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Startech Environmental Corp. Producing 'Green Electricity' with Carbonless Power System.

ENERGY RESOURCE-25 March 2008-Startech Environmental Corp. Producing 'Green Electricity' with Carbonless Power System(C)2008 JeraOne -

Startech Environmental Corp. today announced plans to produce and market its Carbonless Power System for green electricity in stationary facilities.

Startech Hydrogen, derived from processing waste in the Startech Plasma Converter, will be used as a pristine fuel to power the hydrogen-engine-generators from the Hydrogen Engine Center Inc. (HEC). The company is scheduled to receive its first hydrogen-engine-generator from HEC in May for demonstrations at its Bristol Tech Center. HEC is Startech's new strategic alliance partner.

"We think it is important to appreciate the fact that the HEC engine-generator is not a fuel cell; it is a robust internal-combustion reciprocal-engine very much like the well-proven one in your vehicle," said Joseph F. Longo, Startech's president.

"While developments of hydrogen-powered vehicles are still progressing, there is a compelling need and desire from our customers for a parallel initiative to bring clean, hydrogen-fueled, stationary-electrical-power to the market," Longo added.

Longo noted that while hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, "it is not readily available on earth, and has to be produced by chemical-industry manufacturing systems. Hydrogen is also an important ingredient in many commercial and industrial products. Our Plasma Converter System (PCS), in processing most wastes, produces a synthesis gas that we named Plasma Converted Gas (PCG). With many wastes, the PCG rich in hydrogen can be separated as a pristine fuel within the Carbonless Power System. This Startech Hydrogen can fuel engine-generators to produce 'green electricity.'"

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Publication:Energy Resource
Date:Mar 25, 2008
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