme Court in New Jersey Director of Taxation. May 1, 2020 2667
China's tax, fee cuts total over 742 bln yuan in Q1. Apr 29, 2020 180
China extends new-energy vehicle tax exemptions by two years. Apr 22, 2020 174
China expands pilot policy of selective tariffs on domestic sales. Apr 15, 2020 210
Effects Of Coronavirus On Global Taxation. Mar 19, 2020 1057
Deftly Navigating an MTC Audit: Considerations for Taxpayers; Check out this stat: In the last three years, the MTC Audit Program has recommended state tax assessments in excess of $45 million annually. Friedman, Jeffrey A.; Lee, Chris; Palms, Suzanne M. Cover story Mar 1, 2020 3509
Looking Ahead: Predictions on Upcoming State Tax Legislation; Key drivers are state economy and gubernatorial election cycle. Freda, Raymond J.; Chiou, Catherine L. Mar 1, 2020 3993
Don't Throw Out New Jersey Throwout Cases: Why? It's really a national issue. Newmark, Mitchell A.; Johnson, Nicole L.; Gibilaro, Eugene J. Mar 1, 2020 3723
Life (and Litigation) After Wayfair: Did Wayfair establish South Dakota SB 106 as the new bright-line rule? Maddison, Jonathan E. Mar 1, 2020 4879
TEI Roundtable No. 27 State Tax Issues, 2019-2020: In general, taxpayers want more guidance. Discussion Mar 1, 2020 1899
How does China combat coronavirus: Some 600 policies unveiled in 10 days to support small businesses. Feb 29, 2020 588
Oyo Will Increase IGR To Cover Recurrent Expenditure a Makinde. Jan 28, 2020 822
China to strengthen tax and fee cut efforts in 2020. Jan 6, 2020 253
The Way Forward After Wayfair: Sorting Through the Constitutional Limits on State Sales and Use Taxes. Carlson, Austin R. Jan 1, 2020 12197
Hold referendum on the number of states in South Sudan. Jan 1, 2020 3154
Q&A: China's 21st Century Approach To Trade And Customs Modernization. FreightWaves Dec 30, 2019 1781
New tax measure to facilitate integrated development of Yangtze River Delta. Dec 6, 2019 214
Practical implications of the Wayfair decision. Jensen, Jennifer; Gorton, Timothy G.; Bell-Jacobs, Mo; Mulligan, James D.; Sherr, Eileen Reichenberg Dec 1, 2019 5245
Responsible person rules in the wake of Wayfair: Help clients avoid becoming personally liable for their company's uncollected sales taxes. Hopkins, Chris Nov 1, 2019 3017
Supreme Court holds North Carolina cannot tax trust lacking minimum contact. Schreiber, Sally P. Sep 1, 2019 769
Sales tax compliance post-Way fair: Here's how to help clients comply with the new sales tax collection requirements. Brennan, David L., Jr. Aug 1, 2019 2482
Qureshi Speaks Before Florida Bar Tax Law Section. Jul 14, 2019 372
Mapping a path forward after Wayfair: CPAs should educate themselves and their clients on the current nexus standard for sales taxes. Rood, Deborah K. Jul 1, 2019 464
China continues tax exemptions on new energy vehicles purchases. Jul 1, 2019 161
Federal Indian Law: Judicial Developments in the October 2018 Supreme Court Term. Schwartz, Mainon A. Report Jul 1, 2019 12944
Wayfair: Its Implications and Missed Opportunities. Pomp, Richard D. Jun 22, 2019 29417
Taxing E-Commerce in the Post-Wayfair World. Gamage, David; Shanske, Darien; Thimmesch, Adam Jun 22, 2019 9427
Missouri's Taxation of Remote Sellers in a Post-Wayfair World. Merriweather, Charles L.; Whiteman, John T.M. Jun 22, 2019 7821
Regional Taxation in State Tax Reform. Stark, Kirk J. Jun 22, 2019 11730
The State-Charity Disparity and the 2017 Tax Law. Hemel, Daniel Jun 22, 2019 6182
Effects of The Tax Cuts And Jobs Act on State Individual Income Taxes. Huffer, Erin; Iselin, John; Sammartino, Frank; Weiner, David Jun 22, 2019 9640
State Responses to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: An Analysis from Indiana and Missouri. Byrd, Richard C.; Madden, Stephen J.; Raney, Jeffrey M.; Whiteman, John T.M. Jun 22, 2019 21289
Echoes of Jim Thompson in Pritzker's approach to negotiating. Jun 12, 2019 751
