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Start your electric motors!

The topic of e-mobility will be making its way to the Laser World of Photonics in full force this year.

While having been discussed at the show in previous years, this year the megatrend has been named as one of the main focus topics of the show and has had its own dedicated application panel 'No-E-Mobility without Laser Technology' added to the conference programme. More of what can be expected at the show can be found on page 26.

It was two years ago at the show that blue-diode lasers first came across my radar, which due to their high absorption in copper, have been identified as an ideal solution for welding the hairpins, foils, tabs and busbars used in electric vehicle motors and batteries. It's not just blue lasers that have set their sights on copper processing, however, both fibre lasers and green lasers are also being used to process such components in electric vehicles, as is discussed on page 22.

I found out at AILU's ILAS 2019 conference in March that e-mobility is also a topic being explored by the aerospace sector. In the show report on page 8 you can read about the ongoing Rolls-Royce projects that intend to electrify aircraft --one of which will involve an attempt to break the current electric airspeed record in 2020. Until electric aircraft take to the skies however, lightweight composite materials will continue to be used to increase the fuel efficiency of traditional kerosene-powered aircraft, which are being processed using newly developed laser solutions, as Tim Gillet highlights on page 18.

With that and the numerous other articles you'll find authored by industry experts within the folds of our new, smartly-dressed pages, there should be plenty of content here to keep you busy and out of trouble over the coming summer months!

Matthew Dale, editor

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Author:Dale, Matthew
Publication:Laser Systems Europe
Date:Jun 22, 2019
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