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Starting University (The Essential Student Guide).

Scallan, Melissa

Starting University (The Essential Student Guide)

Illustrated by Mollie Shields

Katelli Publishing, 2019, pp144, [pounds sterling]9.99 978 1 9161027 0 5

Claiming to be essential for both students and parents alike this worthy paperback is packed with tips and information for the prospective undergraduate. A huge range of life skills are covered including how to wash up, when and where to shop and more essential topics such as finding accommodation and living well with your fellows once you have somewhere to live. There are checklists and a sketch diary for A-level students to take them through the year prior to be accepted.

There is a chapter for parents, and I feel that this may be the most useful section. However, parents for whom university is an unknown will probably find the whole guide is helpful. The chapters on finance are clear with good information for both students and the adults who support them. My only reservation with this book is whether a Year 12/13 student will actually use it--possibly preferring online help. The reference to the website allied to the book is merely an advert for the book itself and there are other sites from other bodies which also cover some of the topics in this title.

That said, this is comprehensive and for the price would make a useful addition in the Sixth Form Library. It would make an excellent source for pastoral staff who might be running a 'preparing to leave school/home course' or as part of PHSE generally.

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Author:Smith, Lin
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Date:Dec 22, 2019
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