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State takes legal action in case of Bzan's extremely high reward for legal services.

It requires payback of all the millions of euros paid to Bzan's law firm.In early March, the state filed a legal action against lawyer Radomir Bzan in the case of a multi-million award paid to him for legal services, the private TV Markiza reported on Thursday, March 29.Bzan's law firm successfully represented the state in a Pound 700-million dispute over the Gabikovo hydroelectric power plant.

For winning the case, Bzan was supposed to gain an excessively high reward. The state considers the contract with Bzan's law firm to be void, while the disputed amount, which the state has paid to the firm, remains secured by the police.

The state wants to get all the money paid to Bzan back."We have filed legal action to regain the amount that we have paid to Mr.

Bzan and we are awaiting trial," Economy Minister Peter Ziga (Smer) told TV Markiza, adding that all attempts to settle the dispute with Bzan out of court have failed.The state's indictment is based on the findings of the Public Procurement Office.

The authority discovered that the state-run company MH Manazment, which signed the aforementioned contract with Bzan's law firm back in 2015, had seriously violated the law governing tenders for legal services. Bzan allegedly got the commission without MH Manazment providing any public procurement procedure in this regard.

Bzan's law firm considers the legal action to be unfounded and claims that once the terms of a contract are settled, it is not possible to question the contract later. Ziga admitted that Bzan certainly deserves some payment for winning the dispute over Gabikovo, but its level "will be decided by the court".

Bzan originally should have received a remuneration of more than Pound 70 million for legal services. Later the state lowered this to Pound 17 million and paid it to Bzan, claiming that it would pursue legal action against him afterwards.

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Publication:Slovak Spectator (Bratislava, Slovakia)
Date:Mar 29, 2018
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