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Start-Up Ready Receipts Enters Digital Receipts Market.

Company Begins Phase One of Beta to Provide Level 3 Data to Merchants

MERIDIAN, Idaho -- Ready Receipts, a provider of cloud-based digital receipts and analytic technology, now offers merchants electronic receipts and transactional data mining capabilities and gives consumers online access to their retail receipts.

In 2009 David Crossett founded Ready Receipts with the goal of creating a single online location where electronic versions of retail receipts could be stored and retrieved digitally. The company has now expanded its vision and aims to offer merchants the convenience of cloud-based digital receipts for their shoppers and in return, extract item-level transaction data for use in creating targeted loyalty programs and promotions. Ready Receipts' solutions include:

* Receipt Assurance - an online portal for consumers to access all of their receipts from participating retailers

* Analytics, Marketing and Promotion (AMP) Manager - tools for merchants providing automated receipts retrieval, actionable marketing analytics, and promotion management measuring true ROI

While a few large merchants currently offer email receipt delivery, Ready Receipts' patent pending technology provides online receipts without the need for customer identification at the point of sale (POS). By providing digital receipts through AMP Manager, merchants obtain a 360-degree view of shoppers' purchase habits. With this access, merchants gain the insight of Level 3 Data without the need for complicated and expensive POS software, opening up this functionality for any merchant - from the top 100 to small businesses.

Consumers keep track of all receipts through Receipt Assurance eliminating the need to access a digital file attached to an email. Through electronic receipts, merchants also reduce the amount of fraud and risk associated with falsified returns.

"Ready Receipts has launched its digital receipt program to provide the drill-down analytics merchants need in order to increase customer service, business efficiency and create targeted marketing campaigns," said Crossett, chief executive officer of Ready Receipts. "With our technology, merchants can determine the ROI of promotions and better allocate marketing dollars. Ready Receipts makes digital receipts more convenient and secure for consumers by eliminating the need to give personal information to the store while still receiving personalized loyalty rewards."

Ready Receipts entered the first phase of its beta in July 2011 with three participating merchants giving the company access to its receipts. The second phase of the beta is slated to begin by the fourth quarter of 2011 to offer the merchants a market campaign simulator and manager that provides a means of acting upon intelligent data direct to the consumer. The company received its first round of funding in September 2010.

About Ready Receipts

Meridian, Idaho-based Ready Receipts provides a software platform that makes database driven online receipts simple to adopt for merchants and consumers without expensive POS software installations. The company's patent pending technology goes beyond email receipt programs by enabling merchants to offer electronic receipts without requiring personal information from the consumer. Merchants gain access to Level 3 transactional data to produce targeted loyalty programs while consumers have access to their receipts in a single online portal.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Sep 14, 2011
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