States' treatment of GILTI and FDII: The good, the bad, and the ugly. Stanton, Catherine; Cosmo, Vito A., Jr.; Holm, Bryan Jun 1, 2019 2015
House OKs tiered tax rates They'd kick in if voters OK amendment in fall 2020 Rates: 'Taxes, taxes and more taxes,' McSweeney says. May 31, 2019 746
House OKs tiered tax rates They'd kick in if voters OK amendment in fall 2020. May 31, 2019 159
Illinois House OKs income tax rates for proposed graduated scale -BYLN- By John O'Connor AP Political Writer. May 31, 2019 740
China's new tax cuts over 500 bln yuan in first 4 months. May 30, 2019 205
Chinese Ambassador appreciates FBR's tax facilitation initiatives. May 23, 2019 181
Chinese envoy, WB laud steps taken by FBR. May 23, 2019 269
Corruption: Systemic. May 7, 2019 575
True, Correct, and Complete: On-time Filing of State and Local Tax Returns Without Clear, Consistent, or Practical Guidance; In a GILTI world, taxpayers need to make their way without a compass. Friedman, Jeffrey; Betor, Todd; Hilkin, Michael Cover story May 1, 2019 3092
Technology and Automation: A Road Map for State and Local Tax Professionals; Challenges include spreadsheet-based calculations, manual tax software inputs and overrides, and cumbersome work papers. Kammann, Mike; Appel, Amee; King, Jason May 1, 2019 3812
Responses to Federal Tax Reform in Key States: Keeping pace with developing federal rules has challenged even the most sophisticated corporate tax departments. De Jong, Dan; Lapsiwala, Raj May 1, 2019 4000
Nexus: Reports of Its Death Are Clearly Premature; Nexus must still be addressed before taxes can be imposed. McLoughlin, Alysse; Ouinn, Katie May 1, 2019 1840
TEI Roundtable No. 24: Putting SALT on the Table; Corporate tax professionals face a plethora of vexing state and local issues. Discussion May 1, 2019 3144
States Jump on Economic Nexus Bandwagon, But Questions Remain. Oaks, Melissa A. May 1, 2019 1080
Cost-of-Performance Versus Market-Based Sourcing. Yesnowitz, Jamie May 1, 2019 1459
Leading attorneys, judges reenact McCulloch v. Maryland. Apr 29, 2019 691
China's tax cut benefits more: official. Apr 24, 2019 163
U.S. Supreme Court hears oral arguments in N.C. case. Donovan, David Apr 17, 2019 600
China's corporate tax cuts inspire entrepreneurs. Apr 4, 2019 623
Statutory Interpretation Intergovernmental Tax Immunity. Mar 27, 2019 430
Nixon relishes new role as advocate. Mar 25, 2019 1493
Sara Qureshi Elected to the Abuse Counseling & Treatment's Board of Directors. Mar 24, 2019 387
Back in Action: Plenty of Hot Issues on Tap as New Session Begins. Fox, Jason Mar 1, 2019 721
The TCJA and state considerations for business. Stanton, Catherine; Jewell, Kenneth; Hoshall, Diana; Clear, Sara Mar 1, 2019 2784
South Dakota v. Wayfair: The Case That Changes Everything. Hogan, Steven M.; LaCerra, Alan J. Mar 1, 2019 5161
Practical Application of Constitutional Limitations: A Road Map to Future Success. Fields, Craig B.; Newmark, Mitchell A.; Gibilaro, Eugene J. Mar 1, 2019 2305
Back From the Brink: Revenue performance is rock solid as states climb out of the Great Recession's abyss. Gilmore, Savannah; Mackellar, Erica Column Mar 1, 2019 1711
South Dakota v. Wayfair: Eight Months Later. Gilmore, Savannah Mar 1, 2019 321
Bloomberg Barclays global aggregate indices includes China bank securities. Feb 8, 2019 197
Bloomberg Barclays global aggregate indices includes China bank securities. Feb 8, 2019 195
Managing corporate state net operating losses. Boyle, James F.; Lenns, Charles A.; Boyle, Douglas M. Feb 1, 2019 3862
Addressing risks related to the TCJA and Wayfair. Interview Feb 1, 2019 1443
Holds 11th Annual Fall Education Day. Jan 1, 2019 203
TEI Requests Guidance from States Regarding Penalty Relief for State Corporate Tax Returns Filed by November 15, 2018. Jan 1, 2019 783
Moving from New York to Florida: Perfecting Domicile. Pratt, David; Rehns, Lindsay A.; Hatten, Daniel Jan 1, 2019 4246
Bankruptcy stay terminated for repeat filer'. Murphy, Pat Dec 27, 2018 1787
