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Start with the GWS librarian.

In this issue we want to highlight the research help available electronically from our very own Gender & Women's Studies Librarian here at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Students and faculty on the Madison campus can, of course, visit 430 Memorial Library in person to use our reference books and meet with Karla Strand, our GWS librarian. (1) But many additional resources of this office are available online to use at any time, and from anywhere in the world. Explore our website in the UW library system (, where in addition to searching issues of our review journal (Feminist Collections) and our table-of-contents service (Feminist Periodicals), you can "Start Your Research" with the Women's Knowledge Digital Library, the Core Books database, and some how-to guides created especially for students.

One of our website's most exciting offerings is the Women's Knowledge Digital Library (WKDL), accessible directly from our home page. WKDL is a research guide hosted by the Gender & Women's Studies Librarian in partnership with Women's Knowledge International, the 4W Initiative at UW-Madison, and the UW System Gender & Women's Studies Consortium. Its mission is to organize resources and support education around women's and gender studies topics, including abortion, breastfeeding, criminal justice, disabilities, ecofeminism, fat studies, health, intimate partner violence, politics, violence, and many more. The linked resources under each of these headings are curated by our librarian to ensure quality and clear organization. For example, under the heading "Maternal Health" are links to a 2014 study about the emotional and financial costs of maternal mortality in Western Kenya; to Childbirth Connection, an organization to improve maternity care; to Hip Mama, a zine for single, urban, feminist mothers; and to other resources. WKDL can be used by knowledge-seekers across the globe, and it is tailored to those with limited internet access.

The Association of College & Resource Libraries (ACRL) curates the Core Books resource, linked from our site at gwslibrarian/research-help/core-books. This searchable database lists books currently in print that are considered crucial texts for libraries associated with women's & gender studies programs to own. Students and faculty will also find the database useful for finding specific books, topics, or authors and for browsing through the recommendations and author lists.

For students at the University of Wisconsin who are new to doing college-level research, our librarian has compiled step-by-step research guides for broad topics that include LGBTQ studies, statistics on women and gender, Second Wave feminism, and women's history, among others. The LGBTQ research guide, for instance, offers links to general videos on how to start doing research, find books and articles, and evaluate sources, as well as specific recommendations of books and videos, LGBTQ-related databases, organizations' websites, curricula resources, and more.

With so much information available online, it is easy to forget the importance of the librarian: the curator, the organizer, the resource-finder. We hope our office, which is dedicated specifically to strengthening the field of women's and gender studies, can serve as a valuable starting point for students and faculty around the world in their educational and feminist journeys.


(1.) Our office on the fourth floor of Memorial Library is generally open Monday--Friday, 9:00-5:00. Our noncirculating reference book collection, which covers a whole wall of room 430D, is available for in-office use during our open hours. For individualized reference/research help, please email librarian Karla Strand about your topic: karla.

Caption: Start your feminist research journey with the University of Wisconsin Gender & Women's Studies Librarian! (Image from library, wise, edu/gwslibrarian.)
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Title Annotation:E-Sources on Women & Gender
Author:Annis, Ashley Hartman
Publication:Feminist Collections: A Quarterly of Women's Studies Resources
Date:Jun 22, 2016
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