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State should shun these bizarre dealings with MPs.

Efforts to overturn the election of four rebellious MPs to the leadership of parliamentary committees yesterday moved from odd to bizarre.

Tens of Jubilee members of the committees turned up at State House, where they were compelled to sign a document to the Speaker admitting that they were not in their right minds when they elected the four rebels.

For adults of sound mind to confess to be 'non compos mentis' (not sane or in one's right mind) is remarkable.

We cannot speculate on the incentives or threats that yielded disowning a decision they consciously made a month ago.

But such strange goings-on at the nation's seat of power do not inspire confidence or pass the test of probity in the management of public affairs.

An insanity plea as a strategy for removing the stubborn chairmen raises fundamental questions about the elected leaders as it does the proponents.

Persons of unsound mind are prohibited by the Kenya Constitution from holding public office.

The new step is evidences of extreme desperation and Jubilee's control-freak impulses. It calls into question the integrity of all the parties in this saga.

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Publication:The Star (Nairobi, Kenya)
Date:Jan 19, 2018
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