The IRS Shutdown of SALT Deduction Workarounds: A Comparison of States. Rosenthal, Corey L.; Yang, Annie Column Dec 1, 2018 1072
A uniform state approach to the new federal partnership audit regime. Stanton, Catherine; Sherr, Eileen Reichenberg Dec 1, 2018 6366
Baker Donelson adds 5 tax attorneys to Jackson office. Nov 16, 2018 280
Claim for tax refund untimely, court says. Berkman, Eric T. Nov 8, 2018 1271
The Votes Are In: State Responses to Federal Tax Reform: TCJA's impact on states poses practical concerns and challenges. Friedman, Jeffrey; Betor, Todd; Do, Stephanie Nov 1, 2018 4370
Wayfair: Practical Implications for the Business World: Now companies must go beyond tracking where salespersons and property go to make proper nexus determinations. Yesnowitz, Jamie; Lutz, Metisse Nov 1, 2018 2998
State income tax, pensions debated at forum. Oct 15, 2018 484
State and Local Tax Resources. Anders, Susan B. Oct 1, 2018 1277
Former shareholders liable for tax on constructively fraudulent transfer: The Ninth Circuit overrules the Tax Court a second time in a transferee liability case. Meade, Janet A. Oct 1, 2018 1038
Rose Williamson: Barlow & Company PLLC. Sep 28, 2018 134
Baker Donelson adds five attorneys to tax practice. Sep 21, 2018 571
Vacation home rentals and the TCJA. Gilson, Conor; McKinley, John; Geiszler, Matthew Sep 1, 2018 1287
Supreme Court abolishes physical presence requirement for sales tax collection. Stanton, Catherine; Jensen, Jennifer; Gorton, Timothy G.; Mulligan, James D.; Turner, Brandon Sep 1, 2018 3352
Reasonable Answer Done the Wrong Way: Supreme Court Overturns Quill in South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. Donnini, Gerald J., II Sep 1, 2018 2572
Susanna Yoo. Interview Sep 1, 2018 613
Henderson Franklin Welcomes FGCU Alumna Sara Qureshi to Business & Tax Department. Aug 31, 2018 358
'Wayfair': For small online retailers, future is uncertain. Barooshian, Jon S. Aug 30, 2018 1232
Fitch Rates Conejo Valley USD, CA GOs 'AAA'; Outlook Stable. Aug 11, 2018 2459
Newark council approves Amazon incentives. Brief article Jul 11, 2018 261
TEI Files Amicus Brief With U.S. Supreme Court in the South Dakota v. Wayfair Economic Nexus Case. Jul 1, 2018 5821
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: State tax considerations, impacts, and responses. Stanton, Catherine; Barter, Merrill E. Jun 1, 2018 4564
Put all our dream teams in one place; LETTERS Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Twitter: @coventrytelegraph Facebook: Post: Coventry Telegraph, Leicester Row, Canal Basin, Coventry, CV1 4LY. Letter to the editor May 12, 2018 894
TAXING PRESCRIPTION OPIOIDS. Brief article May 1, 2018 123
Moving to Another State: Financial, Legal, and Tax Issues. Kess, Sidney; Grimaldi, James R.; Revels, James A.J. May 1, 2018 1879
Why Wayfair Won't Matter: Supreme Court case raises 'substantial nexus' controversy in Internet age, capturing attention of tax specialists - and the public. Maddison, Jonathan E. May 1, 2018 8736
Tax Reform: An Opportunity for State Tax Credit and Incentives; Make sure you don't leave valuable benefits on the table. Calafell, Robert; Bell-Jacobs, Mo; Philippus, Millie May 1, 2018 2356
Fair Is Fair: How to Assert For and Defend Against Alternative Apportionment; Alternative apportionment presents opportunities and challenges for taxpayers. Fields, Craig B.; Newmark, Mitchell A.; Gibilaro, Eugene J. May 1, 2018 5021
The State Tax Policy Function: Whether it's part of the tax department or part of government affairs, one thing is for sure - it's getting more complicated every day. Discussion May 1, 2018 2727
Ones to Watch: Accounting. Apr 26, 2018 574
First Look at the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: Impact of 'GILTI' on International Taxpayers. Goldman, Lisa S. Apr 1, 2018 1826
The Long and Winding Road. Brief article Apr 1, 2018 304
