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Starting over.

Bolivian President Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada resigned Oct. 17--almost four years early--following weeks of violent protests that left nearly 100 dead. Vice President Carlos Mesa was sworn in as Bolivia's new president, vowing to protect investments in the country, to conduct a referendum on natural-gas exports which triggered the revolt, and Lo call early presidential elections.

"For the first time in this crisis the president has taken the political initiative."

--Jorge Lazarte, political analyst/Forbes)

"More people in Bolivia have been killed during the democratic government than by the dictatorship."

--Sarah Gonzalez, Permanent Human Rights Assembly in La Paz, Bolivia (Toronto Star)

"We want to live in peace, but with social justice."

--Eva Morales, Bolivian opposition leader (La Vanguardia)

"To address the very serious social and economic problems confronting Bolivia, it is important to work to strengthen your democratic institutions, while upholding the rule of law."

--Kofi Annan, Secretary of the United Nations (LATIN TRADE)

"Before, we let other people speak for us. Now we say the original [Indian] nations are ready to rule our own affairs. We are ready to impose our own democracy."

--German Jimenez, a teacher and Quechua from Potosi (Los Angeles Times)

"We must bring down the barriers that exist between countries. Poverty is born out of a lack of competitiveness. With true integration, we have a chance of beating poverty."

--Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada, former president of Bolivia (The Miami Herald)
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