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State of the art Comanche helo needs training infrastructure.

Right Hemisphere, a provider of visual solutions software, has announced that the Deep Server enterprise solution was selected for use in building a state-of-the-art technology based training infrastructure for training pilots, maintenance and operations support personnel on the United States Army's new RAH-66 Comanche helicopter, under development by the Boeing-Sikorsky Comanche First Team.

Advanced Engineering and Research Associates (AERA), the training courseware creator for the Sikorsky-Boeing project, is using the Deep Server enterprise solutions from Right Hemisphere as the translation and integration solution for converting sophisticated 3D CAD models into training applications. Deep Server allows for seamless creation of an integrated pipeline from aircraft design and manufacturing all of the way to training, courseware and supportability software applications.

The training system for the RAH-66 Comanche requires extensive 3D interactive courseware to be created within a specific timeframe. Because there is no easy way to translate complex 3D models, AERA faced having to recreate every part on the aircraft from scratch using 3D modelling tools. Instead, using Right Hemisphere's Deep Server software solution allows a highly automated method of repurposing the Comanche 3D CAD data and integrating it directly into the courseware for training and maintenance purposes.

"Repurposing of CAD and other complex data is perhaps the largest problem in industrial courseware creation today," says John Brooks, director of Training Systems Development, AERA, Orlando. "Right Hemisphere is the most effective solution on the market we found to not only provide the translation and publishing infrastructure, but it also preserves the image quality 100 percent."

Built on open, industry standards, Deep Server enterprise solutions offer complete and automated graphical repurposing solutions through a suite of modules that provide the ability to search, view, collaborate, manage, translate, data reduce, and publish 2D and 3D graphical data, while seamlessly and automatically integrating with other enterprise software.

Using Right Hemisphere's Deep Server, CAD data can now be exploited in virtual training and maintenance courseware, technical documentation, parts catalogues and management systems, design collaboration, virtual prototyping, visual asset management, sales, marketing, customer support and in other places applications that require different representations of the original part or design data.

"Because we had to build our training courses as the Comanche helicopter was being built, we needed immediate access to the 3D files as they were being created by engineers--or we would have to rebuild each drawing ourselves in another application. With the expertise of our AERA-Right Hemisphere partners and the infrastructure we now have, we're able to produce 3D images in minutes, instead of the weeks it would have taken to recreate each image," says Paul Robinson, Maintainer IMI Project Manager of the Boeing--Sikorsky Comanche First Team.[sections]

The Deep Server enterprise solutions are available from Right Hemisphere. For more information, please email

About Right Hemisphere

Right Hemisphere is a leader in graphical information management, offering visual communication solutions that help companies unlock and leverage their complex 2D, 3D and CAD data across the entire enterprise.

Right Hemisphere has built a strong reputation for enhancing creativity, improving quality, increasing productivity and lowering costs in a variety of industries including film, games, CAD, manufacturing and industrial design.

Right Hemisphere's Deep Server enterprise solutions enable non-technical users the ability to search, access, manipulate and integrate complex graphical data into any mission-critical business or office application.

Other award-winning software includes Deep Exploration, a 2D|3D graphics file management and conversion utility, Deep Paint 3D for 3D painting and texturing and Deep UV for advanced UV mapping.

The privately funded company's corporate headquarters in Burbank, Calif., with other offices in the Silicon Valley, Texas and an international office in Auckland, New Zealand. Right Hemisphere, a Microsoft-certified partner, can be contacted at 818/557-0003 (phone).

Advanced Engineering and Research Associates (AERA) is a privately held small business founded in 1988 that specializes in interactive multimedia, information technology, systems engineering, acquisition logistics, and facilities engineering.
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Date:Dec 9, 2002
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