Corporate Power and the Unmaking of American Democracy: How corporations became legal "persons" and how we the people might regain sovereignty. Rahman, K. Sabeel Book review Mar 22, 2018 2089
OKLAHOMA OIL AND NATURAL GAS SEVERANCE TAXES: A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS. Gade, Mary N.; Maguire, Karen; Makamu, Francis Report Mar 22, 2018 7905
This is what we should do to the people of South Sudan. Mar 4, 2018 928
Tax culture. Mar 1, 2018 836
TEI Honored for Role in State Tax Notes' "Project of the Year". Mar 1, 2018 172
Senate asked to ratify five important treaties. Feb 13, 2018 528
First Look at the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: Impact on State Taxation. Rosenthal, Corey L. Feb 1, 2018 522
Blurred lines of business: Nexus and New Jersey's corporation business tax. Schaefer, Frank; McCann, Bridget; Yesnowitz, Jamie C.; Jones, Chuck; Stolly, Lori; Nair, Priya D. Feb 1, 2018 1674
Premiere Credit of North America expands its government receivables team. Jan 9, 2018 538
Premiere Credit of North America expands its government receivables team. Jan 9, 2018 536
How the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Might Change Estate Planning. Shenkman, Martin M. Jan 1, 2018 1572
TEI Issues Policy Statements Regarding the Sales Taxation of Business Inputs, Trailing Nexus, and the Confidentiality of Taxpayer Information. Gordon-Brown, Marji; Pitale, Angela; Sponseller, Roger; Fenwic, Jamie; Mata, Pilar Jan 1, 2018 2043
Fiscal Federalism and Optimal Income Taxes. Dvorkin, Maximiliano Dec 22, 2017 6695
Learn from Kansas' mistakes. Schlumpf, Heidi Column Dec 1, 2017 746
Developing a uniform state approach to the new federal partnership audit regime. Jensen, Jennifer; Sherr, Eileen Reichenberg; Stanton, Catherine Dec 1, 2017 2275
State Tax Implications of IRS Partnership Audits. Dec 1, 2017 858
Addressing New Federal Partnership Audit Rules and Reporting of Federal Adjustments to States: Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 provides opportunity for greater uniformity. Mata, Pilar Nov 1, 2017 3475
TEI Issues Policy Statement Regarding the State Implementation of Federal Partnership Audit Rules. Nov 1, 2017 1518
States Embrace Broader Rules for Taxing E-Commerce Income. Newton-Clarke, Rebecca; Oaks, Melissa Nov 1, 2017 994
States probing boundaries of 'physical presence'. Jensen, Jennifer Oct 1, 2017 3352
Understanding The Federal Tax Gap: A Closer Look at Declining IRS Enforcement Activities. Cecil, H. Wayne; King, Teresa A. Oct 1, 2017 1578
Michelle DeLappe, Owner with Garvey Schubert Barer to Speak at The Knowledge Group's Sales and Use Tax Economic Nexus Webinar. Sep 30, 2017 650
Sales and use tax update. Rosenthal, Corey L.; Kaur, Arvinder Column Sep 1, 2017 948
Henderson Franklin Welcomes Paul Shuman to Business & Tax Division. Aug 27, 2017 340
States grapple with weaker than projected tax receipts. Brief article Aug 1, 2017 308
A growing trend in state taxation: this theory of asserting taxing authority may be adopted by more states, especially if it continues to prevail against constitutional challenges. Bannasch, Michael Jul 1, 2017 1982
Changes to apportionment rules for Connecticut taxpayers. Galamgam, Cynthia; Rosenthal, Corey L. Column Jul 1, 2017 804
The canned software conundrum: inconsistent state corporate income tax treatment. Sorensen, Christian; Mullee, Alec; Duncan, Harley Jun 1, 2017 4249
Fiscal stress continues, with growing financial uncertainty on the horizon. Jun 1, 2017 388
Unfair apportionment: consider the alternatives; the taxpayer's task is to assess both constitutional and statute-based options. Fields, Craig B.; Newmark, Mitchell A.; Gibilaro, Eugene J. May 1, 2017 4092
Nexus is crucial, complex connection for state tax professionals: after financial crisis, states enacted broader laws to increase revenues. Yopp, Mark May 1, 2017 4109
Throwbacks (and I don't mean old tax lawyers) are awful. Brunori, David May 1, 2017 868
