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State energy price and expenditure report 1999. (Energy Plug).

The United States spent over half a trillion dollars on energy in 1999 (see table). Almost half of that total ($263 billion) was used to purchase petroleum products, including $149 billion spent on motor gasoline. Consumers also spent $84 billion on natural gas and $26 billion on coal, for a total of $372 billion on fossil fuels. Energy expenditures accounted for 6 percent of the Nation's 1999 gross domestic product.

Energy expenditures varied widely across the country in 1999, with the total ranging from $1 billion in the District of Columbia to $56 billion in California. Per-person expenditures averaged $2,049 for the entire country but ranged from $1,674 in Florida to $3,861 in Wyoming.

By sector, the largest expenditures occurred in the transportation sector ($209 billion), followed by the residential ($137 billion), industrial ($114 billion), and commercial ($98 billion) sectors. Transportation energy expenditures ranged from $472 per person in New York to $1,904 per person in Wyoming. Residential energy expenditures ranged from $333 per person in Utah to $704 per person in Connecticut.

The overall U.S. average price for energy in 1999 was $8.41 per million British thermal units (Btu). The lowest State-level average price was $5.77 per million Btu (in Louisiana), while the highest was $13.23 per million Btu (in the District of Columbia). U.S. consumers paid electricity's relatively high average price of $19.37 per million Btu for its flexibility and cleanliness at the point of consumption. In comparison, they paid an average of $7.33 per million Btu for petroleum, $4.26 per million Btu for natural gas, $1.55 per million Btu for wood and waste, $1.26 per million Btu for coal, and 47 cents per million Btu for nuclear fuel.

The State Energy Price and Expenditure Report 1999 (SEPER) presents price and expenditure estimates for selected years from 1970 through 1999 by energy resource and sector for all States and for the Nation. The related website provides data for all years 1970 through 1999. The new edition includes 2 years of new data, 1998 and 1999, as well as revisions to previous years' data where new information became available.

Much of the expenditures work in SEPER relies on a companion publication, the State Energy Data Report (SEDR), which is also published by the Energy Information Administration. SEDR presents annual estimates of U.S. and State-level energy consumption by energy resource and sector. Both reports include extensive documentation of data sources and estimation procedures as well as summaries of the most significant changes since the previous release.
U.S. Energy Expenditures by Sector, 1999

(Billion Dollars)

Residential $137
Transportation $209
Industrial $114
Commercial $98

Source: Energy Information Administration.

Note: Table made from pie chart.
U.S. Energy Expenditures, 1999

(Million Dollars)

Coal 25,920
 Coking Coal 1,306
 Steam Coal 24,613
Coal Coke, Net Imports 140
 Imports 226
 Exports -86
Natural Gas 83,512
Petroleum 262,912
 Distillate Fuel 54,996
 Jet Fuel 13,878
 LPG 19,147
 Motor Gasoline 149,260
 Residual Fuel 4,300
 Other 21,332
Nuclear Fuel 3,617
Wood and Waste 2,341
Primary Energy * 378,554
Cost of Fuel for Electricity -36,550
Electricity 216,737
Total 558,742

* Includes $112 million for net imports of

LPG=Liquefied petroleum gases.

Source: Energy Information Administration.

State Energy Price and Expenditure Report 1999, DOE/EIA-0376(99); 448 pages, 372 tables. For information about hard copies of the report, contact the National Energy Information Center (NEIC) at or 202-586-8800. To access it via the Internet, go to and select By Geography, States, and then Prices & Expenditures. Contact or call 202-586-8959 if you have problems. Questions about the report's contents should be directed to Julia Hutchins, Office of Energy Markets and End Use, at or 202-586-5138. For general information about energy, contact NEIC.
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