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State of education.

Byline: A concerned parent-Karachi

THE Board of Secondary Education, Karachi (BSEK), conducted examinations for classes IX and X after more than a year due to the Covid pandemic. The incompetence of the board was evident throughout the examinations. Some papers were leaked beforehand. Disappointingly, the board representatives were nowhere to be found during and beyond the actual time of the paper. Many students were stuck at examination centres in the middle of the afternoon for more than two hours, clueless about what was happening. The officials woke up from their slumber when the parents protested outside the examination centres and blocked roads and traffic to make their plight known.

The Economics paper, which was scheduled from 2.30pm finally started at 5.30pm and went on till 7.30pm. Many of the girls and their parents who had come from distant areas did not reach home before 10pm.

The parents and students were relieved that the traumatising episode was over, but then speculations started doing the rounds that the paper may be conducted again. I fail to understand the logic behind it.

It is like rubbing salt into the wounds of the victims; the students. They have already suffered at the examination centres because of the fault of BSEK. Why should they suffer anymore?

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Author:A concerned parent-Karachi
Publication:Dawn (Karachi, Pakistan)
Date:Jul 19, 2021
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