More on short-term rentals: further details on sharing economy's tax implications. D'Avolio, Mike Apr 1, 2017 923
Barn boost: tax incentive program seeks to save new Hampshire's barns. Brief article Mar 17, 2017 232
State issues with the new federal partnership audits. Sherr, Eileen Reichenberg; Wlodychak, Steven N.J. Mar 1, 2017 656
The North Carolina state tax treatment of virtual currency: an unanswered question. Winstead, Kelly J. Mar 1, 2017 19769
TEI urges the multistate tax commission to update its model statute governing the reporting of federal income adjustments. Mar 1, 2017 251
TEI advocates updating state statutes governing the reporting of federal income adjustments at the national conference of State Legislatures meeting. Conference news Mar 1, 2017 268
State tax matters for foreign corporations. Todorova, Maria; Coffill, Eric J. Mar 1, 2017 1886
Study: Tax Breaks A Major Reason For Growing Inequality. Dec 16, 2016 631
Free state tax update resources. Anders, Susan B. Oct 1, 2016 1285
Mass layoffs, manufacturing and state business climates: does state policy matter? Surfield, Christopher J.; Reddy, C. Surender Oct 1, 2016 11626
TEI files brief with the U.S. Supreme Court in California Multistate Tax Compact litigation. Sep 1, 2016 4707
Risk management: worth its SALT. Rood, Deborah K. Sep 1, 2016 1759
Medicaid Provider Taxes. Mitchell, Alison Report Aug 1, 2016 5721
California multitiered partnerships: an overview of a complex area. Delgado, Eddie; Schipp, Krista; Rosenthal, Corey Jul 1, 2016 1239
TEI issues policy statement on statutes of limitation for state and local taxes. Jul 1, 2016 730
A 1939 frame of mind: old-school NOL carryover rules prevail in some states. Holley, Ann; Hall, Caralee Jun 1, 2016 2342
More light shines on state taxation of SaaS in 2015. Ashby, Bradley H.; Mullee, Alec Jun 1, 2016 1479
TEI issues five state and local tax policy statements. May 1, 2016 2079
Florida corporate income tax: reporting of federal audit adjustments. Jablow, Benjamin A. May 1, 2016 4131
States fine-tune market-based sourcing rules through regulation: the devil is in the details in this complex, emerging issue. Lard, Todd; Do, Stephanie Mar 1, 2016 4859
In U.S., State Tax Burden Linked to Desire to Leave State. Marken,Stephanie; Auter, Zac Survey Feb 12, 2016 648
States' fiscal forecasts for 2016 less promising than 2015. Brief article Feb 1, 2016 213
State and local tax considerations for business acquisitions and divestitures. Duffany, Patrick; Peck, Milo W.; Rosenthal, Corey Column Feb 1, 2016 1788
State income tax planning for the nonresident Floridian: the ING trust. Karibjanian, George D.; Mensch, Hannah W. Feb 1, 2016 4656
Disaggregating the state and local tax deduction. Shobe, Gladriel Jan 1, 2016 29032
A new measure for the variation of state tax prices. Stroup, Michael D.; Hubbard, Keith E. Critical essay Jan 1, 2016 4058
Christopher Thornberg: "We need to start paying attention to the unfunded stuff and stop worrying about the funded stuff." Martel, Luke Interview Jan 1, 2016 1568
Wynne's effect on state and local personal income taxes. Martin, Kevin Jan 1, 2016 6593
Supreme court rules that two states may not tax the same income. Levin, Mark H. Jan 1, 2016 1478
LAW AND JUSTICE. Jan 1, 2016 913
The Transformation of the U.S. Government Publishing Office: A Strategic Analysis from an Intergovernmental Perspective. McGuigan, Glenn Jan 1, 2016 6637
The increasing compliance burden of economic nexus. Stanton, Catherine Shaw Dec 1, 2015 2242
State taxation of financial institutions: a multidimensional landscape; businesses that could be considered "financial institutions" must be aware that many states have adopted broad economic nexus provisions. Awdeh, Lutof; Gowen, Richard T. Sep 1, 2015 2941
State tax incentives become bargaining chips in a globally mobile economy. Lorenzo, Virginia Sep 1, 2015 938
