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State of the practice on data access, sharing, and integration (report) publication number: FHWA-HRT-15-072.

Transportation planning and investment decisions rely on an accurate and thorough understanding of system performance, which requires integrating data from multiple sources. FHWA initiated the Virtual Data Access Framework to establish a prototype for State and local transportation agencies to share data on planning and operations from multiple sources within a region. The framework brings together many types of transportation data to give planners and operators a multifaceted view of transportation performance both over time and by location.

This state-of-the-practice review aims to lay both the technical and institutional foundation for all aspects of the framework. The review focuses on current data-sharing and integration practices among State and local agencies and provides examples of data environments, technical integration formats, and business rules for integration and sharing. Researchers investigated and documented best practices, applicability to the data-sharing framework, and incorporation of functional requirements for existing systems. They also examined success factors and data gaps.

This review, which will help in selecting the proposed pilot areas for the proof-of-concept tests of the Virtual Data Access Framework, also establishes a basis from previous experiences that FHWA and its partners will use in defining how the framework is designed in terms of data integration and sharing.

This document is available to download at publications/research/operations/15072/index.cfm.

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Date:Jul 1, 2017
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