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State personal income, 1969-86: revised estimates.

State Personal Income, 1969-86: Revised Estimates

THIS article presents annual estimates of State personal income for 1969-86. Tables 1 and 2 present the estimates of total and per capita personal income and of total and per capita disposable personal income, respectively. Table 3 presents detailed estimates of the sources of personal income by major type of payment and by industry for 1984-86 only. Detailed estimates for 1969-83 are available as described in the box on page 44.

The estimates for all years presented here supersede those published previously. In addition to the routine revisions for recent years, the estimates were changed to incorporate information derived from the comprehensive revisions to the local area estimates now being prepared, the most important of which are to the residence adjustments (the net inflows of commuters' labor earnings). The revised county-level residence adjustments, which are summed to provide State-level residence adjustments, reflect the introduction of journey-to-work data from the 1980 Census (affecting 1971-80) and improved methods of estimation for the counties of metropolitan areas (affecting 1969-80).

The State estimates presented here for 1969-80 incorporate the results of the revised county-level residence adjustments. Pending the preparation of county residence adjustments for 1981-86, the State estimates for those years are based on relationships extended forward from 1980.

Definition of total and per capita personal income

The personal income of a State is defined as the income received by, or on behalf of, all the residents of that State. It consists of the income received by persons from all sources: From participation in production, from government and business transfer payments, and from government interest. Persons consist of individuals, nonprofit institutions serving individuals, private noninsured welfare funds, and private trust funds. Personal income is measured as the sum of wage and salary disbursements, other labor income, proprietors' income with inventory valuation and capital consumption adjustments, rental income of persons with capital consumption adjustment, personal dividend income, personal interest income, and transfer payments, less personal contributions for social insurance. Per capita personal income is total personal income (for the year) divided by the resident population as of July 1.

Disposable personal income is defined as personal income less personal tax and nontax payments. Personal taxes include income, estate and gift, personal property, and selected license taxes. (Personal contributions for social insurance are not treated as taxes.) Nontax payments include tuitions and fees paid to schools and hospitals operated mainly by government, passport fees, fines and penalties, and donations. Per capita disposable personal income is the disposable personal income (for the year) divided by the resident population as of July 1.

The definitions underlying the State estimates are essentially the same as those underlying the personal income estimates in the national income and product accounts. The major difference is the treatment of the major earnings of U.S. residents living and working abroad. The national estimates include the earnings of Federal civilian and military personnel stationed abroad and of U.S. residents who are employed abroad temporarily by private U.S. firms, whereas the State estimates include only the earnings of persons living in the 50 States and the District of Columbia.

Table: 1.--Total and Per Capita Personal Income by States and Regions, 1969-86

Table: 2.--Total and Per Capita Disposable Personal Income by States and Regions, 1969-86

Table: 3.--Personal Income by Major Sources, 1984-86
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Date:Aug 1, 1987
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