State tax consequences to shareholders on distributions of property. Friedel, David; Awuah, Yaw Jul 1, 2015 2331
Desirability, mechanics of making sec. 362(e)(2) elections for state tax returns. Friedel, David B.; Awuah, Yaw Jul 1, 2015 1224
Coordinating multistate litigation. Friedman, Jeffrey; Mata, Pilar; Do, Stephanie Jul 1, 2015 1385
Refundable state business tax credits are income: refundable state income tax credits designed to promote economic development are taxable income to the recipients. Reichert, Charles J. Jun 1, 2015 867
Continuing trends in state tax litigation: nexus and challenging state tax laws in federal courts. Harris, Brian R. Jun 1, 2015 2964
Finding the best forum. Friedman, Jeffrey A.; Mata, Pilar; Do, Stephanie May 1, 2015 2489
Indiana: where market-based sourcing and income-producing activity collide. Kirkell, Brian J.; York, Sherri Apr 1, 2015 1458
Timothy Danninger, Aaron Jay (AJ) Horowitz, Mariana R. Ribeiro, Daniel J. Glassman, and Keith E. Sonderling have become shareholders with Gunster. Apr 1, 2015 145
Intercompany transactions: current state tax developments. Levin-Epstein, Michael Mar 1, 2015 1751
IRS interviews. Friedman, Jeffrey; Kerner, Jessica Mar 1, 2015 1127
Extended yet again: the debate over state taxation of Internet access will be one for the 114th Congress. McGahan, Sarah; Young, Troy Mar 1, 2015 3217
Multistate tax compact amendments may have major effect on states. Yesnowitz, Jamine C.; Busacker, Dale; Jones, Chuck; Stolly, Lori Feb 1, 2015 2193
State tax developments & trends: what to watch for in 2015: Nexus, market-sourcing, intercompany transactions, single-sales-factor apportionment expected to dominate state tax discussions this year. Levin-Epstein, Michael Jan 1, 2015 2300
TEI roundtable no. 1: the Wynne Case. Discussion Jan 1, 2015 5494
Second quarter taxable sales rise 6.8 percent. Brief article Dec 1, 2014 230
Windsor and its discontents: state income tax implications for same-sex couples. Mir, Haniya H. Oct 1, 2014 20366
States rely on a mix of taxes. Haggerty, Todd Brief article Jul 1, 2014 178
Reinventing Michigan: as the nation began descending into economic crisis in early 2008, no state was falling faster or further than Michigan. Weiss, Suzanne Cover story May 1, 2014 4031
Tax day: by the numbers. Brief article Apr 1, 2014 226
Case law opens options for trusts looking to minimize state income taxes. Schwartz, Jonathan Apr 1, 2014 2244
Revisiting nexus standards: Establishing U.S. jurisdiction to tax cross-border commerce. De Sellier, Brianne N.; Kelleher, John M. Apr 1, 2014 3294
Revisiting nexus standards: establishing U.S. jurisdiction to tax cross-border commerce. De Sellier, Brianne N.; Kelleher, John M. Apr 1, 2014 3294
State trust and estate income tax return checklist. McGahan, Sarah; Bergmann, Gregory A. Mar 1, 2014 368
Considerations for filing composite tax returns. Holub, Steven F.; Parr, Charles; Oppe, Ami; Zidik, Donald J., Jr. Mar 1, 2014 2536
Continuing efforts to amend the multistate tax compact. Yesnowitz, Jamie; Busacker, Dale; Jones, Chuck; Stolly, Lori Feb 1, 2014 2233
The tax hangover: trailing nexus. Thimmesch, Adam B. Jan 1, 2014 6985
The tax hangover: trailing nexus. Thimmesch, Adam B. Jan 1, 2014 17221
What to expect when you are expecting state tax reform. Lard, Todd A.; Appleby, Andrew D.; Atkins, Zachary T.; Palms, Suzanne M. Jan 1, 2014 4165
TEI supports SB74 - establishment of Alabama Tax Appeals Commission: January 17, 2014. Jan 1, 2014 762
Tenth Circuit resurrects Colorado's Amazon law. Nevius, Alistair M. Dec 1, 2013 607
The power of entertainment tax credits. Koppel, Michael D. Dec 1, 2013 1374
State jurisdiction to tax "nowhere" activity. Swain, John A.; Hellerstein, Walter Sep 22, 2013 6889
State jurisdiction to tax "nowhere" activity. Swain, John A.; Hellerstein, Walter Sep 22, 2013 20699
State tax tribunals: a growing trend. Nevius, Alistair M. Sep 1, 2013 587
State independent tax tribunals: a popular alternative to resolving disputes. Yesnowitz, Jamie; Sherr, Eileen Reichenberg Sep 1, 2013 2916
State taxation of exempt organizations' unrelated business income. Evans, Marianne; Hedges, Allison; Zack, Kathleen Jun 1, 2013 818
State & local taxes: taxation of the cloud still hazy. Yesnowitz, Jamie Jun 1, 2013 4360
"Doing business" in California: substantial economic presence nexus and the "throwback" rule. Lim, Linda; McGovern, Paul May 1, 2013 1313
TEI files memo with Multistate Tax Commission on section 482 project. May 1, 2013 653
TEI urges abandonment of proposed Alabama nexus regulation. May 1, 2013 1206
The state of personal income taxes. Rafool, Mandy Apr 1, 2013 489
Online retailers battle with sales tax: a physical rule living in a digital world. Patch, Emily L. Mar 22, 2013 17237
Alternative apportionment: fairness is not the only factor. Yesnowitz, Jamie C.; Ridenour, Craig; Kirkell, Brian Mar 1, 2013 3559
Trends in sales and use tax for remote sellers. Yesnowitz, Jamie C.; Jones, Chuck; Yoo, Hannah Feb 1, 2013 2422
Binding choices: tax elections & federal/state conformity. Field, Heather M. Jan 1, 2013 9715
Binding choices: tax elections & federal/state conformity. Field, Heather M. Jan 1, 2013 20566
"If you scale back now, you probably lose everything": state tax incentives and the motion picture industry. Preston, Patrick Report Jan 1, 2013 7122
The restrictiveness of state tax and expenditure limitations and state debt. Deller, Steven; Maher, Craig; Amiel, Lindsay; Stallmann, Judith I. Jan 1, 2013 10213
The Mobile Workforce Bill: addressing "road warrior" compliance. Yesnowitz, Jamie C. Dec 1, 2012 3546
Proposed amendments would change apportionment rules. Nevius, Alistair M. Nov 1, 2012 573
Proposed amendments to article IV of the Multistate Tax Compact. Peart, Jason Nov 1, 2012 961
Apportionment using market-based sourcing rules: a state-by-state review. Schadewald, Michael S. Nov 1, 2012 4738
Dealing with DOMA: federal non-recognition complicates state income taxation of same-sex relationships. Smith, Carlton M.; Stein, Edward Sep 22, 2012 8603
Dealing with DOMA: federal non-recognition complicates state income taxation of same-sex relationships. Smith, Carlton M.; Stein, Edward Sep 22, 2012 18341
State taxation of trusts: credit for taxes paid to other states. Bergmann, Gregory A.; Johnson, Eric L. Sep 1, 2012 3851
Federal income tax treatment of certain transferable state tax credits. Smith, Annette B. Jul 1, 2012 1432
FTB reports mixed results on median income for 2010. Brief article May 1, 2012 163
What we know: a brief tax update. Kan, Samuel W. May 1, 2012 7887
9 no tax on botox. Brief article Apr 1, 2012 103
State tax structures and tax rates. Porca, Sanela; Fox, William; Narayanaswamy, Ravi Report Mar 22, 2012 4444
TEI policy statement on independent state tax tribunals. Jan 1, 2012 845
Common control and the delineation of the taxable entity. Aikins, Michael Dec 1, 2011 24788
Opportunities with non-business income and state apportionment. Zambrano, Jose M. Oct 1, 2011 675
Expanding the scope of delivery under Public Law no. 86-272. Peric, Gary; Cesaretti, Jonathan M. Sep 1, 2011 5125
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TEI's fall advocacy collection hits runways: TEI comments on OECD's intangibles transfer pricing rules, expanded 1099 business reporting in the U.S., and myriad state tax issues. Sep 1, 2010 1696
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Digging for dimes--in rest stops, bull semen and tacos. Sep 1, 2010 311
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Is your client a nonresident of Illinois for state income tax purposes? The Illinois Department of Revenue is looking closely at former Illinois residents who claim residency in other states while maintaining ties to Illinois. Jul 1, 2010 772
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